Jun. 7th, 2017

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Pirates Ahoy

Friend came over this morning, we made scones which were very, very delicious. Four out of five cats actually did pretty well with the stranger among them. Abe hid, as per usual. So, the fear/anxiety drops might be working?

Then I walked to the hardware store - I redid my steps yesterday and was set to spray them with varnish, except the can I selected off of the shelf had no nozzle! I just never thought to check for that. LOL. I like the spray rather than the brush on, because it dries way faster. As it was, I had Hank and Johnny decide, after hours of lazing, that the only thing they wanted to do was run up and down the freshly painted stairs.

On they way back, I ran into an old couple and the man kept trying to hit on me. It was adorable.

Then I mowed the lawn. I think tomorrow shall be a day of laziness. Or, I'll go to the big box home improvement store and pick up some mulch, etc. I've decided, too, that I am pulling out all of the landscaping out back and am going to put in some apple trees. Eventually.


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