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It's time for androgyny!

There was a woman (I think) on the bus last night that I swear looked just like the old SNL character, Pat. She spoke like Pat. She held her body in that weird stiff way Pat did.

It was uncanny, I tell you. I wish I'd had my camera.
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Today SO would have been a good day to sleep in, and despite the lingering wind it could have been a decent day* to take Flat S., who arrived last night, out for photos. Of course, I don't have a camera yet. Eep.

Stupid bus driver was late today. I understand being held up in traffic, but to then take an extra long break at the layover stop (the one right next to my house) is annoying. So is hearing "I'm the local, the express is behind me, I got stuck downtown!" at every stop. I'm heartless. I think if a person is that far behind schedule, a quick break should be taken to ensure the route stays somewhat on time. I missed my transfer.

On the plus side, I heard this song this morning and I love it a lot: Heretics, by Andrew Bird

*I take it back. The sun disappeared and the wind looks to be picking up. I had to clamber over one tree and one big branch on the walk home last night. Oh, PLEASE, let this winter not be like last! I feel like quoting the Cowardly Lion - "Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?" One second it's not raining, the next it is torrential downpour, then it's not raining again. Makes it so hard to know when to dash outside for a stroll. (Never, apparently.)

**Wow, it is nasty out. I was going to try for the 4th time to go to Bliss for gifts (they now have these amazingly realistic bath fizzie tarts) and soap, etc, but three seconds outside would result in being totally drenched.
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I got my hands on some muscle relaxants (I won't say how, but you can probably figure it out), and I have to say they are going to make Girl Thing SO much more bearable. And unlike the Vicodin I sometimes used for headache and cramp relief, they aren't making me loopy and tired.

Also, the sun isn't out as much today, thank goodness. Yesterday I thought I was going to die on the bus rides to the blood bank and then home. The #49 and the #2 are freakin' hot and disgusting during the summer, especially on such a hot day. Dude next to me on the #2 hopped on in ride-free downtown and proceeded to root around in his bag for money. All he had was a $5, and he asked everyone around him multiple times if they had change. I would never get on a bus if I didn't know I could pay for it. I didn't have change for a $5, but I gave him the coins I had, which pretty much covered his fare.

Him: Thanks, I wish I could repay you. I'll pay it forward.
Me: No problem. I have a soft spot for overweight old men in spandex biker shorts. (I didn't really say this, nor do I think it, but seriously, the money snafu wasn't enough? He also had to be lumpy and wearing biker shorts?)

Is it wrong that I kind of like DeVotchKa's cover of Venus In Furs better than the original? I know. It is.
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The seat I chose on the bus today was broken. One side sagged down while the other tilted up. Of course, the sagging-down bit was in the middle, so I kept sliding. All was fine until someone came and sat next to me. He probably thought I was trying to crawl onto his lap.

Also, what is it about the bus that makes a person want to cough? I'm always fine in the morning until I get on that stupid contraption, and then I have to fight the urge.

On a different front, I've often contemplated buying one of those veggie drinks - think V8, only not V8 - to drink when I lack time and/or I just don't have fresh veggies around. I usually steer clear because I'm not a fan of tomato products. Tomatoes are great. Love 'em in salads, on sammies and plain. Sauces and ketchup are not great. The juice has always kind of freaked me out; it's so red and thick. Anyway, I decided to be brave. I purchased a bottle last weekend and tried it last night.

Patooey! I can list juice as another tomato product I don't enjoy in the least. One swallow made me want to hurl.
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Or I'd rather be a hermit.

Dude at bus stop: How're you doing?
Me, glancing up from book: Good, good.
Dude: Going to Bumbershoot tonight?
Me: No, I actually have to work a bit tonight.
Dude: Oh, what do you do?
Me, thinking: Jeeeeez, leave me alone! Can you not see I'm trying to read here?
Me: Oh, I work part time at an apartment place.
Dude: Interesting. You have to work evening hours?
Me, thinking: Come on, guy, book. Me. Me want to read book.

And then I realized how incredibly anti-social it was to keep trying to read, so I chatted instead. Nice fellow. I escaped from him once we boarded the Tube of Doom known as the #8.
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By shit, I do mean that literally. I have yet to understand a phenomenon that occurs on public buses: the tendency for several people to speak in abnormally loud voices so as the whole bus can hear their obnoxious conversations.

Today's was about poo. Girl apparently pooed in someone's toilet and forgot to flush. Boy said his poo was the size of a football, but it was all good because the toilet was a good one. Girl said a mutual friend pooped little tiny poos like a weak little kid. It went on and on to varying degrees of TMI.

Seriously, why would you even discuss that crap (no pun) in a public place let alone practically shout about it?
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Seriously, the bus is almost always right on time during autumn, winter and most of spring. But toward the end (aka now) of spring, the backsliding starts and I can't figure out why. Traffic patterns must really change during the summer, though it doesn't really make logical sense that they would.

Now's the time when I don't have to rush to make my bus - it won't show up anyway. While I stand and wait, I'll see three of a different bus route roll on by and still...nothing. Then my bus will come, it'll be jam-packed with people who stink. About five minutes after the bus departs, it's very likely another bus on my route will show up and will be empty.

Drives me nuts!

Today the driver was particularly horrendous, but I've never seen him before so assume he's never driven the route. Well, that and the fact that he blew right by at least two stops, including the one I requested. Him: Sorry, I didn't realize you pulled the cord. Me: Yessss, the little ding and the fact that it's lit up didn't clue you in? The other couple of times, the bus stop was full of people waiting. Didn't even pause.

And then there was the couple with the majorly obnoxious kid.

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