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The automatic timed setting for a baked potato in my microwave is 4:20.

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I don't remember getting the autumn vertigo last year, but it's here in full force this. It's so disconcerting - one minute all is fine, the next the world skitters and rotates on me. Usually this happens at inopportune times, like getting out of the shower. Doesn't help that I rolled up my memory foam topper this weekend. Turns out once you go foam, you are ruined for any other mattress type. My pillowtop feels like a bed of nails, only less comfortable.

Cats are officially clued in that Something Is Happening, what with boxes and stuff littering the house. They are even touchier with each other than usual. Today I came home, gave John some love, then Roy and was about to get Abe when John approached him, sniffed him and then thwapped him good. Abe spends much time with puffball-tail, and so does John. I fear they will never get along and am grateful the truce time outweighs the attack time.

Just found out closing isn't until the sixth of November. The problem is, I was told earlier it was okay to give notice and I did. *sigh*

It will probably never cease to confound me when older, dyed-in-the-wool, gov't-should-stay-out-of-my-business Republicans come into to apply for government assistance programs and grouse about the Democratic government, the inability to live on a fixed income and how namby-pamby liberals have ruined Amurica the entire course of the appointment. I seriously don't get it. There seems to be a giant disconnect called denial there. I don't care what your politics are, I don't, but you have to admit that doesn't really make sense.
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There's this house for sale in a neighborhood where the prices are usually at least $100,000 above my measly budget. I noticed it in November? December? because it was listed at $139,000. It's kind of ugly on the outside, but gorgeous craftsman work inside, and well maintained. Cosmetic issues - not to stereotype, but this home was obviously owned by an aged person because whoof, not choices anyone in this century or the last few decades of the last would choose. Totally somewhere I'd live.

I inquired on it and discovered it has about $100,000 of foundation work that needs to be done, including a retaining wall. I swear I mentioned this house here before, but I'm not sure.

Folks, it's now down to $119,000.

And I'm thinking to myself, "How long could one live in a house that needs that much safety-related work, without actually doing the work?"
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After a week of no cell service all day and being told that I cannot stream KEXP (something about slowing down systems too much), I'm getting twitchy. I've heard that most carriers are spotty where my office is (mountains, etc), but with my current carrier it's not spotty, it's flat out dead.

My question is about smartphones. *shudder* Don't want, but based on my own current coverage I feel fairly sure other options have abysmal internet service. Is streaming a radio station even an option for smartphones? Not Pandora. And if I do a prepaid plan, what are the chances the phones they offer on those would be capable. See: Verizon's options


Other things that make me go hmmm:

Does putting broccoli on a pizza healthify it? (Oh, who am I kidding? The answer to that one is yes even when it isn't.)

Should I seek out a tattoo artist down here to give Bruce Hornsby (large owl tattoo on my back) a tree to sit in and an atmospheric full moon and clouds, or should I make the trek to the woman who did Bruce - 3.5 hours away?


Dec. 2nd, 2012 02:57 pm
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CenturyLink mailed me a twelve cent refund check. Yeah, that's worth a trip to the bank.

Google wants $1.00 from me to reset my password at YouTube and also demands a whole lot of information "because they value security and privacy soooo much they need every minute detail of my life so they can make sure I am who I am and exploit my privacy themselves". Yeah, so long YouTube!
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1) Can this week be over now, please?

2) My cut tag fix seems to be broken already. :(

3) Is it because I'm old that I don't get Justin Bieber, or is that kid not talented or cute at all?

4) J said she wanted to ask me to be in her wedding and my response was, "Bzuh?"
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Since last night, I've been smelling something burning. Not like a nice, woodsy fire or anything. It's more like...when you leave the iron on a shirt too long. Slight scorching.

It's bugging me. I can't figure out why I'm smelling this, or how it's following me around no matter where I am.

Gah, there it is again.
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Because this reminds me of the woman in refrigerator thing discussed so often, particularly in comics.

"Oh, I don't feel any self-satisfaction, believe me, in telling you this. Upon thinking of that time when I used to ask for everything without paying anything myself, when I used to mobilize so many people in my service, when I used to put them in the refrigerators, so to speak, in order to have them at hand some day when it would suit me, I don't know how to name that odd feeling that comes over me. Isn't it shame, perhaps? Tell me, mon cher compatriote, doesn't shame sting a little? It does? Well, it's probably shame, then, or one of those silly emotions to do with honour."

The Fall, Albert Camus

I do wonder which came first.


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