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It's been a while since I've done this. Blame my first two days on staycation being consumed by old, bad fanfiction (with some new, bad fanfiction tossed in the mix).

alter =/= altar

tenant =/= tenet

taught =/= taut

in tact =/= intact

How is it that people now don't know how to punctuate dialogue? I have no problem if the writer is from somewhere where the standard formatting is different, but isn't it still customary to do this? "Blah, blah, blah," he said. rather than "Blah, blah, blah." He said.

I reserve the right to add more as I slog along.
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Yoinked from [personal profile] kristen999, and like her I won't be tagging anyone. Truthfully, I might be doing this because I got a rare kudos on one of the stories I'm going to rec - set in a small, old fandom. I actually adore everything I wrote in that and a tiny part of me hates that so few will ever see it. #ego

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Fandom: Emergency!
Title and link: Theory of Relativity
Genre: Slash, Johnny/Roy
Summary: Roy DeSoto had known he was different from the time he'd hit puberty. Until Johnny Gage walked into his life, he'd been able to conform to societal norms and deny a part of himself.
Recced because: It's one of those that I will shamelessly read once in a while myself and wonder how I wrote it. It's heartbreaking and bittersweet, as any tale of two bi or gay men in the firefighting profession in the 1970s would likely be. It also helped spawn a whole series exploring what I imagine to be a very delicate and dangerous situation.

Fandom: H50
Title and link: Pitching Woo
Genre: Slash, Danny/Steve
Summary: In which Danny pitches (and then accidentally catches) woo.
Recced because: I kind of feel like this fic was a drop mic moment and had I never written another story in this fandom it would have been a-okay.

Fandom: Supernatural
Title and link: Sunflowers
Genre: Gen, horror
Summary: Something evil is cutting a path across the United States, and stopping it might cost the boys their lives. But they're hunters. They do what they have to do, no matter what.
Recced because: Another seldom-read story. I tend to like the ones no one else much does, which I suppose should teach me something. This story is dark and the format is a bit different to my usual, esp in this fandom.

Title and link: Perhaps They Are Not Stars
Genre: Slash, Johnny/Roy
Summary: How Johnny and Roy came to be together, as witnessed from the outside.
Recced because: I love this little story. It's smack dab in the middle of an entire series written around a year's holidays, but kind of encapsulates the entire feel in 7000 short words.

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Title and link: Salvage Operation
Genre: Gen
Summary: Jack and Daniel learn about the changes and constants in their friendship, with the help of some pretty nasty people and circumstances.
Recced because: To be honest, most of what I wrote for SG-1 makes me cringe. I was a "young" writer then, fumbling around trying to find my voice and all the while abusing adverbs. But this one has always been a favorite, and therapeutic at a time when the show was experiencing a change behind the scenes which, frankly, showed. And it was either rec this one or The Soul Senses... yes. See what I did there? ;)
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Pickle Picking Fight

Hopefully if you click on that it'll take you to a vid. I heard a bunch of squeaking (followed by deeper, disgruntled meowing) from the kitchen yesterday. I clearly have to play with Pickle more, but honestly, she could play for hours. Mostly sharing for the Beaker-like noises she makes at the 9-10 second mark. She does that to me, too, when she wants me to give her some lovin'. Such a weirdo.

Other random things:

-If I ever hear another person use "liberal media" ever again it'll be too soon. Seriously, so sick of people tossing that around. The one that sparked this was, and I quote: "there are lots of good kids, it's just that the liberal media only tells us about the bad ones." Stop. 1) That's not true and 2) that's just not true.

-I've decided to embrace my age and not give a hoot about how I look if I have to run out for errands on the weekends. Yesterday, I went out with bedhead (hair in messy bun and messy everything else, no make up) and it was quite liberating, until I ran into the only attractive guy in town and instantly gave a hoot. Oh, and by then I was also sweaty with added dishevelment because my hairline plus humidity ain't cute. Unlike on any good Hallmark movie, no one magically found my state of personal disarray charming. Where have all the cowboys gone? More to the point, why can't I maintain my liberated feeling? Gah. So tragic.

-I bought a stud-finder (coincidentally, that was what I was doing in bullet point two), got it home and the blasted thing is telling me the entire wall where I want to hang a cat shelf is full of live wires. *sigh* I know that's not likely, but now I'm nervous to drill into it.

-Can someone explain why Sentinal (cheesy bro-tastic 90s cop show where a cop has heightened senses) fusions are such a thing that every fandom must have a plethora of them and they get like a billionty kudos with hardly any effort on the authors' parts? I opened one once and it seemed to have zero to do with what the cheesy bro-tastic 90s cop show was actually like, mythos-wise, and that's what I find confusing. I get that it's an interesting concept, but in the one I saw, the reference material was only very, very, very loosely being used but seemed to be accepted as what "Sentinal fic" should be. *scratches head* Not sure I'm making sense. It's 3 AM and I should be sleeping.

Tag abuse

Mar. 13th, 2016 09:46 am
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Ugh, I am so sick of people over tagging a story. If I'm reading an explicit story, I do not need to know every type of sex the couple in question is going to have.

Sex. Oral Sex. Sexual Content. Explicit Sexual Content. Het. Het and Slash. Heterosexual Sex. Rough Sex. Restraints. Begging. Wall Sex. Outdoor Sex. Shower Sex. Car Sex.

I would say all but the first are complete overkill, except if I'm already aware, by the genre, that I'm reading an E rated story (or rather not, because the tags frankly reduce my interest rather than pique it) involving sex.

That's a mild example the ones that really make me run away are the ones that don't just leave it at nipple play, but have to use fifteen tags regarding nipples. This, too, is mild. Picture that with the word anal.

Stop it. If something is dubious or non con, tag away. Otherwise, narrow it down so that your tag list isn't longer than your damned story.

Abuse of tags on this post is intentional.
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Haven't done this in a while.

1) From the Pit: (sorry for any spelling/grammatical mistakes? :P) There's no question; you should be and you should mean it more than you sound.

2) What is it with characters who lose the ability to pronounce vowels when they're injured or sick? I wish people would realize it's okay to say "Character A's speech was slurred" or some such -nst-d -f d-ng th's.

3) It's "Hey, Mikey, pass me the Life cereal," said Dave. It's not "Hey Mikey pass me the Life cereal" said Dave.

4) An ellipsis is three dots. Three. Not two, not twenty. Three.

5) I don't understand how authors can spell the same word both correctly and then incorrectly in the span of two sentences. I guess they're playing the odds?
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I'd ask someone to slap me upside the head the next time a fic exchange rolls around, but I'm apparently a sucker. I'll probably do it again. A full week after the deadline and yep, I am one of two who have not received a gift. Waaaah. Lump of coal for me!


Speaking of lumps of coal, I did put up a link on my LJ for a site called Moolala. I just bought a mystery box rumored to have $400 worth of things in it for $29. A friend said she got a printer and a few other sellable things so I figured, eh, why not? At any rate, there seems to be some pretty good deals on there. If I had more friends, I might even make a little money. Read: if you have friends and know how to social network (which I could figure out, but since it would networking...I probably never will), you could figure out a way to make disposable income there.


Lastly: Bill had made good on his promise, and what had started out as a quiet evening on the coach, with a beer in hand had turned into the two of them, half naked on the coach, hands all over each other and Ted protesting about the mark Bill was going to leave on his collar bone.*

I do hope they got consent from the coach before they started making out on top of him/her.

*Identity of the characters changed to protect their dignity.
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When you go to dust off an in-progress fic and discover you can't remember at all where you were going?

Oh, where was this going? )
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The good: finished a fic! Woot.

The bad: I slaved away yesterday making homemade chocolate graham crackers in the shape of bats. I have no bat cookie cutter, so I laboriously cut out each one by hand using a stencil I made. It took forever. Well, no. Just a really long time. Then, in order to prevent cat intrusion on the containers I stored the biscuits in, I placed them in the oven.

Today, I am making pumpkin spice graham crackers* in the shape of pumpkins. So, yes, as I rolled out the dough and began also hand-cutting the pumpkins, I failed to remember the bats in the oven:

IMG_5124 (2)

There was smoke, there was fire. My condo reeks. I am sad. I am also not remaking them, because they're for a work thing and I don' like my fellow contemporary employees enough to go all batty twice.

I might have salvaged some to the ones on the interior of the container...hmm, I'll bet they're probably not safe to eat. :(
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I am unimpressed by a few things. First on the list is CBS's sit-com offering "We Are Men". Rhetorical: does the world really need another sit-com revolving around men (mostly white, with the token person with pigment) behaving boorishly?

The song "Blurred Lines" has a horrendous, horrendous message.

The dreaded hotel I'm staying at has a tattered sofa, the towels smell like my old coworker P's lunches (fish and Chinese broccoli), the A/C is on full blast and it's barely cool in here, the mini-fridge has no freezer (relevant because I bought frozen meals to save money and calories, only to find no means to keep them frozen - thank goodness for preservatives! *cough*) and the paint is peeling off the shower walls. These things do not impress me.

These might fall under "impressed in a horrified way" in fanfic finds:

Re-leave for relieve.
Tenterverly for tentatively.

My word, does no one know how to use a dictionary anymore?

Also, rather than issuing the highly cringeworthy "sickspeak" (eg: Bert smiled weakly, "'M ffine….don't wworry 'bout mme… take carre of Eeernnnie"), can't we all just say his speech is slurred? Because, well, try to actually say it how the example is spelled out.


On a lighter note:
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So, after a month and a half of spending money trying to have a picture printed properly, filled with crop and color issues, I finally realized two things.

1) My printer works fine; I'd had it set to print on regular paper rather than photo paper when I initially tried to home print, so it came out faded and wrong. Duh. That alone would have saved me upwards of $30.

2) I can GIMP this particular pic. I opened it, made a new, huger file and plopped it in. Color filled to match background and then re-cropped to the right dimensions, with the image given a nice, big border. Now I won't have random bits getting cropped off, etc, and when it's framed, the purchaser will be able to see the whole image and a fair bit of color around it.

I can't believe it took me so long to figure this nonsense out. Net loss on this transaction financially, but I did learn stuff. It's not a total wash. *nods*

Unrelated to photography, what is is with folks (specifically on who take non-related characters and have them think about themselves, literally, as siblings? Sure, seeing Steve and Danny as having that brotherly-style vibe. I get it. I do! But I don't think either of them would mentally refer to each other as brother in the strictly familial sense. Maybe that's just me, though. I find it more weird than endearing.

Also, author, it's very confusing when you have them snuggle in bed - careful to point out in a brotherly way only! - and then the next morning have one of them think to himself how damn hot the other looks in camo. Uhm.
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Aieeee. Two days to finish this fic which was actually supposed to be finished in June. Not. Done. Yet. *gnaws on knuckles*

On the downside, it seems like nearly every time I join a fandom activity, that fandom activity kind of disappears and/or isn't, uhm, managed very concisely. I'm taking that to mean I ought to just keep trucking away to amuse my own self.
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Why can't I? I have a deadline, damn it, and I cannot get the words to flow for me. It's 10,000 by June 20something. I was at 900 words for about two months. For the last two weeks I've added a whopping 600 to that.

I'm in trouble, folks. Eeeeeeep.
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Sometimes I am tempted to log out of AO3 so I can give kudos to my own stories. Just the ones that seem disproportionately low in comparison to my love for them.

Sometimes when I hear the Stones singing Start Me Up, I think of a scene in one of my own fics and want to go read it, maybe expand upon it.

Sometimes I DO log out of AO3 so I can give an additional kudo to someone else's story I believe are getting a disproportionately low number of them in comparison to other stories that are of lesser quality but somehow have kudos raining upon them from on high.

Sometimes I log out of AO3 to give kudos to a fic I don't want to publicly admit to enjoying. Haha.

Sometimes I wish AO3 would give us the option to un-kudo, because on occasion I think a story is over and it's decent but then the author continues it and it becomes the hottest of hot messes.

Speaking of fic, while I'm here I might as well update the old master list with the following H50 stories:

We Stood a Moment So in a Strange World. S/C with implied future S/D, episode tag 3.20 , PG-13. 2485 words. Catherine has Steve, but standing at the funeral ceremony for one of his closest friends, she begins to wonder if that's the truth at all.

Unaired Footage. S/D, episode tag 3.21, voyeurism. 2272 words. With great power comes great responsibility. Also, sometimes the best footage ends up on the cutting room floor.

ATM. S/D, hurt/comfort, angst. 7030 words. A simple transaction takes a complicated turn for Danny ... and for Steve.

How To Disappear Completely. S/D, hurt/comfort, angst. 20024 words. In a bad moment, Steve wishes something bad to befall Danny. When it does, it puts him on the suspect list.

Random Snippets S/D, angst, crack, humor, fluff. 3000 words total. Story shorts written for a challenge, unrelated to each other.

Tell me why

Apr. 9th, 2013 12:06 pm
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How can I crank out three kiss fics for kissemdanno in the span of a few days, but the three things I've signed up for, with deadlines, I cannot get motivated to write?

Those fics have been added to master list, fyi. I love one of them a bit too much.

Long Distance Operator. S/D, first kiss. PG. 3159 words. Steve meets Danny's mom. They get along. She has motives. On LJ On AO3
Trapped in the Amber of the Moment. S/D, first kiss, trapped!. PG-13. 2295 words. Steve and Danny, trapped and discovering very important things. On LJ On AO3
The Indiana Jones Playbook. S/D, established relationship, schmoop. PG-13. 1812 words. Steve's recuperating from some injuries. Danny is providing excellent care. On LJ On AO3


Mar. 24th, 2013 06:27 pm
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Dear Author,

I realize it's your prerogative, but when you state outright that if someone points out errors in your unedited work that you will ignore them, that means I get to exercise my prerogative to ignore your story. It's not just for this, mind you, but for a pre-existing condition of Bad Grammar and Punctuation you have.



Dear Author,

An ellipsis is comprised of three consecutive periods. Not two. Not fifteen or any other random number. Three. Spacing is dependent and a bit more flexible, but please to remember the number three.



Dear Authors,

Compound words exist. I suppose the meaning is the same if you break them up, but it's just kind of bothersome.



Dear Muse,

Please get yourself sorted, as your artist has deadlines.


Your artist
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Is it just me and my current fandom of choice, but are tiny stories (100-500 words) or a collection of tiny stories comprising a still tiny final piece all that is being produced lately? What is this phenomenon? Is it that our attention spans have become such that anything over a certain word count makes us tl;dr?

It's not that I don't think writing with limited words isn't valid or challenging. I know it is. I joined the last drabble writer standing thing just to see if I could. (I can, incidentally, but that challenge was challenging for far different reasons and I'm still uncertain if it's even over or what. That's all I'll say about that, except that the result I was hoping to gain from it fizzled.) It's not easy cramming a complete story into a small space. I appreciate the skill it takes. I really do.

But am I the only one craving something longer and of decent quality to read, with more frequency? I know this sounds like I'm demanding fic. It doesn't work like that, I know. I can't have what I want just because I want it. But, damn, this post is longer than many "stories" I've seen lately.

Whine, whine. Fandom, serve me! ;)

/wanders away to finish writing a long story and maybe look for a job/

/the song playing right now is super relevant to the long story I'm trying to finish, coincidentally, and I love when stuff like that happens/
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You have your characters engage in frottage, hand jobs and fellatio for months, but their relationship isn't going to be consummated until they have penetrative sex in a carefully planned night of lovin' on Valentine's Day?

Here's the thing: frottage, hand jobs and fellatio are sex. This relationship was consummated a long time ago. Romanticizing penetrative sex is so, so ... I cannot even articulate why this is not good, author. Let's just stop perpetuating the myth that the only sex that counts is one where a penis goes into another person via vagina or anus. (Though even the latter doesn't seem to count if it's male/female and that is also a problem. It counts.)

All hail the glory of inserting Tab A into Slot B or whatever, but it isn't the only "real" sex, okay.
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I've had this fic open for a solid week. I have a deadline on this fic and yet, I cannot seem to get anything going beyond the opening scene. It's like I've slammed face first into an invisible wall. I've tried going around, but it never ends. I've tried scaling it, but lack the proverbial mental muscle.

Instead, I've found myself pondering those sad little stories that I adore but didn't perform well and make me wonder if it's just because I suck, sucky, suck. This is a vicious cycle, because I know in my heart of hearts I don't suck, per se, but have always been a bit forgettable. And that's okay, but I am so frustrated with myself for getting stuck like this so often because of something so stupid.

[Edited out the stories I want to hold above my head and demand people read... ;)]

I'm just feeling wanky, I guess. Am I the only one this ever happens to? The nagging feeling like it wouldn't matter if you never wrote again, which leads to a complete lack of concentration or will to write?

I thought about making this a whole self-absorbed meme, but I lack the skills for that. Still, if you have a story (any fandom) you think others should have loved more and want to kvetch - feel free to comment here, or post a similar Poor Me Meme to your own journal.

*cue the crickets, because I always get crickets for posts like this*
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Or does it bother anyone else when fic that is filled with wildly out of character characterizations is recced with high praise? I feel like I can't say anything without incurring wrath, but jeez, does it ever highlight the fact that wonderful storytelling is highly subjective.

Me: No, in fact, all stories by Author X are complete pants. Don't encourage that shit!

No, Really

Aug. 14th, 2012 11:46 am
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Hey, you seem to like gen fic. I get it. That's great, I like gen fic as well. They're super! However, I find it positively grating that you can't ask for help locating gen and/or het stories* without shouting that you don't want slash. Yes, writing NO SLASH is shouting, and it honestly sets my teeth on edge for some reason.

Just ask for the specific stories/concepts you seek and stop with the "ew cooties, slash" thing you've got going on and I'd be four thousand times more inclined to help you out.

*It's not clear if you're down with het or not, since the overwhelming impression I'm left with is just that you are NO SLASH, NONE OF THE TIME.


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