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My first true love Stargate: SG-1, along with my second true love Supernatural. With very small sides of NCIS, Simon & Simon, Emergency! and Hawaii Five-0 (reboot).

Stargate SG-1:
Most of my Stargate stuff can be found on The Comfort Zone. I'm far, far too lazy to post individual links for each story. Sorry!

My SG-1 stuff can also be found on Ancient Musings.

Snapshots. J/D slash, PG to R, a series of scenes in Jack and Daniel's relationship.
For Every Action, Gen, H/C (Daniel), teamfic. R. S2. Ten parts total - 45,000 words. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The Leavers Dance, Gen, Angst (Daniel), Tag to Heroes I&II. R. S7. @11,550 words. Daniel seemed all right at first, but dealing with the loss of Janet Fraiser wasn't as simple as that.

I'm not that prolific, but I think the list is long enough to put behind a cut )

NCIS/Supernatural crossover:
Out for Blood. Gen, Angst, H/C. R. S4 NCIS. S2 Supernatural. Nine parts. Someone from Dean and Sam Winchester’s past comes back to haunt them…and while they're at it, they also haunt a member of the NCIS team. (It's Tony.)
Deja Vu All Over Again. Gen, Angst, H/C. PG-13. S7 SPN, S9 NCIS. 29000 words. Tony DiNozzo is in an eerily familiar situation, and his fate is yet again in the hands of two felons who have died multiple times, on paper and in reality, since he last saw them. And one of them terrifies him more than the monster.

Simon & Simon/Supernatural crossover:
Don't Judge a Book. Gen, crossover, casefic. R. S4 Simon & Simon. Preseries Supernatural. @33000 words. Rick and AJ Simon are on what they think is a routine case when something ... not routine happens. Their whole perspective has to shift to accommodate the Winchester family and all the scary things that entails.

Emergency! Gen )

Emergency! Slash and Het )

H50 Slash and Gen )
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On Friday as I was walking a shelter dog, three sheriff's vehicles and two local PD cars started zooming down the stretch of road, two cops hopping out to go running into the brush. Back and forth several of the cars went. They were clearly looking for someone. I hoped to eyewitness an actual takedown, but alas, after a bit they left empty handed. Sadly, the (as yet) undeveloped land next to the animal shelter is full of homeless encampments and I think it's easy to hide in there. No idea where those folks will go once the city or county sells of the land to plow down the trees as if the wildlife and plants aren't important enough occupants... Sorry, my treehugger self isn't very popular where I live. I guess progress is good; I just don't think chain restaurants (Does a town really need a Domino's, Panda Express, Applebees?) and big box stores actually represent progress.

I'll get off that soap box. I actually took a few photos this week, but most of them were garbage.

Yellow Vase
^ Just liked the color contrast. Side note: that's the type of siding I have on my house and I don't like it. Hopefully when I can finally paint it, a darker color will be more satisfactory to me.

Striking Cat
^ Love this cat's markings.

Whoopie Pies
^Whoopie pies made for Pi Day. Our "wellness committee" suggested we all bring pie. There were eight, plus these. And while I realize I'm complicit for playing along, I'm growing weary of the wellness committee doing its level best to NOT include any challenges related to physical health. Seriously, not a single monthly challenge has involved the body, only emotional or mental health. Pie, for crying out loud.

Walk Like An...
^Handsome and creepy. ♥
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After much consideration to Pickle and her repeated, stress-induced UTI issues, I've decided to once again look for a new home for Walter. I love the little poopsicle (truly, I do), but a cat going from no pee issues to pee issues all the time, that's a dealbreaker for me. Of course, it might be Hank causing Pickle's stress and then I'll feel horrible, but ultimately I think W deserves a home where his person truly wants him there. :(

Of course, looking for a new home doesn't mean I'll find one for him. Anyone in the States, put the word out for anyone who wants a dog who is 95% great, but has a bit of dog aggression and won't ever be one who can just go with you to gatherings and probably should have a fenced yard. Heh.

Anyway, photos.

Heron and Mallard Couple

^Never get tired of herons.

Peek a boo

^ or cats.

Spring Arrangement

^ or flowers.

Can we just

Mar. 4th, 2019 07:24 pm
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take a moment for the loss of Luke Perry? It's really eye opening when someone so young dies so suddenly. His poor family. It's very like what happened to my former colleague's husband in November. Fine one moment, essentially gone a few hours later. :(

I tried to call your house like fiddy times.
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Earlier this week, I found out the lady with the animal assistance place who said she might take Walter if it wasn't working out adopted another dog and then returned the other dog. I found the news rather irritating. I'm not mad about it, just let down. Meanwhile, Pickle peed on the front door rug yesterday. She goes about two weeks between incidents. I wonder if she needs another round of antibiotics; I've switched her to UTI health food. Hmmm.


True story: I was walking along a pond and a duck was near the edge. I approached and it just sat there floatin'. Cool, but odd, as they always paddle and/or fly away when humans approach. I took its picture ... and then realized it was a decoy. LOL.

Catellite Dish
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I usually do a full sweep/vacuum/mop on Saturdays, sweeping only throughout the week. I managed to laze around yesterday and didn't get the routine chore done. Now I have to do it today and, man, I really don't want to. But with four cats and a dog that seems to shed every hair from his body multiple times a day... Ugh. I can't just skip a week.

Well, no. I could. But ew.

Low on photos this week:


Old and New


Don't Mess With Me
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This week, I learned that some store brand things are superior to name and some are not. I had a coupon for name brand tater tots, so I picked some up. Turns out, store brand are much better in taste and in how they crisp up. I'll never go name brand again. The other thing is just the opposite: I buy instant coffee to make my own little mocha mixes for weekend indulgence when I don't feel like waiting for a pot to brew (four minutes in a French press - too long!). Well, I've been buying cheapo crystals but based on reviews bought a different kind this last time. What a difference. Four times the cost, but fifteen times the taste.

Anywhoooooo. Photos.

Glaring Hawk
^I stayed in my car taking photos, but the windshield really impacts the clarity. I got out, managed one shot before this one took off. After glaring at me.

A few more )

Still undecided about the gift cards I have. I could get a new kennel for Walter - one of those that is more like furniture, covering about half the cost. I could get a tub refinishing kit, covering about 2/3 of the cost. I could get some new jeans, as all of mine are now too big for me(!). Hmmm. I'm indecisive. Part of me wants to not be practical with this money.
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It always bothered me, seeing unleashed dogs in parks with big "dogs must be on leash" signs posted very visibly. Now that I have a dog-reactive dog? HULK SMASH.

No, really. The rage. )

Yeah. Anyway, tl;dr: today I had hoped to take Walter on a new hike, only to catch up to a jackass and his two unleashed dogs roaming slowly ahead of us only about a hundred feet in. We had to turn around and go somewhere else and I may have passive-aggressively shouted, "I GUESS WE'LL HAVE TO COME BACK WHEN THERE AREN'T ANY ASSHOLES WITH UNLEASHED DOGS HERE." on the way. And no, he wasn't even carrying a leash.
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Am baking Amish Friendship Bread - I found a recipe that doesn't require the starter and all the hassle that comes with it. I have no idea if it's going to taste the same, but oh my. Cinnamon is magical. My house smell amazing.

Maybe photos later - nope. Epic quick bread fail. Smells good, sank like a stone. Will have to try again with this one.
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I earned $60 in Amazon gift cards through my employer's health plan and this challenge health program they have. Basically: do deep breaths, get points. Stand up every hour, get points, etc. It's pretty easy for people who naturally do this stuff anyway. AND I have $10 from last year I forgot so now I have do decide what to spend this money on. Maybe I should save it for a month I know I'll have extra costs, in case of emergency, employ gift cards.

Was considering buying a tub resurface kit. I'm worried I'm too lazy to actually ever do it, but my tub is in such sorry shape!

Anywho. We also had snow this week. Twice. It wasn't pretty snow, though, and not nearly so much as they got inland. Oh well, I'd still rather live here than in the urban areas.

Tree in Yard

Snow Way! )

All in all, a let down. I feel for the kids, using every flake on the lawn for a raggedy snowman.


Feb. 6th, 2019 07:04 pm
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I took another tumble walking Walter tonight - I had just glanced toward the sunset and missed seeing a slight raised portion on the sidewalk due to the spots dancing in my vision. Literal face plant, scraping the knuckles on my right hand this time, skinning a knee and banging my chin hard. Chin developing a bruise. One of these times I'm going to snap a bone. :(

Now, I already know W will just keep on going, showing no concern. But half a block up, a man was walking. He HAD to have seen me fall. Do you think he came over to see if I was okay?

No. No, he did not.
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Didn't have the energy to bring camera with me on this week's walks. Frankly, Walter was lucky I mustered any to take him out at all. Heh.

Cross Eyed and Painless

Moon and Planets
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More cats! Surprising, isn't it?

How much is that kitty in the window?

More photos )

It is nice and sunny out and I should go tidy up the yard, but meh. Not feeling it!Think I am going for round two of my sweet potato lasagna concoction I made last week for lunches - you wouldn't think that sweet potatoes, spinach and cheese could be so good, but it really is tasty.
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Came home tonight to quickly realize that I'd forgotten to put the cat's canned food into the fridge - it was nearly full, 12.5 ounce can. Yeah. It was almost empty. Yeah, it had a lid on it but it's amazing how easily those things pop off when a cat slides a can from the counter to the floor.

Even having eaten well over a day's worth of food, Roy still pestered me while I was meal prepping for myself. And also when I was doing dishes. He is constantly trying to climb into the sink and into the dishpan! It's so weird.

ETA: And we have massive cat pukage. He'd do it all over again, too. I love him, but he's such a goober and is why I don't free feed my cats.
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Gah, there is a week some months where I feel I could eat all day and night and still feel hungry. I am in that sort of week.

I made a giant chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips to bring to the office tomorrow. It smells so gooooooood I want to go in the kitchen and eat the whole thing.

Also, and unrelated, I do not get those Turbo Tax commercials at all.
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Cat heavy this week. W and I took a different route (aka we got lost) last weekend, which resulted in more cat sitings. Of course, they're all glaring and suspicious.


Blue Steel )

Am watching old TV show I loved back in the day, which means I am old. The Young Riders. I guess I never knew that 1860s Missouri looked just like Arizona.
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I love it when I brew the perfect cup of coffee. A little cocoa, a little coconut milk, a teaspoon of sugar. Mmmm.

With a side of a completely nutritious glazed old fashioned doughnut... Hooray for the weekend!
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This week in cat news, Pickle is peeing again, I found a really old pee spot on the only hardwood floor previously undamaged and last night she grabbed my hand and chomped really hard. I was doing food-related things, so it wasn't random. I also have to stop tossing Walter broccoli and cauliflower stems, as I think the Pickle is seeing that as unfair treatment. She stole a tomato piece off of my plate the other day. A tomato! She also continues to bat my hand as I'm eating, so as to dislodge whatever's on my fork or spoon. Yes, I am calling vet tomorrow. If nothing else, maybe to discuss if CBD oil will calm her a bit.

I'm actually feeling like I need Jackson Galaxy at this point. She is such a sweetie most of the time, but when she's not - look out.


^Right, pupper, right?

Gargoyle Relief

Christmas Graveyard
^Lots of Christmas tree graveyards these days. Sad how quickly things go down after. Some houses are still lit, but for the most part people take stuff down the day after around here.
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Old habits, I guess. Flickr got my money, because 1000 photos and no uploads wasn't really a fair option for free users, IMO. It was pay or find another host, and I found the whole thing better that what Photobucket did, but still cruddy.

All is well on the family front. Dad just likes to ring in the new year in odd ways!



Pink Sunset

Tongue Point

Am making lentil, sweet potato and spinach curry for this week's meals. Sadly, I don't have any coconut milk. I don't know why I don't keep it on hand.
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Fifty two! I've gone and come back from family visit, which was good and interesting and depressing and inspiring. Family. ;)

I took quite a few more photos than survived, many of birds through my sister's windows. Sadly, photos through windows tend to be very unclear, so I didn't save many of them. Some were okay-ish. Click here for full album, which got terribly out of order"

Here are only a handful from the album:

Female Cardinal
Female cardinal. Did you know the cardinal is the state bird of six US states?

Frozen Nuthatch
In one instance, this little nuthatch appeared frozen to the rope. It was very cold during my visit, in negative numbers Fahrenheit, so that wasn't out of the question. We think, though, that he was frozen due to a bird of prey being near - every other small bird had vanished from the vicinity and this little one got stuck where he was! He did move his head slightly, keeping an eye out for when it was safe again to move!


Tiny Brook
Small brook just near my sister's house.

Yesterday evening, my cat sitter texted to ask if my cat Roy usually hid and only ate if he was petted. No, not normal. That's usually the start of his "I'm constipated, watch my organs shut down!" spells. Naturally, I fretted something terrible all night. I immediately called for him when I arrived home this afternoon, and he came running as per usual. Ate everything I put in front of him (all wet, as I'd had sitter just do dry for ease of care, and drank a bunch too. There was vomit on the stairs and the litter box had seen some kind of horrid explosion; maybe he righted himself last night - the sitter did not stop by this morning. I will keep an eye on him and will also give him some pumpkin in his meal tonight. Maybe Hank, too. Boy cats, so delicate!

That Roy is well is a good thing. Also good: the fresh, still warm chocolate covered doughnut I absolutely stopped for before my long drive home after a long flight with little to no sleep. LOL. It's all I've eaten today. Whoops.


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