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There's a room in the basement of my new house that I think used to be a darkroom! So cool.

Put on one coat of paint in bedroom and bathroom, so glad I did. I thought about keeping the gray, but no. Nope. Just not me. Went with a very vibrant green in bathroom. It's love/hate. I happen to love. I can always paint again. :) I am bummed about one thing - there was a full gallon of paint left in the house that was labeled some basic off-white. I was going to use this for baseboards, window and closet. Alas, I cracked it open to make sure this would work and discovered ... pink. Pepto pink. Boo, hiss! On the positive(ish) side, I overbought the wall color and will go to Home Depot to get them to lighten up the extra gallon for trim.

First time anyone but me has seen the place and so far - everyone says I did good. Well, duh! ;) I knew as soon as I saw the knocker it was mine. Now I'll just see what taxes bring, live with fuel oil for a year and then convert. I don't want to finance that project, at least not entirely, so I want to be cautious and sure with what I'm doing (gas or heat pump). If I hurry and try to do it now (incentives end 12/31) I may not make the right decision.

Now I just have to deal with switching over water/sewer and set up garbage. And get a lawnmower. Lawn's a mess. As soon as it sold, they stopped with the upkeep, LOL.

House, house, house!

In other news: for any granola people out there: it's true. Coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch makes an excellent deodorant. I was a skeptic, but it works a heck of a lot better than anything I've tried pre-packaged.

Also, continue to mostly love S5 of H50, cannot for the life of me recall a thing about NCIS ths year, still enjoy Haven. Sleepy Hollow is fairly ridiculous, but hello pretty people.
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I hate it so much that my style is usually "throw everything in a box, who cares?!", which ultimately only leads to back end unpacking horror. I have boxes yet that I haven't unpacked from when I moved here two years ago. Random stuff I don't want to toss, but it has no real place. Ugh, packing.

But, one box down, a billionty to go! I have tossed two bags of garbage and recycling and learned that after two years and three cats, the dust is thick. Must learn to get rid of all tchotchkes so there are more nice flat surfaces to dust. Not that flat surfaces made me dust my DVD collection once the whole time I lived here. Gross. Cats are gross. I love them.

Let's see. House cleaned, laundry done, one box packed. I think that's good for today. LOL (lazy, oh, lazy).

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Nov. 15th, 2013 09:34 pm
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Okay, I don't think it spoils anything if I say that I think the character of William on Haven was horribly miscast. Nothing but love for Colin Ferguson, but he is far too goofy for what the character is supposed to be. I am not buying what he is selling at all.

Also, I told ya Grover would drink the H50 Kool-Aid.
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I found sheets that fit! Now I need to find a bedside table that comes with a little step stool I can tuck back under it (they make that kind of thing, right?) out of the way when not using it, because my bed is now too high to get into without a bit of effort. It's taller than my belly button now. LOL. The cats adore the extra squish of memory foam. :)

I also got my hair chopped off today. It's been about a year, and I lost a good six inches. It's now just below the chin in the front and shorter in the back. Yep, returned to an a-line bob. What can I say, I kind of like that style, and now all the dry ends from henna are gone and it's silky soft again.

No spoilers, really:

Haven is still enjoyable, but seems a smidge off so far this year. Still worth watching, even if I'm not connecting to the characters as much anymore.

H50. Oh dear. Ridiculous as always. I do expect that, but goodness, it was a bit extreme last night. I figure I'll always lament the good old ohana days of S1, back when the whole team had valid things to contribute, id est Danny wasn't solely the funny sidekick, Chin had more than a lone one-off episode dedicated to him and Kono had spit and fire and a refreshing lack of doe-eyes. So, I won't talk much about it, because I know I come off as bitter. I just miss that vibe so much. Viva la fanon.

And I'd love to re-watch S1, but for some reason my laptop won't play DVDs and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to hook up my DVD player through the cable box (which I really need to find an alternative for the "deal" I got when I signed up is over and I'm forking over an even larger exorbitant fee).

Also, the forecast called for aggressive rain, and they weren't joking. It is a mess out there. Not quite wall-rattling wind, though. Windows, sure. It's a stay-inside-read/write fic kind of day!


Dec. 1st, 2012 04:49 pm
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I enjoy Haven, so why do I keep forgetting it's on? Sheesh.

Also, totally enjoying their take on a skinwalker.
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I have to say this not really related to Fringe thing: the way Fox mutes the show so you have to crank the volume to hear adequately, and then cranks the commercials so you have to turn down the volume is highly irritating, especially with a show like Fringe where you really have to pay attention to catch some of the dialogue. *kicks Fox*

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I watch too much TV.


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