Sep. 12th, 2014 07:00 pm
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I maintain that Styx's Renegade at the end of S2 episode Nightshifter is the best musical cue SPN has ever done. It's perfect.
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o.O )

I confess to having watched this one in kind of a haze. Sometimes it's difficult for me to concentrate. This week has been a bear in that regard.

SPN time )
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I think my SPN muse is officially dead, dead, dead. Why do I feel guilty about not participating in summergen this year? SHOULD I participate in summergen this year - it's tough, but I'm usually very pleased with the stories that come out of that particular exchange.

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I think that's the episode title. Having a time focusing for weeks now, so I'm not sure this'll be in any logical order. /O\

Well, that was ... )

In other news, J and I went shopping after work today. At one point, she said, "At my fattest I was a size eight, I think." You will be happy to know that I refrained from pushing her into downtown traffic.
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I confess to not having high hopes on this one, based on the only spoilers I had prior to watching - my cable company's description of the episode, which was that Dean succumbed to some kind of ballerina curse. You can see why I wasn't terribly excited for the return of Supernatural after its ... which hiatus are we on now? ;)

Thank goodness that was a bit of a red herring. )
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Supernatural Friday. You ready, kids?

Spoily ramblings )
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And apparently clowns kill )

Long rambling short, it surprised me how much I enjoyed this episode of Supernatural. I confess to have gone into it very skeptical and, well, with my outlook colored by overall disillusion.

In completely unrelated news, Roy's been sneezing since we went to the vet on Monday, where he was pronounced healthy. It's like the power of suggestion came to life with him. And now John's sneezing too. :(
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Supernatural's back after a long two weeks. Yes, I know, two weeks is barely a hiatus. It's just that these last two weeks have been looooong in real life. ;)

Oh. Joy. The blood splatter's back. )

Next week looks like more Supernatural campiness. Huzzah?
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Completely and totally unrelated to Supernatural, but it's my least favorite time of the year: Special K Ad Inundation Time with a side of Annoying Truvia Commercials.

Cutting, though I don't think anyone reads anyway. )
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Oooh, a Supernatural MotW episode, or at least as close to one as we've had in years, until it wasn't.

Spoilers )
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Spoilers! )

I'm not sure how to categorize this one. I enjoyed it despite the glaring issues, but it wasn't funny or angsty.
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You'll have to forgive me. I've had a terrible time concentrating all day, and not even Sam and Dean could get me focused. Plus, I've got a cat with a sharp-clawed paw at my carotid right now and if I don't pay enough attention to him, I'm afraid of what he'll do. I knew I should have been more diligent with the claw clipping. I didn't know the furry beast had a thing for my neck. Anyway, so.

Supernatural )

Next week looks ... interesting.

And now the 13 pound cat is on my right arm (which, btw, has a bum shoulder that is killing me right about now), but I haven't had snuggle time in so long I haven't the heart to make him move. I'll regret it tomorrow, for sure.
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I have to boohiss the title of this week's episode. Yes, I saw what they did there, and I didn't find it particularly clever, myself. I repeat: I miss them yoinking song titles. I'd've named this one The Crunge just to be random. Where's that confounded bridge??

Anywho. Sorry about that. Now I've got that song in my head, though, if it's any comfort. )


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