Jan. 18th, 2013 10:03 pm
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*blubbers like a fool*

It's been over for three minutes and I already miss it.
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Fringe is going to kill me before it's all over. I DON'T WANT IT TO BE OVER. :(

Here's a scene that will demonstrate why I'm already wibbling. Don't watch it if you haven't watched through S5, episode 11 yet.


Some thoughts )

Also, I drove a bit today. It was a lovely day for one. Dixie gets about 50 mpg highway driving, I think. Not bad!

apad 019
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Fringe Friday came and went! I don't like thinking about how this is the last season. For Fox, though, I suppose five seasons is a long run. It's just that it's been pretty consistently good and it seems a damn shame it goes away while other shows keep on keeping on. Like, how is the original CSI still on the air?!


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Fringe S5 )

Overall, I'm liking this time jump a lot more than other certain shows and their attempts at layered storytelling. ;)
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o.O )

I confess to having watched this one in kind of a haze. Sometimes it's difficult for me to concentrate. This week has been a bear in that regard.

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Honestly, this one dragged a little for me and I had to watch it twice just because I kept falling asleep last night. This, I think, actually has more to do with a long week than Fringe itself. Because lots of stuff happened in this episode. I'm not going to do a blow by blow, because - well, I'm presuming if you're reading this, you watched it.

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Oh, Lincoln )

As always, I miss our gang when they're not the focus, but this was a good show anyway.
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I love this show. )

In other news, how is it already so late in the day?
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Last Fringe before another hiatus. I'd gripe about hiatuses and their frequency and opine for television days of old, but I think you all already know how I feel on that subject. Hehe.

Spoilers )

*sigh* Four week hiatus. Boo. Hiss.
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I have this routine on Saturday. Chores and errands first, then Fringe. Sometimes, chores get very sloppily done. ;)

All these timelines do nothing to alleviate a migraine. )
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I forgot to post thoughts last week, though I had them.

Enemy of My Enemy )

And here's Forced Perspective )

Next week, back to SPN in this space. I'm ... neutral to disappointed about that. ;)
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Shows like Fringe are worth an aggravating two month hiatus. Shows like Fringe are also the kind that a two month hiatus can damage. The storytelling is very dense and, having to wait that long between episodes, made me spend much of this first one of the next bank of episodes (for, lo, there will be more hiatuses) kind of trying to remember where we were. The tiny synopsis at the beginning doesn't always help so much. Maybe it's just because I'm a moron. Who knows?

Long story short: More people need to watch this show, and breaking up episodes for long periods of time does not help Fringe at all. They've already got Friday night death slot. I mean - I watch Supernatural live, but only because I can get Fringe through my cable on demand.

/rant over

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