Take Away

Jul. 21st, 2017 07:58 pm
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Take Away

What a day! While over at the shelter, the girl with a developmental delay was walking a sweet new dog who has already got a home lined up. She likes to remember the dogs, and will often take a picture with herself and the dog. She asked me if I'd do that for her with this dog, I agreed and went to put sweet Riley back in his box so I could come back outside and help her out. Well, one of the other volunteers rushed in not even a minute after me - the girl had gotten distracted, tripped, fell and broke her wrist. Poor thing was absolutely hysterical, convinced she was going to lose her arm.

It is this kind of moment I need to call to mind whenever I find myself growing impatient with her. She functions well, but she does not process things in the same way most do and remembering that is vital.

Then the jerks filling in the ravine behind our offices started digging out even MORE of the ravine all afternoon. It's horrendous.

And THEN. I went to the store last night for my usual shopping. As always, I forgot something and this something couldn't wait for another day, so I took the route that would deliver me to the store. Traffic was beginning to back up. On my way out, I decided to go back around to my usual way home to avoid the traffic yuck, only to have someone shout, "XYZ bridge is closed!" XYZ is the first of two bridges I cross to get home. No problem, I thought, I'll take the extra back way which avoids XYZ bridge... so I did, but then realized that I had bad intel - it wasn't XYZ bridge that was closed, it was the other bridge, ABC. Which meant I drove a fair distance out of my way for nothing, had to turn around and head back over the not-closed XYZ bridge and around to the Big Bridge (which is the OTHER bridge I could take to get home). Confused? Don't worry.

The too long; didn't read: In an attempt to avoid gridlock, I drove around the country for a while, then drove back around and sat for a good long while and since I had bought ice cream which was rapidly melting, I decided to crack into it. AND since I didn't have a spoon, I shamelessly hoovered it. Hence the picture.

But don't worry, the ice cream is one of those new-fangled low-fat, low-sugar types.
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Web Reflection

Meh. Some days are just meh.
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Thistle Hair

One of my all time favorite dogs - a googley-eyed Beagle mix named Riley - was adopted out over a year ago. He got returned because, despite knowing his issue with cats, his people moved into a house with cats. *le sigh*

Anyway, he's a love. Super smart, obedient, the works. The only other real issue besides the cats is that he pulls. In fact, he's got a harness for walking. Well, a harness is only as good as the people who bother putting it on him. Twice in as many days, volunteers ignored the harness and put him on a lead only, and he choked himself nearly into unconsciousness both times. What. People, man. They gotta not mess with my main pup!
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Come Hither

*sigh* Today, I realized Pickle's gums are bleeding and the length of time it takes to eat her smaller portions of food finally made sense to me. Poor P, I feel like a bad guardian for not putting it together. Not sure it's a vet-worthy problem, as this one is prone to gum issues. I have to be better at brushing her teeth. Such a wonderful chore, brushing a cat's teeth.

And this morning I put my earrings back in, having taken them out while I hennaed and clean them at the same time. By the time I got to work, I was down one earring. Phooey. I only have one pair of earrings that I wear, really. You watch, I'll find myself a new pair and then I'll find the missing one. I lost an earring backer for a solid two months, then found it on the floor by a colleague's desk. Hmm.

Queen West

Jul. 16th, 2017 03:16 pm
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Queen West

Nice day for a stroll, though mine was with a purpose; a trip to the local hardware store that did not yield what I'd hoped. I will, sigh, have to go to the big box store instead tomorrow. I much prefer to shop local when I can.

Ran into a colleague and her daughter, who had found three painted rocks. It's apparently a thing, these painted rocks. The only one I've seen is the one I spotted at the very first part of the year. If you find one, you're supposed to then paint your own and leave it somewhere. I think it's fun, though sometimes it makes me wonder if it's good to get kids concentrating on looking down instead of up. *shrug*

When I was little, we used to paint rocks and give them to my mom as gifts. I wonder what she did with all of them.
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West Coast Lady

Today I decided to stop being lazy and start clearing out the atrocity that is my back yard landscaping. I can only manage about two hours before my back says it's time to stop, but in that two hours I got a quarter of the way done. I call that a success. The remaining three quarters will take more time, as I'm just getting to the worst of it. Unfortunately, the yanking will not be a permanent victory. What I've been calling morning glory is actually bindweed - so awful. It is literally creeping closer and closer to my house, and if feels like if I let it, it would eventually absorb my home. Ugh. And I thought the blackberries were bad (they are!). At this point the only reason I hate the blackberries is that they make it painful to clear other stuff out. I didn't get punctured too badly.

I solemnly swear to be better at staying on top of the bindweed, ivy and blackberries. I would like to nuke it all. Maybe burn it.
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One of these things...

The well is beginning to dry on photos. Maybe I should take requests. Hah.

This week was crazymaking for so many reasons. Today, it was the jerks plowing under trees behind the office - the diesel fumes wafted right into our HVAC, which was gross and gave me a headache. I found out that they are not building directly behind us as it appears, but simply knocked down trees in order to pile the dirt from the actual excavation. This angers me, in some ways more than if they were filling it to put houses there. There's nowhere else to dump dirt? Uh huh. Grrr.
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Shaded Frog

This week has turned into "fun with homemade filters". Today, using my sunglasses in front of the lens. No idea why it turned so purple; I wouldn't call my sunglasses purple. Hmm.
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Rainier Cherry Curd

I think I overdid it yesterday. I am bone tired today, and just vacuuming and mopping the floors had me ready to collapse. So, no venturing out today, I don't think.

I made this vegan curd, though, using rainier cherries and mayyyyybe a hint of kirschwasser. Maybe too much kirshwasser, as the curd isn't thickening as much as it should. Oh well, it tastes good! The cherries alone weren't standing out compared to the lemon juice in the recipe, so the kirsch was a last minute addition. I might still try for some cherry lemonade cupcakes. But not today.
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Filing Cabinet

The last time I went to the grocery store, some oblivious old white dude did not see the line of people waiting to use the self-check and just waltzed on ahead. Today, I went to the store and was standing back, waiting with a few other people so as not to block the flow of traffic and another oblivious old white dude didn't even bat an eyelash or spare a glance - he walked up and ushered himself to the station that just opened up.

It's not the end of the world, of course, but what the shit is up with that, anyway? It would be highly ironic if these oblivious old white dudes also held the belief that they are the most put-upon, discriminated-against segment of society.

Clip Show

Jul. 7th, 2017 06:25 pm
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Clip Show

Every season has one, right?

TGIF! Got home and found neighbor had mowed the part of my lawn between sidewalk and street. It's not much, but I'll take it! I'm afraid my general lack of energy has allowed me to laze rather than mow, and it was starting to show.


Jul. 6th, 2017 08:29 pm
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Not very inspiring today. I've got a minor summer cold. Nothing major, but it's enough to make me feel blah about everything and tired all the time, though.
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Baby Swallow

This one might have been the giant mouth from a couple of weeks ago. *sniffle* They grow up so fast! He and four of his nest-mates were all lined up on the gutter of the office, contemplating flight. Well, contemplating extended flight; they obviously got themselves up there, but getting down seemed more intimidating to them!

Today at work:

Me: So this program does this for you, this will do this, let me explain to you...
Client, interrupting: You have really pretty hair.
Me: Uh. Thank you. Please tell me you're actually listening to what I am trying to explain here.
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Wild Rosebuds

Perfectly perfect day here!

Except I cannot find Independence Day airing anywhere. I swear, it used to be on nonstop not that many years ago. It's one of those terrible, awful movies I love watching.

Just Dandi

Jul. 3rd, 2017 06:28 pm
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Just Dandi

Man, I wish holidays could always land on either Monday or Friday.

Also, stripped the guest room bed already, brought out cat carrier, lined it with newspaper and draped a towel over it in the hopes Abe will take a hint and go in there when the booms start. Poor guy. He does seem a little less jumpy with the stuff the vet gave me, but on the whole that didn't make a huge difference for any of my critters.
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The Comeback Kid

Last year, not even a leaf. I thought for sure I'd killed this thing completely dead... I do have a knack for planticide. My weeping birch out front is dropping leaves. *sigh*


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