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For some reason, I've kept on watching H50. Well, maybe not anymore. Just learned they couldn't come to an agreement with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, so they're out. Dang it, when you watch a show for the pretty and half of the pretty apparently aren't worth paying for one more year and they're at least closer to looking like they belong on Hawaii... Ugh.

Personally, what I wish would have happened: say bye to Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia, pay Kim and Park more. Core four. Try for the glory of S1 as a final season.

Everything should be perfect, but instead.

In unrelated news, I didn't go to work today. Last day to use personal leave before losing it, and we cannot have that. Interesting tidbit: when I come home from a regular day at work, my stomach is pretty bloated. Noticeably. At home? No such bloat. Hmm.
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Feather (Knock Me Over)

What a week. For some reason, I never felt quite in control. I don't know why - I've been sleeping like the dead. Today I had a vague feeling of heartburn all day. Even yesterday I moved wrong when Johnny was coming to headbutt me hello and I split my lip on her noggin. I'm off.

Have a feather.

Oh, and even if you don't watch, perhaps go have a vote: H50 icontest. Apparently votes are pretty low. Understandable, considering how small and not-LJy that fandom is.
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Goodness knows, I don't have much of a talent for it, but I've been making H50 icons for a while. It's pretty much the only creative outlet I have right now. I only make them for the small, little icontest, which really could use a fresh vote or two. I feel like I've only ever won stuff because there's such a tiny voting pool and the other handful of icon makers can't vote for themselves...I get votes by default, and that's kinda eh.

If you have a moment, even if you don't watch the show, care to go cast your vote?

I did make some of these, but I ain't telling you which.
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There's a room in the basement of my new house that I think used to be a darkroom! So cool.

Put on one coat of paint in bedroom and bathroom, so glad I did. I thought about keeping the gray, but no. Nope. Just not me. Went with a very vibrant green in bathroom. It's love/hate. I happen to love. I can always paint again. :) I am bummed about one thing - there was a full gallon of paint left in the house that was labeled some basic off-white. I was going to use this for baseboards, window and closet. Alas, I cracked it open to make sure this would work and discovered ... pink. Pepto pink. Boo, hiss! On the positive(ish) side, I overbought the wall color and will go to Home Depot to get them to lighten up the extra gallon for trim.

First time anyone but me has seen the place and so far - everyone says I did good. Well, duh! ;) I knew as soon as I saw the knocker it was mine. Now I'll just see what taxes bring, live with fuel oil for a year and then convert. I don't want to finance that project, at least not entirely, so I want to be cautious and sure with what I'm doing (gas or heat pump). If I hurry and try to do it now (incentives end 12/31) I may not make the right decision.

Now I just have to deal with switching over water/sewer and set up garbage. And get a lawnmower. Lawn's a mess. As soon as it sold, they stopped with the upkeep, LOL.

House, house, house!

In other news: for any granola people out there: it's true. Coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch makes an excellent deodorant. I was a skeptic, but it works a heck of a lot better than anything I've tried pre-packaged.

Also, continue to mostly love S5 of H50, cannot for the life of me recall a thing about NCIS ths year, still enjoy Haven. Sleepy Hollow is fairly ridiculous, but hello pretty people.
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I hate it so much that my style is usually "throw everything in a box, who cares?!", which ultimately only leads to back end unpacking horror. I have boxes yet that I haven't unpacked from when I moved here two years ago. Random stuff I don't want to toss, but it has no real place. Ugh, packing.

But, one box down, a billionty to go! I have tossed two bags of garbage and recycling and learned that after two years and three cats, the dust is thick. Must learn to get rid of all tchotchkes so there are more nice flat surfaces to dust. Not that flat surfaces made me dust my DVD collection once the whole time I lived here. Gross. Cats are gross. I love them.

Let's see. House cleaned, laundry done, one box packed. I think that's good for today. LOL (lazy, oh, lazy).

Fall TV stuff )
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All little H50 stories, most posted long ago. I really need to get a few E! stories out sometime soon. I've had one scene rattlin' around in my head for a solid year, have just been too exhausted to commit.

The Cold Truth (Or, The Doxylamine Succinate Principle). S/D, first kiss, humor. PG. 3251 words. Danny's kind of repulsively sick, but that doesn't seem to stop Steve from wanting him.
Leave It To Stever. S/D, satire, weirdness, schmoop. R. 2117 words. Danny's got the perfect life ... sort of.
Like Mustard Seed. S/C, S/D, angst, realizations, first kiss. PG. 4974 words. Sometimes you find out what you want isn't what you need, and sometimes it takes some people longer to realize that than others.
Collateral Damage. S/D, angst, first kiss, tag to 4.19 and 4.20. PG. 6303 words. Both of them are broken in different ways and also in the exact same way.
Hold On. S/D, angst, missing scene for 4.21. 2508 words. Danny sees the video.

Also, The Back-Up Plan is such an awful movie. Jennifer Lopez is genuinely horrific, honestly. But Alex O'Loughlin ... mmmmm, so pretty. So, so, so pretty.
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In that relative way that time is, this week seemed to last forever for me. Anyone else feel that way? I am so ready for two days of not having to drag my sorry bum out of bed before 7 AM.

New H50 tonight - but I've officially reached the stage where I don't know if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. I miss the teaminess and no longer truly hold any hope that it'll ever return in more than fits and bursts which are more anomalous than customary. I enjoy it in fits and bursts, too, go figure.

I took a cute vid of Abe tonight which demonstrates his vim and vigor. I've been struggling with him, tbh, because he's such a good cat, really, but Johnny just cowers from him. She expects him to attack. He does attack. Roy actively circles widely around him as well. And then, somehow, they also can pile up together for a snooze. Abe's very ultra alpha and John and Roy are just the sweetest cuddlebugs, who like to take their time "hunting" where Abe pounces like the fierce wild thing he is. They hardly play anymore, as Abe takes over. I'm worried they're never going to get along and I'm never going to get over seeing Johnny flinch like that even when Abe's completely oblivious to her presence.


Nov. 15th, 2013 09:34 pm
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Okay, I don't think it spoils anything if I say that I think the character of William on Haven was horribly miscast. Nothing but love for Colin Ferguson, but he is far too goofy for what the character is supposed to be. I am not buying what he is selling at all.

Also, I told ya Grover would drink the H50 Kool-Aid.
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1) Just had first power outage/flicker for the season! I'm very glad I wasn't in the shower. In the windy, winter months, I am actually fearful I'll end up showering in the pitch black.

2) The more often I see the promo for tomorrow's H50 episode, the less I am interested in watching this "must see" event.

3) Speaking of "must see", I somehow ended up watching CSI: Original Flava last night for the first time in forever. It was apparently the 300th episode, during which they retconned a whole case, brought Marg Helegenberger back and thought soft memory lighting would convince us she was fourteen years younger than she was (also, she had short hair when the show started, folks, not long and in ponytail) to shoot those old new scenes, there was no sign of Nick and the last scene focused in on the ship that drove me away from the show by abstractly honing in on an evidence bag with the Ever Significant signatures of Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle... Anyway, it was all kind of WTFy to me and proof why that show shouldn't have been left to hobble on through 300 episodes.

4) They're rebooting Murder, She Wrote?! WHYYYYYYYYY? (Not the casting; I like Octavia Spencer. Just ... WHYYYYY?)

That's all. Carry on.
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I found sheets that fit! Now I need to find a bedside table that comes with a little step stool I can tuck back under it (they make that kind of thing, right?) out of the way when not using it, because my bed is now too high to get into without a bit of effort. It's taller than my belly button now. LOL. The cats adore the extra squish of memory foam. :)

I also got my hair chopped off today. It's been about a year, and I lost a good six inches. It's now just below the chin in the front and shorter in the back. Yep, returned to an a-line bob. What can I say, I kind of like that style, and now all the dry ends from henna are gone and it's silky soft again.

No spoilers, really:

Haven is still enjoyable, but seems a smidge off so far this year. Still worth watching, even if I'm not connecting to the characters as much anymore.

H50. Oh dear. Ridiculous as always. I do expect that, but goodness, it was a bit extreme last night. I figure I'll always lament the good old ohana days of S1, back when the whole team had valid things to contribute, id est Danny wasn't solely the funny sidekick, Chin had more than a lone one-off episode dedicated to him and Kono had spit and fire and a refreshing lack of doe-eyes. So, I won't talk much about it, because I know I come off as bitter. I just miss that vibe so much. Viva la fanon.

And I'd love to re-watch S1, but for some reason my laptop won't play DVDs and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to hook up my DVD player through the cable box (which I really need to find an alternative for the "deal" I got when I signed up is over and I'm forking over an even larger exorbitant fee).

Also, the forecast called for aggressive rain, and they weren't joking. It is a mess out there. Not quite wall-rattling wind, though. Windows, sure. It's a stay-inside-read/write fic kind of day!
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So, after a month and a half of spending money trying to have a picture printed properly, filled with crop and color issues, I finally realized two things.

1) My printer works fine; I'd had it set to print on regular paper rather than photo paper when I initially tried to home print, so it came out faded and wrong. Duh. That alone would have saved me upwards of $30.

2) I can GIMP this particular pic. I opened it, made a new, huger file and plopped it in. Color filled to match background and then re-cropped to the right dimensions, with the image given a nice, big border. Now I won't have random bits getting cropped off, etc, and when it's framed, the purchaser will be able to see the whole image and a fair bit of color around it.

I can't believe it took me so long to figure this nonsense out. Net loss on this transaction financially, but I did learn stuff. It's not a total wash. *nods*

Unrelated to photography, what is is with folks (specifically on who take non-related characters and have them think about themselves, literally, as siblings? Sure, seeing Steve and Danny as having that brotherly-style vibe. I get it. I do! But I don't think either of them would mentally refer to each other as brother in the strictly familial sense. Maybe that's just me, though. I find it more weird than endearing.

Also, author, it's very confusing when you have them snuggle in bed - careful to point out in a brotherly way only! - and then the next morning have one of them think to himself how damn hot the other looks in camo. Uhm.
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Aieeee. Two days to finish this fic which was actually supposed to be finished in June. Not. Done. Yet. *gnaws on knuckles*

On the downside, it seems like nearly every time I join a fandom activity, that fandom activity kind of disappears and/or isn't, uhm, managed very concisely. I'm taking that to mean I ought to just keep trucking away to amuse my own self.

Tell me why

Apr. 9th, 2013 12:06 pm
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How can I crank out three kiss fics for kissemdanno in the span of a few days, but the three things I've signed up for, with deadlines, I cannot get motivated to write?

Those fics have been added to master list, fyi. I love one of them a bit too much.

Long Distance Operator. S/D, first kiss. PG. 3159 words. Steve meets Danny's mom. They get along. She has motives. On LJ On AO3
Trapped in the Amber of the Moment. S/D, first kiss, trapped!. PG-13. 2295 words. Steve and Danny, trapped and discovering very important things. On LJ On AO3
The Indiana Jones Playbook. S/D, established relationship, schmoop. PG-13. 1812 words. Steve's recuperating from some injuries. Danny is providing excellent care. On LJ On AO3
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I have a feeling mine won't do that well this week!

H50 crack at varying degrees if/when you follow the cut.

I also signed up for an alphabet thingy, which I now have no idea what to do with. I enjoy the challenge and, hey, I have to keep myself occupied. Except I keep signing up for things and then instantly losing motivation/inspiration. That ever happen to anyone else? I think yesterday my brain was a total blank all day. Today I woke up with a migraine, which sucks but somehow also kicks my h/c gene into gear. Hehe.

I think I have to be resigned to work seasonal-only front desk if I want any income this year, which is fine, but the idea of being unemployed again come October makes me twitchy. Apparently that's the status quo around here - work hard all summer long, collect unemployment on the off months, if you're lucky enough to work for a place that will give you enough hours to qualify.

Still, have put in applications to several full time gigs I know I could do, so cross fingers, please. Then I'll duck out about this subject for a while again. :)

The multi-family home I thought about purchasing for the rental income (three bedroom home on top, one bedroom apartment downstairs) was on the market for about twenty seconds! I am totally exploring that idea for after I get a job, because it would make a mortgage payment more doable, and I'd get to do things like tear up carpet and put in floors more appropriate for animal owners. And get a dog. Walked the riverwalk as I often do and came across a Corgi pup playing with a very large Bernese. So. Cute.
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This poor little challenge has low participation in writers and voters. If you've got time to read 1000 words broken into 200 word sections, mind taking a few?

H50 Steve/Danny last drabble writer standing.

And, yes, one of the writers is me, but it's anon, so I'm not asking you to vote FOR me. :)

/wanders off to try and figure out how to work the word zebra into a first time ficlet. Oy!
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*forehead slap* I thought the vitamins I was taking were multi. They're not. They're just calcium. So, I've been mopey for the jobless reason, but it's been compounded by anemia. I has a brain.

Also, I woke up with this song in my head.

And H50 was fantastic last night and the night before. More like that, please.

Joined the Spring Fling and also sd_ldws, the former is yay! The latter I'm wondering what the hell, because drabbles aren't really my thing.
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Status quo in SBGland, except that I've got Unskinny Bop in my head thanks to Sang Min. *shakes fist at that strangely lovable human trafficker!* I hope CBS execs learned the lesson that live TV does not pair well with a choose-your-own-adventure novel. There were entertaining moments last night, but overall the plot had to be pretty vague in order for any of three people to be the bad guy. Meh.

I spent all day yesterday baking. I made jaffa cakes, which are basically a sponge cake cookie with orange and dark chocolate.

apa 020

And then I spent a lot of time doing elliptical and stairclimbing. ;)
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I was so sure yesterday was Thursday.

I tried to donate blood last night, but was rejected for anemia. It also took them three times to find my blood pressure (98/64) and my temp is a full degree high at 98.4. Weirdness all around, though the temp might be because it was super stuffy all day and I did walk to the collection center. Now I actually feel anemic. Tired and urgh. Serves me right to buy baby greens three weeks in a row and not spinach.

Also, I participated in this, but I'll never tell which is mine. Two stories in and I'm already behind in reading. TGFW.:

Posting has started at the [profile] h50_exchange!
This fic exchange features all pairings, ratings, and characters.

H50 Exchange

Posting begins February 28th | Reveals go up March 30th

[profile] h50_exchange [profile] h50_exchange [profile] h50_exchange


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