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I have this photo that's almost perfect. Two photos, actually, but I can't decide between them. The flaw? A big ol' power line bisecting each of them.

Does anyone know how to flawlessly photoshop this kind of thing out?

Unrelated: I finally couldn't take the split ends anymore. My split ends had split ends - all because my favorite shampoo changed its formula and I've been on the hunt for a replacement, as the "improved" iteration sucks. My hair is long enough now it ends up a giant knot when I shampoo (which I don't do daily, thankfully), and some shampoos seem to only make the knot worse. Still, last night I just got fed up, grabbed the kitchen scissors (don't do this, kids) and went to town. No one will notice, but it's a bit ganky. LOL.
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You know how in fiction, eye and hair color, sometimes skin (usually only if it's not white, of course) seem to be go-to descriptors? Well, in the real world, they can't always be counted on to leave lasting impressions.

Yesterday, a coworker had a conversation with a guy who'd come in the previous day and spoken with someone. Coworker says to me, he says, "He said he talked to a woman with long black hair." I said, "Maybe A?" as she in fact, does have long black hair. Then I looked at the name of the person and I remembered he and his wife distinctly, because they were 1) crazy, 2) toothless and 3) smelled so terribly of cigarette smoke that after being stuck in a small room with them for fifteen minutes, I felt nauseated.

"Oh," I said, "I'm the one they spoke to, and no I did not tell them they'd have their benefits today; I told them someone would speak with them today."

Folks, this is my hair currently (still working out the kinks of the cut - it gets floofy in places I don't want it to, but this happens with a new stylist and a new cut sometimes):

Cut, because who cares? )

Later yesterday, I asked if anyone would mind trading eyeballs, as mine were bothering me a lot and even though I liked the color of them well enough, I'd just as soon get rid of them. Coworker chimed in, "They are a pretty blue!"

My eyes are a common greenish hazel. So. Yeah. Long story short: in real life, eye and hair color aren't usually that big on people's lists as memorable; some do, of course, and it's gonna depend on the characters and relationships very heavily.
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I found sheets that fit! Now I need to find a bedside table that comes with a little step stool I can tuck back under it (they make that kind of thing, right?) out of the way when not using it, because my bed is now too high to get into without a bit of effort. It's taller than my belly button now. LOL. The cats adore the extra squish of memory foam. :)

I also got my hair chopped off today. It's been about a year, and I lost a good six inches. It's now just below the chin in the front and shorter in the back. Yep, returned to an a-line bob. What can I say, I kind of like that style, and now all the dry ends from henna are gone and it's silky soft again.

No spoilers, really:

Haven is still enjoyable, but seems a smidge off so far this year. Still worth watching, even if I'm not connecting to the characters as much anymore.

H50. Oh dear. Ridiculous as always. I do expect that, but goodness, it was a bit extreme last night. I figure I'll always lament the good old ohana days of S1, back when the whole team had valid things to contribute, id est Danny wasn't solely the funny sidekick, Chin had more than a lone one-off episode dedicated to him and Kono had spit and fire and a refreshing lack of doe-eyes. So, I won't talk much about it, because I know I come off as bitter. I just miss that vibe so much. Viva la fanon.

And I'd love to re-watch S1, but for some reason my laptop won't play DVDs and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to hook up my DVD player through the cable box (which I really need to find an alternative for the "deal" I got when I signed up is over and I'm forking over an even larger exorbitant fee).

Also, the forecast called for aggressive rain, and they weren't joking. It is a mess out there. Not quite wall-rattling wind, though. Windows, sure. It's a stay-inside-read/write fic kind of day!

Hair Woe

Jul. 21st, 2012 12:44 pm
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This is my hair when I wake up in the morning.

hair 009

Frankly, I'm getting tired of trying to flat iron it into submission. I need to figure out how to tell my stylist that the layers she loves and can blow sleek and straight due to her ability to see all angles of my damned head is not something I can replicate at home, and that she needs to adjust appropriately. I'm not sure if she knows I air dry my hair. I thought I told her, but she likes to talk more than listen. I mean, I tell her every time the side layers are juuuust right and not to snip them, but she snips them so they won't stay tucked behind my adorable but unhelpful little ears.

Anyway, until then should I even bother trying to fight this mop? I get my hair cut next weekend, so maybe a week of not curly but not straight either hair will be okay?

Hmmm. Such problems I have. I do have a bona fide migraine, though. And a cat licking my hand as I type.

I also slept until ten this morning, and my dreams were filled with Scott Caan, fleeing from bad guys to remote cabins, forests, small town gas stations, and phones built into the pedestals of random statuary. So, yeah.


Jun. 14th, 2012 12:44 pm
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This morning, a man on the bus tried to kill me with his cologne. It is not necessary to bathe in the stuff, folks.

I need to learn how to swim. I need to find a place that has lessons for adults that experience increased heart rates at the very thought of water deeper than her ample hips. Seriously, it's a goal for me to get off this rock sometime soon and take an actual vacation. Might visit my nephew in Hawai'i, since he's stationed there and stuff and is such a sweet kid he'd actually welcome a visit from his old auntie.

But water fucking terrifies me, you all. Most places seem to offer beginner lessons, but I want a place that actually says they understand the fear involved. You can't just plop me in water and expect me to learn when I'm in panic mode.

Used a henna/indigo blend this weekend. It looks pretty much the same as the Lush product I've been using, but I think I like it better. I don't miss the clumps of cocoa butter, that's for sure. I'm also reaching that "at peace with my hair" stage, which I have to achieve after every cut. I don't want to break up with my stylist, but she's starting to make my hair not cute and I have serious hair vanity.

Hair! )

Outdoors, it probably appears much redder. Hard to tell. We've lost our sunny days again.

Also, song.
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Working up a sweat with poo (henna) and a plastic bag on your head is a bad idea. Skip the elliptical until you're poo-free.
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Season premiere week is over. Let's see how a number of shows I watch but am not fangirly over fared, follicly. Follically? Either way, it's apparently not a word.

Cut for non-spoilers on way too many TV shows. Dude, I need a life. )

I think that's it. I might have missed a show or two. Yes, I know I have a problem. Feel free to argue any of my grades.
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So, this weekend the discussion about donating hair came up. Several of my nieces and one of my sisters have already donated several times ... to Locks of Love. Now, I know it's been mentioned somewhere by someone that this is not the best organization to actually donate to, including providing information on better places. I think it was here on my flist, but I'm not entirely sure.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Help? I'd love to steer them in the right direction, because I think it's awesome they want to do something good. I want their goodness to be worthwhile, y'know?
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I went to get my hair cut today, the first since the big lop-off of '07. I was nervous. Part of the reason I so often end up with long, straight, layerless hair is that I get burned when I get my hair cut. It's not like I have special-needs hair or anything, but somehow I end up with a crappy do.

I can't say T didn't do a good job. He did. Most of it looks great. The problem is cowlicks, which I tried to explain to him, and that he cut the back too short. I need a little weight there to keep things manageable. Without it, my whole frickin' head of hair swings to the right, big time. It lay nice for about an hour, but it inevitably got all cockeyed after that. Left side under, right side flippy.


Yes, I know there are legitimate things to angst about and my hair is not one of them. I'll be over it tomorrow, and my hair grows like a weed so hopefully soon I won't look like Elastigirl.

Funny thing, though, I ran into my landlady at the salon. We now share a stylist. If I go back to him.

In honor of bad hair cuts everywhere, Pavement's "Cut Your Hair"
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I survived the haircut. Six + inches of my hair did not!


I think I like it, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow when I have to style it. It's still pretty much blunt in the back, with layers framing my face. The stylist said it really accentuated my great jawline and cheekbones. I don't know about that, but I do know that I look SO different I keep getting startled by my reflection.

I'm fairly sure no one reads my LJ, but if anyone happens to, here's another song. I love the Great Lake Swimmers and Your Rocky Spine
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I took some OTC allergy meds to help alleviate the itch around my eyes, and it worked. It also has me totally thwacked. My head feels like it could float away right now and my arms just might be detached from the rest of my body. Whee, except not so much. I'm not sure I get recreational drug use anyway, but taking things at work is a really bad idea. I can't concentrate and can barely type. IT took me forever to get this to come out without many misspellings.

Otherwise and tangentially, I really enjoyed last night's SPN, though I do so miss the moody lighting and atmosphere. More on that later when I'm not stoned.

I officially made an appointment to get my hair cut. I know this isn't big news to anyone else, but I'm excited and really terrified for next Tuesday. I still don't know for sure what I want done, beyond something that's easy to maintain and will look okay after walking long distances.
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There used to be a lovely sandwich shop on 5th, run by two women. Their sandwiches were truly delicious, but more delicious were their ginger chocolate chunk cookies. These things were the best I've ever tasted. So much so that I've long wanted to find a recipe even somewhat similar (a big deal because molasses makes me *shudder*). No luck on that front, but I did find one I thought I could modify. I figured cookies would be a nice treat to bring in to the office, for the random five people who'll probably show up this week.

Alas, problems started right away.

I discovered that I have no butter. I purposely went out yesterday to buy ingredients. I have brown sugar (not even IN the recipe) but no butter. *sigh* I substituted some sugar-free apple sauce and honey for the butter and it seemed okay. It was a bit sticky, so I added a wee bit more wheat flour than the recipe called for, and used ample cocoa powder, hoping the dry goods would make up for sticky butter-free cookies. Again, seemed to work.

With that issue tackled, I carried on making the dough. I survived the molasses gag reflex. Loaded on the cinnamon. I thought it all turned out pretty decent, but then as I was baking the first batch, I realized that I completely ommitted the baking soda and powder from the recipe. Have I mentioned that I tend not to read instructions well?

(Pretty sure I've said this, but even when just learning to read as a kid, I would often substitute words in place of those written. I have my own built-in paraphraser, I guess. My first grade teacher didn't appreciate that I kept pulling synonyms and I had mediocre grades as a result. I still do the word switcheroo, which could explain why I consistently read things differently than others. Anyway...)

The first batch of cookies was a total wash. *hangs head*

The second batch, with all of the ingredients, turned out much better. Might even be good enough for public consumption. I don't know how they taste compared to the scrumptions Alligator Pear cookies, but since I'll never have those again I hope they're tasty. What could be better than ginger and chocolate together?

Also, I've been all weekend without a shower. You really don't know what you've got till it's gone. I was having some caulk issues, and a fresh line was put down yesterday afternoon. I think technically I could shower right now, but I'm too lazy. The sponge bath and shampoo will have to do until tomorrow AM. What difference does it make if I'm in a bit of a funk, anyway? It's not bothering me at all. ;)

I really do want to chop my hair off. The problem I keep running into - where the heck to find a stylist I trust enough not to make it hideous and hard to care for. Most of the reason I wear it long right now is that I'm lazy, and since I walk a lot during business hours, I don't want something that'll look like arse if I get caught in the rain, you know? Hmmmm. There are two salons right on McGraw. They look pricey, but pricey might be what I need to do.

I had a dream last night my hair was secretly curly, straightened only by its length and weight.
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There are times when it seems I lose so much hair in the shower I'm afraid I'm going bald. Today was one of those days. Shampoo, lose a handful. Rinse, lose another handful. Condition, whoa look at all that hair. Rinse, more hair gone, how is that possible?

It's a little scary, even though I'm fairly sure I'm not losing as much hair as it seems.
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Turns out I was right: I'm not good at trimming my own hair, despite the explicit directions [ profile] lovellama pointed me to.

On the plus side, several people told me today that my hair was lovely (pre-cut). Apparently it does make a difference whether or not I curl the ends a bit. Too bad doing that during the week would involve me getting up 20 minutes earlier than usual. My hair takes forever to dry. Damp hair doesn't curl so well.
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I was the kind of kid who wouldn't be able to go anywhere if her shoes felt "loose" or uneven. I'd tighten the loose shoe, then have to tighten the other to match and then back to the first one again, because it felt loose again. I'd come home with grooves on the top of my feet from how tightly I'd tied my laces...and my pinkie fingers were callused from tugging at them.

So I've been having headaches lately and I just realized, while they started out as caffeine-withdrawal, they continued because I was pulling my ponytail/bun so very tight. I don't know how I'm going to fix that problem, because I really can't stand it if it feels like my hair's going to fall out of whatever arrangement I have it in.
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I should go finally get my hairs cut. I just hate paying good money to have the ends snipped off. Maybe I should have them do something more, I always think, but then remember how truly hair lazy I am. Put layers in, it requires work on my part. Short hair, also work. Ho hum.

My brain feels as though someone took to it with steel wool last night and I'm hungry but foodless.


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