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Yesterday, I glanced up from what I was doing to discover it was snowing. I let out a child-like squeal, which scattered the cats napping on various parts of my body. No harm came to anyone. LOL. Alas, it lasted all of twenty minutes and didn't stick for even that long. Pah. This after half the State (and all of our affiliate offices) was shut down due to snow and icy roads. OR refuses to salt, so there's that. It was disappointing to say the least. It's been three years since we had a good snow here, which means my holiday card picture selection is slim. I am still kicking myself that I didn't make my sister stop last year on the way home from my parents' house - we drove past two really phenomenal photo ops.

If we don't get anything this winter (tomorrow's supposed to be back to our regular 50F), this might have to be my pic. How sad:

Also, we had our company Christmas party yesterday. I very nobly did not take my Death Star Waffle Maker and runnoft with it, but boy I want to. The person who got it told me she was going to re-gift it. After stealing it from someone who said delightedly, "This gift was made just for me!" People are rude, yo. But it's a bit pots and kettles because my secret Santa at work got me three - count them, three kitten calendars and I gave some of them to others for their use. I could have waited on that, I suppose, but come on. Who intentionally buys someone multiple calendars, esp. someone who doesn't ever have even one hanging up anywhere? See? I am trying to justify my rudeness.

When I came home, I could see my tiny tree through the window. It looks a bit sad. I might just see if I can find a good deal and get a fake one for next year. The cats have really left it alone, but again - it could be that Pickle's just not tearing around like usual. As soon as I typed that she's getting better, the little booger started getting bad again. W.T.F.

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Afraid Dixie wouldn't make it down the hill without bumper-carring off parked vehicles, so I ventured out on foot for milk. Turns out the mini-mart has something against skim milk, harrumph. There's no way I could stomach whole or 2%, considering I am an almond milk drinker. At least I got out for a bit - day three of massive migraine. Though the fresh air and exercise didn't actually help matters, it never goes away just lying around either.

It's also day three of snow, which really doesn't amount to much by way of accumulation. Still, pretty exciting for around here! It's likely to turn to rain and therefore make the roads even more treacherous tomorrow, so I guess I'm going to have to do without milk till Monday. I knew I should have sucked it up and gone to the grocery store on my way home Thursday afternoon. Ah, well. Hindsight.

Cut for the midwesterners and east coasters who have had enough snow this year, thank you very much )

Alas, none really worthy of a holiday card.


Feb. 6th, 2014 03:18 pm
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Welp, coworker got promoted. This is a good thing. It's a much better fit for her. As a congratulations, I made mini strawberry whoopie pies:

IMG_5683 (2)

And then we started getting snow, and got released early - methinks they have changed their minds on the whole "we must be there for our clients always!!" stance, because honestly - when it's crap outside, our clients are the most likely to hunker down. I was already working through lunch to go home one hour early - massive pain in head, yay - so I left work at 2:30. It's coming down pretty good out there. Idiot that I am, I drove up the hill. Probably won't be able to get down it tomorrow morning...

Also, what's with the post office postage due thing? I've never understood why the recipient of something has to pay for the error of the sender. Seems pretty crappy. Yeah, ordered something from eBay, postage due! Irritating. Doubly so because I have no memory of ordering it.
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There are very, very, VERY few times I miss my old job.

But with a dusting of accumulation, we'd have already been closed for the day there. Not here! Rats. Hopefully the white stuff sticks around long enough for me to try to find a photo op for next year's holiday cards - tis too late for this year's, which WILL be going out Monday, so let me know if you want one!

At any rate, work or no work, I am glad it's Friday. It's been a hectic week.

ETA: Well, apparently Smart cars are not meant for slightly icy hills, because I cannot get out of my driveway. LOL.

ETA II: Went to work, as a coworker lives near (everyone does) and picked me up at the bottom of the hill. I only fell twice, and I swear falling on one's tuckus didn't used to hurt so much. ;)

But then Upper Management (who thought it was fine to have a regular start time, a decision made a hundred miles away where it wasn't snowing) decided (upon the arrival of the snow at their doorsteps) to close the office two hours early.

I was happier than a goat in the snow!
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Seriously, I'm having a hard time staying indoors. Too bad it's not good snowball/snowman snow.

"You are ruining the garden!"


Jan. 28th, 2008 10:42 am
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It's really more like frozen rain, but it's coming down pretty good out there. My boss, who just made it into the office now, is already on her way home.

I love people around here. Their reaction to snow amuses me. What doesn't amuse me is that my bus was 1/2 an hour late (there were no locals running yet) and I missed hitching a ride to the food bank, where we help out every third Monday. :(

Also: Walk in Fire, because I'm in a Doves kind of mood today.


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