May. 16th, 2017

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Hostile Takeover

Ugh, morning glory. The problem I am having with "landscaping"* around here is that in order to obliterate the stuff you don't want you need more than one sunny day in a row. Today we had sun, but we also had torrential rain and hail. Soooo. Yeah. Poop.

In other hostile news, everyone hates Hank. HATES. Well, except Abe. ♥ Abe, he's a good egg.

At work, I have a colleague I find insufferable. She will volunteer for every project under the sun, but can't be bothered to call a client back same day. Or same week, usually. This is something that the boss has stressed repeatedly - call people back timely! She also ignores requests for her to take action. Meanwhile, she works on a project that has nothing at all to do with her job, gets kudos for it and has even had people suggest we throw a party in her honor. I'm like, what? She doesn't do HER job but we want to reward her for doing a menial task in lieu of doing said job? NO.

*By landscaping I mean desperate attempt to keep up with the green, let alone master it.


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