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My first true love Stargate: SG-1, along with my second true love Supernatural. With very small sides of NCIS, Simon & Simon, Emergency! and Hawaii Five-0 (reboot).

Stargate SG-1:
Most of my Stargate stuff can be found on The Comfort Zone. I'm far, far too lazy to post individual links for each story. Sorry!

My SG-1 stuff can also be found on Ancient Musings.

Snapshots. J/D slash, PG to R, a series of scenes in Jack and Daniel's relationship.
For Every Action, Gen, H/C (Daniel), teamfic. R. S2. Ten parts total - 45,000 words. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The Leavers Dance, Gen, Angst (Daniel), Tag to Heroes I&II. R. S7. @11,550 words. Daniel seemed all right at first, but dealing with the loss of Janet Fraiser wasn't as simple as that.

I'm not that prolific, but I think the list is long enough to put behind a cut )

NCIS/Supernatural crossover:
Out for Blood. Gen, Angst, H/C. R. S4 NCIS. S2 Supernatural. Nine parts. Someone from Dean and Sam Winchester’s past comes back to haunt them…and while they're at it, they also haunt a member of the NCIS team. (It's Tony.)
Deja Vu All Over Again. Gen, Angst, H/C. PG-13. S7 SPN, S9 NCIS. 29000 words. Tony DiNozzo is in an eerily familiar situation, and his fate is yet again in the hands of two felons who have died multiple times, on paper and in reality, since he last saw them. And one of them terrifies him more than the monster.

Simon & Simon/Supernatural crossover:
Don't Judge a Book. Gen, crossover, casefic. R. S4 Simon & Simon. Preseries Supernatural. @33000 words. Rick and AJ Simon are on what they think is a routine case when something ... not routine happens. Their whole perspective has to shift to accommodate the Winchester family and all the scary things that entails.

Emergency! Gen )

Emergency! Slash and Het )

H50 Slash and Gen )
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Shelf Decorations

People at work are obsessed with the dollar store solar toys. I am sound sensitive. I hate the little forking things. *tickticktick* All. Day.


Oct. 16th, 2017 06:27 pm
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Are you a believer that what goes around comes around? Last week, my counterpart at work took a referral and submitted it to screeners to be assigned. Now, when I take a referral, I ask them to assign myself. She didn't, and she didn't because it was a sticky one.

Well, fast forward through some pretty major resentment on my part and the sticky referral turned into a cakewalk. It's a long story how, but it did and I have to wonder if I'm just lucky or if my ethic is rewarded through some preternatural method. Hmmm.

Of course, I realize that I'm kinda bragging about it now, so I better check myself.
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Gulls Perching

I'm a jinx. Just yesterday I thought to myself, "It was about this time last year Pickle started getting sick and stayed that way till January." Today Pickle has thrown up five times, is lethargic and her eyes are starting to develop goopy tears. :( :( :(
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Pink Rosebud

Was supposed to go out for drinks with a friend, but I don't feel up to it. I was really looking forward to it, too. Stupid head. It seems to misbehave most when I don't want it to.
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Little Cutie

Annnnnd we have now reached the time of year again when waiting till after work for a photo isn't gonna do well.


Oct. 10th, 2017 06:28 pm
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Poor Pogo. He came in with two full-on ferals. He's approachable and accepts pets and love, but never purrs and never initiates. I just want to hug him and tell him it's okay.

Eight Birds

Oct. 9th, 2017 07:01 pm
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Eight Birds

Monday, Monday - I couldn't get out of bed to get to work on schedule. It's that time of year I get cold if I put the fan on me, but if I don't put the fan on me the cats pile on every square inch and I wake up in the middle of the night hot and cranky. I did go into work eventually, but I only put in five hours. I had something I needed to finish, or I wouldn't have bothered!

Someone walked in, having moved from Portland to go live in a state forest. Me: I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Person assured me the sherriff had already talked to her and she'd have to do some bad stuff to get in real trouble. With her, a portly, old pit bull mix who was clearly unhealthy due to lack of care (ability to pay/access care). I felt really bad for that dog. She lay at my feet as I talked to her guardian and stayed right there when guardian got up to leave. I had to coax her to go. :( This is the second dog that has acted similarly.

Did some work outside when I got home. I found blackberry sproutlings really close to my house. *grumble* Bind weed, too.
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Bridge Shadows

Found a dresser for my small room - something to keep stuff in to minimize the junky look. Alas, it's hard to tell in a thrift shop how smoky something smells. Gross. I do plan to paint it up a bit, so maybe that will help. Currently have the drawers lined with kitty litter.

Went out for a photo with something in mind. This wasn't it, but it was on the same bridge, so tomorrow I'll go for the other shot. I liked this one. :)

Fallen Leaf

Oct. 7th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Fallen Leaf

Woke up to rain hitting the roof. It was lovely. Went on a hunt for almond flour, received shock when local co-op did not have any, so had to walk much further than anticipated and am now struggling to motivate to do household chores that really must be done.

Have the Star Wars prequels on. Ugh, I'd blocked out how terrible they were and that I was dating a guy at the time who basically trapped me while he droned on and on about the epic romance of Anakin and Padme and how integral it was to the plot, after I dared say that the actors portraying them had zero chemistry and were wooden. Seriously, it was like a three hour affair. Sheer torture. About as much as can be expected from a man who said to me, "I was thinking about when I was going to find the perfect girl and then thought, why not SBG?"

Be still my heart. Boy, was I a fool to stick around even a short while for that one.

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Kiss Me, You Fool

I, for one, am ready to kiss this work week goodbye!
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Yellow Balloon Want a balloon, Georgie?
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Crow (Again) Got home, realized I'd forgotten to take a pic, then remembered I took a snap of this guy crowing outside my office window because I can't resist a crow.
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Dragonfly II Now, that's more like it, dragonfly! Ugh, suddenly this year I'm getting major sinus headaches in the autumn on top of the horrid spring ones. And this time, the sinus pills don't seem to be cutting it. It's making me cranky and tired. And I do realize in light of the events of yesterday and today, my problems are so first world problems. I cannot for the life of me fathom what it would take for someone to murder and injure so many people.
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Douglas' Squirrel I just made some peach pie cinnamon rolls. My house smells amazing. I hope they taste as good!


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