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Apparently Costco uses MSG (or some derivative) in their pizza. I do love a good slice of Costco cheese pizza and don't recall having this bad of a reaction before, but two slices and I've been migraining for a day and a half. The worst thing is - even knowing the pain, I will probably still want pizza from there now and again. I don't think I'll be dumb enough to do it, but I'll still want it. I have a packet of creamy chicken ramen in my cupboard, on the off chance I will cave and suffer the consequences. See also: Cadbury Creme Eggs (not MSG-related, but still a major trigger).

Ugh. MSG. Such nasty stuff.

In other news, Pickle is still sick and now has decreased appetite plus lethargy. Fairly sure she's feverish. She may or may not have been responsible for poo outside the box - like, way away from the box, totally different floor. I'm hoping to take her in tomorrow, and that they'll actually do more than treat symptoms. :( I'm also wondering if Johnny's sudden fervor about food is a symptom of something. She never used to go bugbleep nuts about food, but now if anything, and I mean anything is left out, she will go after it. I came home today to a big mess on the kitchen floor that looked like runny poo. Turned out she (and probably the others) had found a tube of kitty laxative and chomped through it. Messy and gross. If they were people, they might connect the explosive pooping to their choices...
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1) Migraine
2) Rock hit windshield, windshield needed to be replaced
3) The low* kill shelter I volunteer at has taken a sudden reversal in its stance, and has put down one dog (for being fearful and baring his teeth), and has three others on death row. I don't expect any of them to last the weekend.

I'm just stunned by this. Last summer when I got a desperate knock on my door from someone asking me to adopt a dog who was at risk because he bit someone for whatever reason (I feel like sometimes people don't read an animal's cues, and it's the animal who gets pushed for their ignorance), I didn't adopt him but he didn't get put down. They worked to find him a good home and there he lives to this day.

So, I think for a time I will cease volunteering. I don't think it'll be a permanent thing, as it is not the dogs' fault. And, I presume that this policy will extend to cats. If the reasons to put a dog down include "they're dog aggressive" or "they aren't immediately warm on people", I feel sure we'll have an empty cat room soon.

Damn it, now I'm starting to get teary again. I would have at least tried to save that dog had I both known he was going to be put down AND they were't going to give him a chance at rehab. His name was Lincoln and yes, he bared his teeth at me because he didn't know me. He was also twenty pounds, four hundred kinds of cute and worth saving.

If I hadn't already had killer head pain this week, I'd pour myself a stiff one.

*They will euthanize an animal if it is ill beyond hope of any comfortable life or, sadly, kittens who test positive for FIV or FELV. :(

Dear self

Feb. 21st, 2016 01:58 pm
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Dear Self,

If you have a pillow that has consistently tried to murder you while you sleep when you accidentally grab it instead of its fraternal twin which doesn't try to murder you while you sleep, then stop being an idiot and remove it from your bed.


Self With Pillow-Inflicted Migraine

Seriously, I'm a dope for not doing this long ago. If a limb offends thee, cut it off. Another bonus for pillow removal: I usually have the extra pillow propped high against the back of the bed, and Pickle has determined this is her Mt. Everest and she must scale it in the middle of the night, then leap off of it onto her sleeping human. Every. Night.
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1) Migraine. Felt it coming on yesterday, intent was to pop a pill before bed last night, only I went to do that and discovered the box empty. I'm an adult migraine sufferer. You'd think I could keep myself stocked in meds. No.

2) My clients are cycling. So many angry phone calls today, most of them about stuff that either isn't real or has nothing to do with what my agency does.

3) Came home early to sleep off migraine, discovered email from Amazon telling me the item I've wanted since October isn't in stock like they said it was and my order has been cancelled. Waaaahhhh!

4) I am disturbed to note that the porn spam sent to my spam folder is now all addressed with my last name instead of my email address.

Nap time. Catch you on the flip side.
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One year ago yesterday, I found two malnourished, flea-ridden kitties abandoned in the woods. One year ago today, Abe came to live with me.


The beast in his lair today )

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am home early with massive head pain.

TOD: 12:36

Jul. 12th, 2013 02:26 pm
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Woke up with a migraine, but it wasn't too bad. Took my very, very last Maxalt at home then an Aleve at work and it receded to a functional level. I thought maybe my walk at lunchtime would help, as sometimes exercise seems to as long as it's not too strenuous. I was going to walk to Cash N Carry, because I finally figured out maybe they'd have decorating tips. I've wanted a large star tip for ages and thought I'd have to order online and/or drive down to a specialty store. Anyway, I was walking along a busy stretch of road with no sidewalk. Glanced to the left, spotted a deer.

"Ooh," I thought, "good photo of the day opp!"

So, I took several captures of the deer and started back on my journey. As I began walking, I also began putting the camera back into the bag. Which is when it all went cattywhumpus on me. My right foot hit the edge of the paved road the wrong way and boom. Down SBG went. Scraped my knee but good:


Ruined a pair of tights (it's still ridiculously cool here). Worse? I landed right on the camera that hadn't quite made it back into the bag. Snapped the lens right off. It was my good lens. On the plus side, the camera still works and so does the lens - but the lens won't stay affixed to the camera. This is a $300 lens, folks. So. Upset.

To top it off, the headache which was fading jarred back even worse pretty much the second I hit the ground. I might have to resort to a certain something a certain someone sent as a remedy. So far I've been able to avoid it.

After I picked myself up, limped back to the office and cleaned the wound, I called the day dead. I'm home now, cats comforting me with my pounding head, stinging knee and heartbreak over the camera lens death. (I actually hope to feel better tomorrow and go to the local photo shop to see if they have any recommendations for fixes. Then I'll call Canon. Given their remedy for spots on the sensor was for me to send in my whole camera to them...)

But at least I got a nice clear shot of the deer that did me in.
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Some chocolate triggers me like whoa. I can't eat Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered pretzels, for example, or their chocolate coconut milk frozen treat but a few Trader Joe's chocolate chips don't impact me at all. I nommed my homemade Jaffa cakes and Twix, no problem. It's a crapshoot, basically, on what's going to set me off and what will simply increase the circumference of my hips.

Yesterday I was at the deals store and realized it's Cadbury Egg season, thanks to a big bin of them staged carefully by the cash register. Since it's a deals store, they had them for a ... deal. I caved. I typically don't, believe it or not, but yesterday my will was low and I snuck one into my purchases. And ate it promptly when I got home, pretending that a 3-4 mile walk was enough to counteract the bad.

Yeah. So, pretty much instant and severe migraine and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. It's probably because I started out the week with a low-grade one, but this one has seen decent (read: indecent) and unpleasant pain spikes, and that weird shivery almost electric sensation across my skin at random intervals. Whee.

/stumbles away to pull the covers back over her head/

I'm so jealous of anyone who's never had a migraine, I can't even deny it.
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I can't really afford a $600 premium for COBRA coverage through my former employer. I applied for an individual plan instead.

Just got the denial letter. Rejected for: history of migraines.

Fuck that shit, so hard. For real.
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I'd say that I have a very strong dislike for migraines.

If I want to be honest about it, I'd say I fucking hate them.


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