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2017-03-23 08:11 pm
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New Growth

New Growth

Okay, tomatoes are still on the no list even with an acid reducer. Ugh. I am sad. I love tomatoes so much.

Also, I have finally, finally installed a guide and stopper for my kitchen door! After borrowing a friend's drill, I (and I will never tell him this in a million years) couldn't figure out how to change the bit to use a super thin one to drill a pilot hole. Instead, I pounded a nail in as the pilot hole and used my power screwdriver to finish the job. LOL. Hey, I got it done. He does not need to know the drill kicked my butt.

The bad thing is, the cats can absolutely slide the door open. I'd thought a magnet attached to the door which would click on the stopper would do the trick, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm going to try one of those super magnets instead. I'll have to eventually re-do the stopper anyway - it's not sitting right (I just used a corner brace for that, need to find a shorter brace).