Jan. 10th, 2017

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Nice Knocker

Had a busy day, ran out of time and inspiration. It's a bit early in the year for that, but it is what it is. Had to take Abe to the vet tonight, as I found blood in his stool yesterday. Made the mistake of using the ramen incident as an example of out of character behavior, so I think the vet thought that "change" in diet must be the cause. Grrr. Still, did get some wormer for all and something to help with the runs a couple of them have had. If this doesn't do the trick... He did mention potential diabetes for Johnny, though I don't think she's lost weight and doesn't seem to be thirstier than usual, just really food-focused more than usual. :(

Anyway, it was this shot or a photo of my salad from lunch. Which you might get tomorrow, depending on how things go. When you travel the same paths five days out of the week, it's hard to get interesting things to photograph. That is, of course, part of the reason I wanted to do this - always have to be on the lookout for something!


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