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You'd think as I was preparing some broccoli for dinner, I might get something like Dana Carvey singing about chopping broccoli in my head. Nope, not me. I got this:

And the refrain kins of sums up my week. On the tail end of a cold, which I got but not as severely as other. I'm at the watery-eyes, stuffy nose alternating with drippy, tickly-throated stage. Hooray for Friday!

Ohh, sneeze.


Jul. 21st, 2013 05:34 pm
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I'd never heard this song before, until I tuned in to an oldies station and got kind of stuck there. Since then, I've heard it a million times. It is pretty catchy, damn it.

I saw your face and that's the last I've seen of my heart.

It won't go away. Curse the 70s.
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Go over to Charmax's LJ to see a really cool vid of women throughout sci fi TV history. The song will eat your brain, too.

Also, I got my first batch of Holga photos back - I took three rolls, here and in AZ. This one's the B&W, which was mostly here because I wanted to go into Old Tucson Studios for old western-looking photos (would have been SO. COOL.), but everyone cheaped out on me and didn't want to go in once they found out the cost. I know it's a tourist trap, but the pictures would have been worth it to me. Anyway. Here are some from that, and I'll eventually post a link to the set when I get the other rolls back. (I sent them to The Darkroom, which not only gives you prints and a CD, but also uploads the pictures for much faster access. Awesome.)

My favorites )

I think I'm getting better at this camera? Also, I had to crop some of these because apparently some tape got loose and marred on of the corners. I thought I cropped square, but the dimensions aren't even. Bothersome!
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You know what song I love and want to hear right now? Doves' Walk In Fire. It's very Supernatural-y. Seriously, the lyrics. I tell you. Funny, though, that songs which inspire me most with that show are usually the antithesis of what their unofficial soundtrack's composition. Hee.

I must be retarded because Imeem will now usually only play 30 second previews for me, and I have no idea how to fix that. I also can't get to work the way I want it to and can't figure that site out either. Say I want to listen to Doves (because that's the case at this second), I'll put that in and will not-so-helpfully play artists "similar" to Doves, but not Doves themselves. Argh. Sometimes it sucks to be so techno-stupid. Not that I can be arsed to do anything about that.

I have to go to the eye doctor today and I totally don't want to. It's sunny and bright out and the dilation is SO painful when the weather's like it is. Maybe it'll cloud over by this afternoon. Last time I swear I nearly took a header down the QA hill afterward.

Bliss has a window display of bath fizzies shaped like doughnuts, with icing and sprinkles. I swear, they come up with the best concoctions there. Too bad I don't enjoy baths in the spring/summer.

To get a permanent account on LJ or to not get a permanent account on LJ, that is the question.

Okay, half day so I should really work.
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I Grieve by Peter Gabriel

Ocean of Noise by Arcade Fire

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Don't Follow by Alice In Chains

Etc., etc.

(Note, if you want to listen you have to sign up on imeem. Sorry, I know that's annoying.)
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New! Me likes, I think.


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