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I got tired of looking at the cat-sized dips in the attached back cushions of my sofa, so today I pulled out the stuffing and refluffed, then put back in.

During the course of this, somehow I threw out my back.


On the plus side, the sofa looks much better.


Mar. 15th, 2017 06:52 pm
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Does anyone know of a substitute for Prilosec that doesn't cause major, major headaches? While I'm relieved that the stomach pain has decreased (I was bad today, I really wanted a damn sandwich, so I had one - whoops), but the head pain will not go away without taking migraine med. I don't want to be doing that for 2+ weeks, nor do I want to have a concentration-stealing headache for that length of time. Ugh. Can we rewind to last Thursday, when I felt just fine?
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I've been taking SAMe for a number of years. It's helped me with mood, sleeping (and staying asleep) and joints. I never realize how much until I'm out of them. Recently, I've become paranoid about the possible long-term effects of SAMe and didn't reorder. My knees are achy all the time, I wake up frequently through the night and I'm listless during the day. It sucks. I feel a mess.

I'm going to try some alternatives - glucosamine chondroitin MSM, turmeric "golden milk", etc - but if none of them work, I am going back to SAMe until I can consult with my doctor.

Gotta love aging. See also: in what feels like an overnight event, I suddenly have a perma-wrinkle between my eyes. Danged resting bitch face is catching up with me! Haha.
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A friend of mine is doing a "hormone reset" diet this month. Basically, you have your whole calendar laid out, with certain foods being taboo on certain days. I told her I wouldn't do that (I can't cold turkey - oooh, turkey sounds good - some things, just can't; also, I know this about myself) but I would give up dessert and nighttime snacking as a show of solidarity.

I have trained myself to expect food right about now, so despite having a filling and healthy dinner I am about ready to chew off my left arm. I can't be hungry, yet I want food so, so, sooooo much.

Normally, I'd drink water to distract my stomach, but if I have half a glass of water right now, I'll be up at some awful hour of the morning. Probably more than once.

The truly sad thing is, I'll probably not lose a single inch or pound.

ETA: OMG, so many bleepity blank food commercials at night! Killing me.
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Whew. As expected, but still - whew.

So far, I realize that I wouldn't have had to stay home for the gas conversion. So far, I realize that now I have no desire to go back to work this week. Oh, the choices. Heh.
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I made the mistake of looking at the weight part of my medical records when my last visit link was emailed to me. On the plus side, I went in the morning instead of afternoon and so was about 5 pounds down from April visit. On the minus side, it was a reminder that I'm 15-20 pounds above my preferred weight. Mental preference, not physical. Physically, I always seem to hover where I am no matter what I do. And, generally speaking, I'm all right where I am. All internal functions are a-okay. Usually, I'm mentally all right with it too, really. I am.

That being said, I am going to start carving out the nighttime snacks first (I tend to grab a snack even when I'm not hungry - ah, habitual behavior), then I will be more careful what goes in my mouth all day. I work with a group of people who love to eat, and I'm not talking about vegetables. I haven't even started this, and I'm already having hunger pangs. LOL.

We'll see. I thought about ordering The 21 Day Fix, but I'm not sure I could afford to eat the way that plan would require me to. Still, it looks interesting and if I can figure out a way to vary my exercise more, I could probably figure out the ratios on my own.
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Just got back from doctor.

Aging sucks. Official diagnosis!

ETA: communication breakdown. Haha, just got my notes from doc. She advises I exercise more routinely, 30 minutes 5 days a week. I already do 40-50 five days a week (though I have been lax lately). Sooo, yeah. Something got lost there.
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Someone here bought a giganto bag of pancake mix from Costco and fixes herself a few every day for breakfast. Every. Day. People are free to eat what they want. The problem is I loathe pancakes, and the stench of them wafts up the servants' stairs and right into my office. I'm left gagging and retching. Yes, I hate pancakes that much.

If I were an elected official, I'd try very hard to ban pancakes. Or at least ban pancake breakfast fundraisers put on by the local Jaycees.

Health and fitnessy:

The mini-elliptical is actually working out quite well. It took me four sessions on it before I had to up the tension, though, so I wonder if I'll reach a threshold pretty quickly. It still sucks that I sweat so much for so little gain, but my knees love me for this purchase. Life pre-elliptical had me in pain going up and down stairs. I still crackle, but I no longer hurt. This is a huge benefit.

So, I've been diligent about using the machine and am up to 40 minutes on it. I also make sure I do yoga at least four times a week, and I'll go for a long, brisk walk on Saturday or Sunday to change it up just a little.

I've seen no physical appearance benefits. It's only been two weeks, though, and I struggle with the food. Someone brought me an individual apple pie last weekend, and since then I've been pie crazy. Mmmmm, I thought, look at that little pie tin. I'll recycle it by using it over and over and over as I make fresh peach pie, oh, hey, I wonder if I could make a blueberry pie, or what about a peach/blueberry pie?! Oh, the places I'll go!

Diet FAIL. Those little pies must hover around 600 calories, which is more than I burn exercising in a day. I need to stop with the pies.

Mmmmm, pie.


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