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I'm getting close to closing on my house, and the nearer I get the more restless my nights are becoming. Earlier this week, I woke up at 3:00 or so with this panic coursing through me about how I don't have a clue how to shop for appliances. One I'm there, I'll be fine. I'm pretty resourceful - it's always the getting there that makes me stumble.

I do have a lead on a gently used high end washer and dryer for $300, so cross your fingers.

Currently in a dilemma on whether I want to paint the bedroom which will be mine, or just buy new linens. I like the wall color, a very faint purple, but they chose to accent color of a deeper purple. I'd have to paint the windows, the closet and the baseboards only if I go that route, or top to bottom paint if I swap it all out.

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I hate it so much that my style is usually "throw everything in a box, who cares?!", which ultimately only leads to back end unpacking horror. I have boxes yet that I haven't unpacked from when I moved here two years ago. Random stuff I don't want to toss, but it has no real place. Ugh, packing.

But, one box down, a billionty to go! I have tossed two bags of garbage and recycling and learned that after two years and three cats, the dust is thick. Must learn to get rid of all tchotchkes so there are more nice flat surfaces to dust. Not that flat surfaces made me dust my DVD collection once the whole time I lived here. Gross. Cats are gross. I love them.

Let's see. House cleaned, laundry done, one box packed. I think that's good for today. LOL (lazy, oh, lazy).

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Okay, so presuming this house makes it all the way, there are some issues I want to resolve. Most important: the heating. Currently, it is oil forced air and I HATE that. I don't like the smell, I don't like the potential environmental issues (if it leaks, what a mess), I just don't like it. I'm not sure what my best option is - converting to gas or getting a ductless heat pump. Either way, kind of spendy and probably will not happen until next year. Hoping on a tax refund... The house is small, but it is two story and a heat pump might not sufficiently keep the upstairs dry (or the basement). Hmmm.

It's tough being a grown up!

Also, just bought one of these: Hottie Owl. Don't worry, I didn't pay that ridiculous sum. Local store had them for $9.00. It's very cozy, but the scent of lavender is too much. I hope that fades, because while lavender is supposed to be this great healing thing, too much of it tends to give me a headache. I have to be contrary! I know people who swear by it as a headache reliever.
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I woke up from an uninterrupted cat sleep, excited because it was Saturday.

Except for the part where it's Friday. *sigh*

Also, please to cross your fingers for me if you get a chance during the next few days?
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Was going to put an offer in on a house. Realtor is hedging, stated she has a bad feeling it's a money pit. I'm going with her on that, because in all honesty, the house is cute but I'm not in love with it.

Viewed a different house on Thursday evening, lacked charm but comes with a killer view (not sunset views, but gorgeous bay and mountain). It's a possibility. Listed at $10K over budget.

Had her arrange with the listing agent a viewing of a currently occupied house this AM. Arrived at house (cute house, reasonable price) and knocked for entry. Realtor called, "Hello, we have an appointment!" and the lady said, "Not with me, you don't!" LOL. Whoops, the house is generally vacated for a showing. So I'll see that one on Monday instead. Not jazzed about it being a rental right now. Renters can be a lot more rough on a house than owners (eyes the spots a certain wild tuxedo kitty likes to scratch despite the posts provided) and by the looks of this place, they're not neat freaks.

Also, I made a little peach pie. Mmmm, peach pie might just be my favorite.

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