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My noisy neighbor's moving out,
My noisy neighbor's moving out,
Everyone scream and shout!
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Dear Old Deaf Lady in the Apartment Next to Mine,

I hate you.

A lot.

Absolutely no love,


And because I haven't put forth a music selection for...since way back on Monday.

The Killing Moon

LOVE this song, and always will.
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So, my noisy neighor finally responded to the notice issued by management. She was, unsurprisingly, shocked to hear that someone complained about noise and wondered if somehow the wrong apartment had been flagged. After all, she said she's always been a very courteous tenant (This the woman who flew into a rage and pounded on doors when a little birdie slipped a note under her door,demanding to know who'd written it. Yes, that's surely courteous.), and helpful to. It was at this point in her letter that she highlighted all of the good deeds she's done for others (unwelcomed good deeds, mind you), including holding a flashlight for the mailman during the power outage, which several tenants saw her doing (Including "Kerrie" - MAJOR negative points to her for this atrocious misspelling. A kind, nice, courteous neighbor would know how to spell my name.). I've yet to figure out how holding a flashlight means she couldn't possibly be responsible for blasting her TV.

I love the last line in particular - "I hope this helps you to understand that I am not a noisy tenant."

Annnnnhhhh. Wrong, honey. You listing your own fabulous attributes doesn't really count as a defense. What else would you possibly say? Also, your high opinion of yourself speaks more to your qualities as a person than any of the marvellous things you've done.

Seriously, she's completely oblivious that none of her neighbors really like her. No one wants to say it, because Miss Mary Sunshine turns into the devil incarnate at the drop of a hat.
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I walked the long way home tonight, which takes me past a wedding dress shop. For the first time ever, I was tempted to go in and try on dresses. There was one, especially, that was just gorgeous. Then I felt like Muriel.

Also, my loud neighbor is loud again. *sigh* It was nice and quiet while it lasted. All of two weeks. :(
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Aaaaaahhhh, bliss. Last week, noisy neighbor lady was away. When she came back, she found the notice telling her that she was blaring her TV too loudly. I've had a week and a few days of silence and I am LOVING it. :D
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Either S. didn't address the noise issue with neighbor lady or he did and she's just a stupid stupidhead who thinks she's above all reproach, because I can hear her TV as plain as ever.

I kind of hate them both now.
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Woe! I hurriedly slapped something in Yahoo's notepad and didn't realize I'd gone over the max 5000 character limit. :( I lost about a page of work (crossover fic). Some of it's handwritten and recoverable, but damn. I hate that. I also hate that I already edited and improved the written once and quite liked it. Now I have to start over.

Also, I begged S. to please consider my noise complaint about my neighbor as coming from a regular tenant and to write her a note. I explained to him why I felt, at this point, I couldn't really do it myself without provoking a confrontation with her (she's going to figure it out if a note is delivered on a Saturday, eh?). We'll see what happens. It's really out of control when you can hear someone's TV from 30 feet down the hall. I have my TV plenty loud to compensate for hers and mine can't be heard right outside my door.
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Apparently having some kind of cold has made me even more sensitive to smells than usual, because right now I want to pound on the smokers' doors across the hall from me. All 3 of them smoke, and it's killing me right now. I can only seem to take shallow breaths as it is, but I have to live with those breaths reeking with stale smoke?

I don't like to infringe upon people's rights to do whatever they wish with their bodies, but when it compromises the health and well-being of others I'm a little more lax. I shouldn't have to breathe that shit.


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