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Sing it loud

Hah. Last time I did this, my fallbacks were food and cats. This year, it seems to be birds. And I cannot promise this will be the last bird pic. So there it is.

Anyone else make the grave error of trying to watch the redo of Dirty Dancing? Let's just say when you take a film that was of dubious actual quality (despite its popularity) and try to do it over thirty years later, it ain't going to be pretty.

Jury's still out on Twin Peaks, which I found both hard to follow (expected) and hard to connect with (unexpected).

Lastly, if you want to watch a weird show, check out The Leftovers. It's not flawless, but there's something about it that I find really hard to quit. Unfortunately, there are only two episodes left and then I'll have to. On this show, it becomes apparent that Jennifer Aniston definitely traded up, comparing her former to current husband...


Jun. 24th, 2010 04:48 pm
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Did anyone need yet another Law & Order spin-off? REALLY?

I would love if some sort of ban was implemented on spin-offs and quote unquote reality shows. Not kidding. How lovely it would be if originality was more than a spark here and there amid so much crap.

Speaking of, have I mentioned lately how much I miss In Plain Sight as it was before it got the procedural makeover? Because I do.


Apr. 15th, 2008 12:05 pm
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Random bits and pieces I decided to split from the post I originally posted:

We have a new phone system here. Still analog for a few more weeks, but then we'll be digital. This should help me a lot, since my primary phone interaction is with 75+ year olds who can't hear me even when I shout. Part of that is my soft-talking, and part is the crappy phones we used to have. I expect lots and lots of confusion by my fellow contemporary employees, most of whom are still in the Stone Age. I've already had panic-city from P and C, neither of whom get it at all. *sigh*

I hate song mash ups. They annoy me. It's all "let's take a good song and ruin it with a bad song!" to me.

I also don't generally like covers, but I do like Sweet Child O' Mine as done by Taken by Trees, possibly because it's far removed from the original. Same goes for Grey Ice Water by Sun Kil Moon instead of Modest Mouse. I don't like MM, so that one makes sense. Other covers I like: Wild Horses, and The Last Beat of My Heart. None of them are on, unfortunately.

I don't know what George Lucas was thinking with the Ewoks. (Or, you know, 90% of what he did/does.)

What Barack Obama said isn't a deterrent to me voting for him, if I do vote for him. It's not like he was totally off base. Sorry, Western PAers, that's the general rap you have. Just like I come from the land of hotdish-eating, snowmobiling, gun-toting, Bible-thumping yokels who unfathomably pin their hopes on politicians only interested in using their "morality" to gain votes and financially helping those who already have money, which is not them.

I wish Threadless had tank tops.

I'm all caught up with ReGenesis, woot! Thanks again, [ profile] nialla42. Poor Bob. But I do love how frantically David comes running. It's sweet.

New NCIS tonight, right? Last week's made me LOL in places. The beginning was pretty cute. I don't give a flip about whatever's going on with Madame Director. That show was better when the director wasn't there much at all, and wasn't played by Lauren Holly.

New SPN next week. They'd better not keep breaking my heart (in a bad way), because I don't want to give that show up.

The end.
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For reasons I myself cannot fathom, I ended up on NBC's The Biggest Loser last night while I channel surfed. I didn't stay long, don't worry.

The second one of the trainers gave a pep talk to her group on how to avoid temptation, I just about laughed out loud. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment behind this:

Trainer, paraphrased: Whenever you get the craving, just grab some of this Extra Sugar-Free gum. It's scattered all over the house. It's really great to fulfill that sweet temptation, and it's only 5 calories!

But, really. Seriously?

1) Blatant product placement annoys me.
2) Who in the world really thinks chomping on a piece of Extra Sugar Free Spearmint is just as good as eating a piece of New York style cheesecake? "No thanks, waiter - no dessert for me, I'll just masticate this neon yellow stick of chewing gum for hours, until I am asleep and no longer want that cheesecake! Mmmmm, gum."

Oh, I know the circumstances for someone at 500 lbs is far different than the average weight situations for people, but...chewing gum? It's kind of insulting.

C'mon, WGA and execs - make a bleeping deal already! I cannot, cannot be left with only reality TV.
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I really don't get why Smallville premieres tonight, but instead of premiering Supernatural The CW is re-airing Reaper instead. It does not make a whit of sense to me. Are they trying to garner more people for Reaper? Since the show looks absolutely abysmal, and probably is, that'll just mean more people will tune out after Smallville next week when Supernatural premieres.

I suppose it's more likely that they don't want to compete with the GA/CSI premieres*.

Sometimes it's hard not to think there's a conspiracy to kill all shows with potential, though. For Supernatural, first there was the addition of T&A (I'll say again that I do not oppose growing the universe a bit, just that it's extremely transparent that the growth just happens to include two hot young white girls), general lack of effective marketing and now this weird scheduling tactic.

*IMNSHO, the way to avoid this competition is to move Supernatural to a better time slot and date. Also, I feel horrible as a woman hoping the CSI promos hinting at a certain character's death are not misleading (like they probably are). Because said certain character should have been kick ass and smart and cool and ended up primarily being the freakin' Love Interest in a romance that is not very compelling to watch. Seriously, I threw up a little in my mouth at seeing the couple in the same bed for a millisecond...and they were above covers and fully clothed.


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