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Haven't done this in a while.

1) From the Pit: (sorry for any spelling/grammatical mistakes? :P) There's no question; you should be and you should mean it more than you sound.

2) What is it with characters who lose the ability to pronounce vowels when they're injured or sick? I wish people would realize it's okay to say "Character A's speech was slurred" or some such -nst-d -f d-ng th's.

3) It's "Hey, Mikey, pass me the Life cereal," said Dave. It's not "Hey Mikey pass me the Life cereal" said Dave.

4) An ellipsis is three dots. Three. Not two, not twenty. Three.

5) I don't understand how authors can spell the same word both correctly and then incorrectly in the span of two sentences. I guess they're playing the odds?
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First I saw this )
On a sign from a national pharmacy store. No, that is not the plural of strawberry. *weeps*

Then two door down )
Someone has an allergy to Hs. :( :( :(

At least then I saw a cat with a felt check mark on his head.


Had my housewarming. I learned a few things

1) My boss is an embarrassing drunk.

2) Abe, my wild cat, is the most skittish of my three - he vanished when the first three guests arrived and could not be found. Roy eventually wandered out and decided the food table was set up just for him. Johnny was spotted dashing from my bedroom into the small guest room. Abe did not come out until 15-20 minutes after the last guest left and was so upset he couldn't eat. Abe not eating is a big deal. He's a feline vacuum.

3) Maybe a dog in the house wouldn't be a good idea for my current fur beasts.

4) Migraines and alcohol = bad. To be fair, I knew this already but I didn't want to be a total downer at my own party. I felt pretty awful. It was a short party.
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I am now convinced the people who know the difference between their, there and they're are now in the minority.
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Example one: "When he was just about to plunge a knife into Rico's abandon, Rico swiftly took a step to the right..."

Example two: "But Sebastian had given him strict orders 'not to close an eye', and he was determent to follow them."

Kids, just because you don't get a red squiggly line underneath a word doesn't mean it's the right one to use. Sometimes it's not even close, and words mean things; using the incorrect one can change the meaning of your sentence. Also see the classic definitely/defiantly flub, about which I've nearly reached the "toss my hands in the air and give up" stage.

Full disclosure on the examples above: they were not the story's only, or worst, transgressions.
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Perchance and penchant are not interchangeable. They have quite different meanings. Please shut off your auto-fill. See also: definitely and defiantly.

If your character is diluted, you're deluded about what that word means. Also, you might want to get them to a hospital.

You don't peak around a corner, generally, or peak through one's fingers. Try peek. You'll like it, and your readers will also! (Except for the ones who also don't know the difference.)

Vice and vise are different. They're not actually even pronounced the same way, though I suppose one could argue they are indistinguishable in that respect, depending where one is from. However, the meanings are much more clear cut. ETA: Unless you're a British English user, but that's so hard to know so I'll amend the gripe to advice and advise. Tada! ;)


Mar. 24th, 2013 06:27 pm
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Dear Author,

I realize it's your prerogative, but when you state outright that if someone points out errors in your unedited work that you will ignore them, that means I get to exercise my prerogative to ignore your story. It's not just for this, mind you, but for a pre-existing condition of Bad Grammar and Punctuation you have.



Dear Author,

An ellipsis is comprised of three consecutive periods. Not two. Not fifteen or any other random number. Three. Spacing is dependent and a bit more flexible, but please to remember the number three.



Dear Authors,

Compound words exist. I suppose the meaning is the same if you break them up, but it's just kind of bothersome.



Dear Muse,

Please get yourself sorted, as your artist has deadlines.


Your artist
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End quotes do not replace actual sentence-ending punctuation. REALLY. If you can remember to put in a damned question mark, why are periods and commas poison to you?

Also, deprivation and depravation are not the same thing.

I need to get out of the house. May tomorrow be free of rain and full of motivation. ;)

OTOH, Play Doh is fun.
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The end quotation mark is not a replacement for a period. You still need the damned period. Or, in cases of dialogue with a he said or she said, the comma.

Thank you.

Also, it's taut, not taught, unless your major muscle groups are studying for the bar exam or something. This seems an unlikely scenario.


Jul. 14th, 2012 07:14 pm
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I honestly don't understand folks who can use the words you are and then, in the same sentence, also mean to use it in its contraction form but instead type your.

"You are such a goofy thing, it's like your high on life."

Seriously. I don't get how it's so tough to know that the amalgamation of you and are is you're and not your. It's not confusing. Worse, though, are the people that use you're correctly and then incorrectly. It's like grammar whiplash to me.

I other news, internet woes continue. Is it unreasonable to be irritated that it's been nearly two weeks and no resolution is in sight? I resent having to ask to go online, tbh, primarily because it feels invasive that they then know when I'm online and when I'm not. It's ... uncomfortable or something.

Last night, just as I was about to take a nice drink of ice cold water, Johnny decided the only route to the back of the sofa was across my lap. Unanticipated ice water bath, thanks, little fucking cat! It really was the first time I uttered uncharitable words at the poor sweetie sweet, because she's seriously the most polite cat in the world. I think I also said, nonsensically, "I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!"

This is what she got up to on the back of the sofa: )

Annnnd this morning I awoke, stumbled half asleep to the bathroom. And instantly stepped in a little poop ball. Someone wasn't done when s/he left the box. At least I had shoes on, though the drawback is the pair I was wearing happened to have very intricate and plentiful grooves on the soles. Gross. GROSSSS.

I really am going to perish of fits one of these days.

But, oh! I made popcorn today and dusted it with a blend of dill, celery seed, onion powder and salt and YUM.

No E

Jan. 25th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Thank you, that is all.

I fear

Jan. 15th, 2011 07:11 pm
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I just saw someone use wait when they meant weight.

And I also think many legitimately do not know that defiantly is not definitely.

Education reform now, please.


Oct. 4th, 2010 12:45 pm
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Dear Author,

You know, I was willing to overlook the weird and intrusive bold/italic thing (style?) you seem so fond of doing, you know, emphasizing words that do not need emphasis in narrative or dialogue. I was also willing to overlook your love affair with the dash. I don't know anyone who actually says "yo-ou" on a regular basis or pronounce names in singsong such as the dash implies (Ste-ven!), but whatever. Really, I can get by those through some major teeth-gritting, because I enjoy the stories you write in and of themselves.

But I can't really take you seriously when you replace the word hand with appendage. Once, maybe, but repeatedly? "He put his hand on (male) Character X's appendage", you see, could be read in a way I do not believe you intended, as you write gen fic. ;)

Also, vertical and horizontal as adjectives when Character A (of a certain career) is conscious and walking and Character B (of that same certain career) is unconscious on a hospital bed. Please, no, don't do this. EG: "The vertical man looked at his boss." "The horizontal man let out a pitiable moan." What is that I don't even. You use this regularly and it's truly puzzling.

I wish you would actually learn to write better, or, as you would say, bet-terrrr. Someone ought to tell you. Alas, I've already learned that lesson, so it won't be me.


the vertical SBG (with her appendages!)
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It is helpful to know the difference between the following words:

incite and insight

massage and message

prostate and prostrate

played and plaid

ministrations and menstruations(!)

I ... I just ... that last one.

Also, what's with all the "sealing" of eyes? Close is a perfectly good word. If you seal your eyes, I think your eyelids must have some adhesive or something. Like envelopes. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO ENVELOPES WHEN THEY ARE OPENED? Ripppp. Not good.
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It's a phrase mangle I have seen more and more and I'm so befuddled by it.

"I could careless."

1) It's "could NOT." Because if you could, then why don't you? The meaning of the phrase is to indicate there is nothing worse than your contempt at that given point, so by saying you could care less you've stripped the power right out of it.

2) Careless is not the same as care less. In this instance, you have GOT to keep the words separated. The most common definition of careless is, roughly, reckless. Sub the words and you can see why "I could reckless" makes absolutely no sense at all. Neither does "I couldn't reckless" make sense, for the record.

Also: Intact is one word, people! If you are intending "remaining sound, entire, or uninjured; not impaired in any way" then it's one freaking word. Most probably this is the intent. I cannot really come up with an instance anyone would say in tact. It just doesn't make much practical sense. If you want to keep it together: intact.

Loathe is not the same as loath. Yes, I, too, think it's rather silly to have a missing E make such a difference, but that's English for you. Learn it, use it. ;)

That's it for now. Hehe.

Oh Deer

May. 10th, 2010 07:03 pm
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Dear Fanfic Writer,

Humorous ≠ humerus. I can see why that's a tad confusing, so if you don't trust me find a dictionary.

I'll take the opportunity to mention again that repel ≠ rappel.

Also, fair ≠ fare.



Dear Fanfic Writer,

I actually like your work. It contains a nice blend of humor and action, and sometimes H/C. The stories, good. The 'weird' use of apostrophes you got 'going on' perplexes me, though. I cannot 'figure out' why you insist on using them. To me, single quotes to 'accent' something kind of indicates condescension, you know, the way people do 'air quotes' when they're being snotty. I find it 'baffling', but am reluctant to address it with you 'directly' for fear of offending.

Also, you could lay off the equally random and often misplaced italics and that would be so nice.

'Sincerely' puzzled,


Dear Slash (And Some Het) Writer,

For the love of all that is sanitary, do not have your characters bareback and then have the bottom blow the top. That is inadvisable. In fact, it is ewwwwwwwwsonotsexy!


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Dear Writers,

When someone hears a rumor, they're hearing things on the grapevine, not the grape-wine.

I mean, seriously.

Sincerely amused,

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What is up with people suddenly splitting compound words? I see it with greater frequency these days.

Somehow becomes some how.
Background becomes back ground.
Bittersweet becomes bitter sweet.
Intact becomes ... oh, wait, that's not a compound word, it's just one people think is and split it up into in tact for reasons I still haven't figured out. Intact is one word!

Believe it or not, putting in a space really does change the meaning sometimes. Or is that some times?


Aug. 8th, 2008 10:01 am
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I don't often watch SG1 repeats once they move past S5 or so, but last night the TV was on SciFi and Reckoning Pt 2 was airing. I'd forgotten just how awful the ending was, with Jack and Carter chit chatting to fill each other in, tossing in a very blasé "oh, and what about Daniel?" line. Good to see the possible death of a good friend merits an aside.

Also, I could not disagree with this guy more if I tried.
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1) It's not should have went. It's should have gone. This is nothing new. I don't know how this was missed by SO many friggin' people, but please spread the word.

2) Sink, sank, sunk. Drink, drank, drunk. Run, ran, run. Etc.

3) For the fifty thousandth time, I assure you intact is one word. Keep it intact.

4) It's not should of, would of, could of. I know it sounds like it due to lazy speech. It's actually should have, would have, could have. The former, you see, makes no sense while the latter makes perfect sense.

5) When you're trying to imply the backup/troops have arrived, you mean cavalry, not Calvary. Letter order isn't arbitrary.

6) Punctuation is important. I suggest you learn how to use it. No, I don't care if you're just writing for fun. Lack of punctuation makes you look moronic, and that can't be much fun.

7) Isn't it easier to say why rather than how come? (Okay, this one's personal. I have a deep-rooted hatred for how come.)

8) Your/you're. Simply, if you intend to say you are, then you should use you're. It's a contraction. All you have to do here is think for a fraction of a second. Brain farts happen. This is why we edit.

9) Other than annoying a reader or 200, exclamation points don't actually add much to a story. If you write properly, you shouldn't need to use these in every sentence! Trust me!! *wink*

10) Less and fewer are not interchangeable. Please look into this. Helpful hint: the express lane at every grocery store I've ever been in has this WRONG.

I woke up cranky. A spider just ran across my keyboard.


Jul. 5th, 2007 07:50 am
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1) Why must they keep making Rush Hour movies?

2) Fanfic writers: It's "should have gone" not "should have went." This error is quickly heading for the top of my grammar nitpick list, right along with the whole stupid drug/dragged thing. A drug is a pharmaceutical. That is all.

3) The latest Clearasil commercial airing here in the States is really creepy. Basically, it's a teenage boy, bolstered by his new acne-free confidence, hitting on his friend's divorced mother. It's squicky as heck.

4) My head hurts again, but it's still at a tolerable level.

5) I meant to bring my camel colored shoes but instead brought my pink ones. Whoops.


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