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Half and Half

Walked to a local nursery to check out some fruit trees. I still have to figure out when and how to plant, but I wanted to see what they had. I can get a variety of apple, peach, pear, prune and cherries. Just have to figure out what. I doubt peaches would work, thinking cherry and apple. But first, I still have to keep working on ridding they yard of the invasive weeds. :/

On the way back, I stopped to chat with a guy who had two horses I could see and wanted to take a look at. Disturbed him a bit, but he was cool about it. As I started walking back, a truck swerved to the shoulder where I was walking and I thought, "Oh great, what's this?" LOL, it was a friend, who pulled over to say hi and offer a ride. I'm too cynical, maybe because I took a shortcut through a small path down the hill where transients sometimes camp out. In the middle of the path and all alongside: trash. :( I've also been finding a lot of refuse in my driveway. This morning, a plastic grocery bag was in my hydrangea. It's the punk kids who rent a couple of houses directly across from me - people in and out at all hours, sketchy activity. Sigh. It's not improving, and if I could I might actually consider selling and finding another place. But I love my house, and I shouldn't have to move because of lousy neighbors.
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Filing Cabinet

The last time I went to the grocery store, some oblivious old white dude did not see the line of people waiting to use the self-check and just waltzed on ahead. Today, I went to the store and was standing back, waiting with a few other people so as not to block the flow of traffic and another oblivious old white dude didn't even bat an eyelash or spare a glance - he walked up and ushered himself to the station that just opened up.

It's not the end of the world, of course, but what the shit is up with that, anyway? It would be highly ironic if these oblivious old white dudes also held the belief that they are the most put-upon, discriminated-against segment of society.
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Two Heads = Better Than One

I am finding myself getting angry at people. Just humans in general. On the way to work, I drive past bucolic countryside, usually seeing a small herd of elk, maybe a deer or two, some eagles. Well, last week, heavy equipment started appearing in one of the largest fields where the elk usually graze. A developer intends to take both fields on either side of the road, plow it all under and put in cheap-ass fourplexes and sixplexes like he has done with every other develop-worthy land behind our offices. Today while in a meeting, the ravine behind our office started being torn down.

I need to move to the Northwest Territories. I've heard Yellowknife is lovely.

"Progress" can't be stopped. I know that. Look at history and the fact that no one ever learns from it, but honestly, what is wrong with leaving a teeny corner of land for the many, many species which were here before us and which aren't systematically destroying the earth the way the "advanced" human species is?

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Today blew giant chunks of suck and folks were lucky I didn't throat punch them.

The end.
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Okay, I know living where I live that I must be prepared to get wet at any time. Usually, I don't mind this. I really don't. There are days, though, when I have lots of things to do, errands to run, and I just don't want to go out there and get soggy and cold.

Today is just such a day. Ugh.

I'm blaming the idiot who came and pounded on my door just before 8:00 AM. On a Saturday? It's practically a crime punishable by jail time, as far as I'm concerned. Especially when said idiot was, of course, looking for my neighbor. (No one I know would pound on my door so early.)
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In which a study probably run by extroverts posits that introverts would be happier people if they'd just act like extroverts.


Also, it was probably not the wisest choice to walk four miles in 93F heat. Migraine and general malaise. Ugh.

In training*, back at the Hotel Le Suck. Want to hear something funny? My coworker, who rode down with me and therefore checked in at the same time, got a call about an hour after check-in last night from the front desk. They wanted to make sure everything was going well for her, blah blah. So, either they thought it was she who made the complaint, or they really hate me and wanted me to hear how they care about their other guests but I can suck it. ;)

*The trainer is hot. He commented about how unusual it was for everyone to come back from breaks on time, let alone early like we all did. Me: your pretty face is a great motivator, dude.
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I feel sluggish today.


We've got a new person in the training group. She's a gum smacker. Like, the woman is lucky I have been headachey all day, or I might have leapt across the table and slapped the back of her head until she either swallowed or spit out that damned gum.

Another woman's feet smell awful.

The final one eats crunchy things all day.

I'd wish for training to be over already, but then I have to actually do the job and I'm starting to feel unqualified again. EEEEEP.
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I find it appalling to read comments on news blurbs on the Norway bombing and shooting. Over here in the States, no matter the topic of the article, the comments section turns into a damned spitting contest between nutter right wings and nutter left wings. On something like this, it's deplorable how many can't seem to be able to show some respect and sympathy. Seriously, who says shit like, "The guy shot a bunch of libtards. He was just trying to save his country." on an article talking about how over 90 people lost their lives, most of them young adults - children, really? And, no, the brand of "Typical right wing extremist Christian!!" comments aren't any better.

Fuck it all, people fucking suck sometimes.


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