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I have a feeling mine won't do that well this week!

H50 crack at varying degrees if/when you follow the cut.

I also signed up for an alphabet thingy, which I now have no idea what to do with. I enjoy the challenge and, hey, I have to keep myself occupied. Except I keep signing up for things and then instantly losing motivation/inspiration. That ever happen to anyone else? I think yesterday my brain was a total blank all day. Today I woke up with a migraine, which sucks but somehow also kicks my h/c gene into gear. Hehe.

I think I have to be resigned to work seasonal-only front desk if I want any income this year, which is fine, but the idea of being unemployed again come October makes me twitchy. Apparently that's the status quo around here - work hard all summer long, collect unemployment on the off months, if you're lucky enough to work for a place that will give you enough hours to qualify.

Still, have put in applications to several full time gigs I know I could do, so cross fingers, please. Then I'll duck out about this subject for a while again. :)

The multi-family home I thought about purchasing for the rental income (three bedroom home on top, one bedroom apartment downstairs) was on the market for about twenty seconds! I am totally exploring that idea for after I get a job, because it would make a mortgage payment more doable, and I'd get to do things like tear up carpet and put in floors more appropriate for animal owners. And get a dog. Walked the riverwalk as I often do and came across a Corgi pup playing with a very large Bernese. So. Cute.
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Because it seems like this world is a hot, horrible mess lately.

Took a road trip today because reasons. ;) I'm not fond of spending four hours in a car, but now that I have a car to spend four hours in, I recall that I'm totally a car singer. (Only when I'm alone. Lawd, I love music but I am not musical.)

Heard this song on the foggy way home. It was foggy when I left as well. Fog sandwich.

And I was a kid again. You and me goin' fishin' in the dark, lying on our backs and countin' the stars... <3

Also, penguin highway!

And HiP said she's going to pay me $28/hr to "consult" while I'm willing. OKAY. Even at extremely part time, that's not bad.
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Today's paper listed six job openings. Three were for crabbing, one was for accounting at a skill level higher than I have or want to have and two for waitstaff. Happy holidays! I'm reminding myself that this is not and has never been the most wonderful time of the year as far as job hunting goes. Still, it's a bit of a downer.

Today's also the two year anniversary of my bringing Johnny and Roy into my home. John has spent the last hour giving the gulls flying around the what-for and being generally adorbs.

Also, the UPS man came and delivered a package! I hadn't ordered anything, so I was confused. Turns out a little birdy sent me a package filled with owl magnets and owl measuring cups and an owl bookmark, because, yes, I'm old school with my reading habits.

r&j 004

The cups are too cute to use )


Also, it pretended to snow today. It did for about five minutes, but after that it was mostly frozen rain.

It melted in fifteen minutes )

Still finding myself in a bit of a depressive state, but it should pass. Maybe when next week's festivities are over, because for some (alas, many), there is little merrymaking to be done. I'm an old lady, but I still wanted a hug on Christmas from my mother and father. And this year, the family gathering happens on my birthday, so it's kind of a double whammy for me.
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My brother just called me a topper. LOL.

I don't actually spend a lot of time wondering what people think of me, primarily because my ego is so fragile I do not want to hear the truth if it's bad, or I don't know how to process and accept it if it's good. Today, a woman I used to work with offered words of encouragement regarding the job search, including a bit about how I am really good at making myself quietly indispensable. I had no idea she thought that while I was there.

Quietly indispensable. I like that. I need to figure out how to work that into the interview process, perhaps even as early as cover letters. The trick with that trait, which I have enough confidence to say I do embody, is that it takes time. I've said that before, that to know me is to love me, but to not know me is to be utterly confused by me. I need to market the quiet indispensability somehow. Hmmm.

But, anyway, that was a nice little boost. The jobs are light these days, year end and holiday season, etc., so every bit helps see me through. You know what else helps?

Same bridge, different sunset )
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Argh. After interview (which I think went well), I schlepped to the county clerk's office to pick up a ballot only to find out they couldn't give me one. By the time I clued in that my DMV voter's registration didn't actually register me for squat, I missed the registration deadline when I went in and actually registered. :(

So, I raced home, called the number on my prior state of residence's mail-in ballot and asked if I could submit that one, given circumstances. Answer: yes!

I then had to remember all the things to vote for in that state, filled it out quickly and hauled Dixie to the post office, where the lady behind the counter looked mightily unimpressed with me as I iterated twice in a row that it had to be postmarked today. LOL.

But it's out of my hands now. I voted. I did my duty. I also have managed to avoid calling my ultra conservative friend a fool, as she's in the perfect demographic that votes Republican despite that party doing NOTHING for them except pretend to care about babies. I always want to say that Republicans only care about life before it's life, and when that all-important fetus is out there in the world, they could not care less and, in fact, would consistently vote to cut programs and resources in place to help that very life they fought so hard to get out of the womb, citing bootstraps and socialism. Bah!

Also, I cut four inches off my hair. It was such a relief.


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