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Like, for a greater chance at a post office being open. I am going to get my holiday cards all set to go today, but since I work all day, walk dogs at lunch (which I know I could skip, but then I feel bad for the pooches), and don't get off in time to go to the PO, I had to mail order my stamps. Wah wah, I know.

The Walmart we fought so hard against is finally going up. People say there's no impact, the land is there, why not build on it? I see dwindling elk herds and a pair of mallard ducks that used to paddle around in the marshy area by work every year have not been seen once this (I named them Franny and Zooey and I miss them, even if they were a different couple every year). So, to me - that's an impact and I'm of the highly unpopular opinion that just because the land is there doesn't mean we have to raze it for human consumption. And Walmart killed many small businesses in my hometown, so I'm also biased there. A colleague, as conservative as they get, says that because her parents' appliance business survived Home Depot coming that means that Walmart won't kill anything. I find that highly simplistic and, well, not likely.

Wow, didn't mean this to turn into an anti-Walmart rant. I just get frustrated, because the same people crying to "make America great again!" are the ones most likely to shop at a place that gives them the lowest prices on foreign-made products... and don't even get that their words and actions are contradictory. Yes, I buy crap from China. But I also realize the likelihood of those jobs coming back to the US is slim, and not worth stripping environmental regulations to do it. I don't get the idea that giving breaks to already very profitable businesses should be a priority.

Whoops, there I go again. LOL.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my American flisties, happy day to everyone else!

Woke up to our first major storm pummeling the house and evidence of my roof leak, but at least I have a roof, right?

Pickle is getting better, much more slowly than I would like, but still better. She's still very snuggly with me, which is a sign she's not feeling 100% yet. Hee!

I have a job and I mostly like the people I work with and for. Despite what I know are going to be lean years for us given the current political climate, I'm confident my job's not going anywhere - the gap in classes isn't going to improve, IMO.

I had several invites for Thanksgiving, but honestly - I am making myself a nice little meal and staying in my jammies today. I confess, I might have been more apt to go somewhere if it wasn't a maelstrom out there. LOL. Sometimes a day in with unbrushed hair, no make up and no need to put on real clothes is just what the doctor ordered. I usually take one of them every seventh day, but don't tell anyone that. ;)

I'm thankful for the few remaining folks who are on here semi-regularly. In a world of 144 characters, links, likes and heavily-filtered pictures, it's nice to have real words from folks.

Hope you all have, had or are having a great day! ;)

Oh, and remember: holiday cards are still on the table!
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I almost decided against doing cards this year. I'm not feeling terribly jolly. However, I then thought: that's the exact reason I should! So, as in past years - plop your name/address in the screened comments below if you would like to receive a holiday card from me this year (I even got some snow shots last year). If you've received them in the past and haven't moved, I should be able to track your address back to prior years' posts.

Return cards are NOT required. Do not feel you can't ask for one if you can't swing sending them yourself. Ask for one if you'd like a little holiday cheer.

And, no, I won't use your names or locations for nefarious purposes.
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What a day. I woke up to a thunderous racket at about 4 AM. I have discovered (yet another) drawback to metal-framed windows: hail on them is like the house is a giant popcorn popper. So noisy. It happened again at about 7 AM, this time with lightning and thunder. When I left for work, the ground was blanketed in white pellets. I made believe it was snow. This trend continued throughout the day. One minute it was nice, blue sky. The next, torrential downpour. Then blue sky. Then hail. Then more hail. And some more lightning and thunderboomers.

It was exhausting, let me tell you.

^But probably not as exhausting as this poor fellow's day in this ol' chestnut. Fenton! (I guarantee you Fenton had a blast that day, though.)

And lastly, for those who did not opt for a holiday card from me this year (I've noticed a tremendous drop in Christmas cards, and this makes me sad - not from you lovely lot, just in general), and a bonus for those who got a mailed one:

christmas 2015

Indulge a little this holiday season, stock up on Tums.
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I haven't decorated my house yet because I can't decide between the small fake tree I already have and buying a Norfolk Island Pine that theoretically would be alive year after year. I say theoretically because I have cats who are ginormous pains in the rear and will probably try to eat it to death and add even more puke spots to my hard wood floors in the process.

And holiday cards should be going out early next week. I'll do them this weekend, but it has been raining cats and dogs here and won't post them from home. My mail is always soggy when I get home; don't want to send out mail that way.
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I went for an eight mile stroll and ran into some friends. :)


Hope everyone had a great day - whether or not it's a holiday for you! When I wasn't walking, I spent the day watching cheesy holiday movies and attempting to write Christmas haiku for my holiday cards. In case you missed the post: here it is!

Before you go all "Awww, someone was all alone on Thanksgiving?! How sad.", please note that I chose the alone time over a couple of invites. This year, I am thankful for peace, quiet and Thanksgiving pizza.


I figured, why wait for the leftovers to do something creative with the leftovers? Hah. I ate a third of it and am sufficiently stuffed. If I were to do it again, I'd leave the sweet potatoes on the side and use gravy for sauce, I think.
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I know I said cards aren't likely this year but I'll be damned if I'm going to let a financial tight spot kill all of my holiday cheer. So, while I can't guarantee a card as awesome as a goat with a photoshopped santa hat this year, I would still like to send cards to anyone who might be interested. There's something about real paper holiday cards that adds to the spirit, I think. :)

I'm, as in years past, screening all comments should anyone like to drop me a note with address. If you've gotten cards from me in the past few years and haven't moved, then a quick "I'd like a card" comment should suffice. I can look back for your address. :)

In other news, there is nothing quite so nice as the scent of proofing dough in your house. Except, of course, baking bread. I don't have bread flour, so I did an autolyse step this time to see if that helps with the crumb.
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I really want to make some Chex Mix. However, I need every ingredient but the garlic and it's waaaaay over there at the store and going there would require I put on more appropriate clothing and ... eh.

A coworker asked me to make banana bread. I thought maybe I'd do banana bread doughnuts, but I don't have a doughnut pan. The nearest one is a 15 mile drive. Waaaaaay, waaaay over there, see? Regular banana bread it is! Tainted with walnuts for her and everything. *shudder* Walnuts.

I should sweep the floors again. I did it yesterday, the day before and the day before. Why did I want hardwood floors again?

Unrelated to laziness - I have annual outbreaks of herpes. Not the bad herpes (well, it's all bad). Somewhere I must have been exposed to a cold sore or something, only my outbreaks are on my right hand, primarily on index and middle fingers. I'm guessing stress at work triggered it this year and it's hurty and will soon be hurty and gross. I never have any eruptions, but my fingers get really swollen and kind of misshapen. It's not cute. I wish there were a natural remedy for it (other than cold compresses). Ah, well, at least it's not herpes herpes. ;)

Watched Grimm the other day. Has that show always been written like a bad fanfic? Wow. I don't remember it being that horrible, except for maybe I sensed it when I wandered away once and never remembered to go back. Also, I don't know who that dark-haired girl was, but she couldn't act and it's probably best she's going away.

Most of my holiday cards are addressed and ready to go! I should have a spare or two if anyone wants.
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Okay, so I got the cards today. They're pretty awesome. I hope I have enough for people here and people who know me FTF. I should have ordered more!

Anyway, should you have missed the first post and do want a card from me, head on over here for the entry with screened replies. :)

Work is kicking my butt. Holidays brings people together. People who don't realize how badly their loved ones have decompensated. People who suddenly realize how much help their loves ones need (not from THEM, mind you, but surely the State can help). Not that I'm a cynic.

^Forget all that. Tis the season. Spread some cheer!

Oh ho ho!

Nov. 17th, 2014 08:30 pm
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Who wouldn't know?

Almost missed it this year - annual holiday card post here. Should you wish a card from moi, drop me a line here in this post. Comments will be screened and not revealed for the world to see. Not that I'm a scary stalker person, but if you haven't moved and have received a card from me in the past, I might already have your data. Let me know if you want a card this year! Distance is no object.

Get in the spirit, folks! Something has to combat those awful marshmallow world Target commercials. How the mighty have fallen.
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There are very, very, VERY few times I miss my old job.

But with a dusting of accumulation, we'd have already been closed for the day there. Not here! Rats. Hopefully the white stuff sticks around long enough for me to try to find a photo op for next year's holiday cards - tis too late for this year's, which WILL be going out Monday, so let me know if you want one!

At any rate, work or no work, I am glad it's Friday. It's been a hectic week.

ETA: Well, apparently Smart cars are not meant for slightly icy hills, because I cannot get out of my driveway. LOL.

ETA II: Went to work, as a coworker lives near (everyone does) and picked me up at the bottom of the hill. I only fell twice, and I swear falling on one's tuckus didn't used to hurt so much. ;)

But then Upper Management (who thought it was fine to have a regular start time, a decision made a hundred miles away where it wasn't snowing) decided (upon the arrival of the snow at their doorsteps) to close the office two hours early.

I was happier than a goat in the snow!
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Reminder - if anyone would like a holiday card from me this year, drop me a line in this post.

I haven't started mailing yet, as I forgot to go to the post office on Friday for stamps and also forgot it's not open on Saturdays here. :)
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While I'm spamming, I figured I'd put the shout out for holiday cards. If you'd like one from me this year, reply with name/address. If you've gotten one from me in prior years and haven't moved, just chime in with a "me, me, me!" and you'll get one. :)

Comments screened and I'll only reply if yours doesn't contain personal info.

^File under: shouldn't giggle, but cannot help it.
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Some new stories added to the master list.

Emergency! (Part of a holiday series I feel very bittersweet about ending. I love this little, seldom-read universe.):

In the Kingdom of Hope. J/R, angst, hate crime. PG-13. @2900 words. In the wake of near tragedy, Roy gets the only birthday gift he wanted.

Plenty. J/R, angst, fluff. PG-13. @8300 words. Despite the trials of the last month and a half, Johnny and Roy have a lot for which to be thankful.


Cost to Cure. S/D pre, episode tag to 3.06. PG. @3650 words. His brain wouldn’t stop whirring, all thoughts set to Danny.

Also, the cards arrived! I went through Shutterfly this year and am ... disappointed. I know I'm a little type A, but they didn't center the picture and that annoys me. I am also apparently unable to gauge font size on the interwebs, because the printing inside looks like I'm sending these cards only to people 80 and older, with text large enough for them to see. Hehe.

If you'd like one anyway, see this post and drop me an address. :)
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Holiday card time. I might be underemployed at the moment*, but I can still rub a few pennies together to send seasonal greetings to anyone on my flist who wishes to receive a card from a far-off land. No need to actually participate in the holidays yourself, and no need to reciprocate with a card to me. Come one, come all!

As always, I'm screening comments to protect your identities and addresses. If you want a card from me, drop a line. If you've received cards from me in the past and haven't changed addresses in the last twelve months, leave a name - I should have your creds from years past. Mwhahahaha! (Actually, this should be evidence I am not using your data for nefarious purposes.)

*Lack of feedback on the interview from last week has been taken as a rejection. Why do they bother saying they'll call regardless, when they chicken out for the bad news? Annoying.

Last Chance

Dec. 3rd, 2011 03:15 pm
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Okay, I'm doing the holiday cards this weekend! This is your last chance to tell me you would like one.

Went downtown to try holiday shopping. Had zero luck. I have few people to buy for, but one of them is a challenge. And I have no idea if I'm supposed to buy P a holiday and birthday gift, because she wasn't supposed to be around but she won't go away. Hmmm.

I did manage to find a boatload of cute things I could have bought for myself. Including more hats. But I was good, I didn't.

I need a nap.


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