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Mar. 13th, 2016 09:46 am
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Ugh, I am so sick of people over tagging a story. If I'm reading an explicit story, I do not need to know every type of sex the couple in question is going to have.

Sex. Oral Sex. Sexual Content. Explicit Sexual Content. Het. Het and Slash. Heterosexual Sex. Rough Sex. Restraints. Begging. Wall Sex. Outdoor Sex. Shower Sex. Car Sex.

I would say all but the first are complete overkill, except if I'm already aware, by the genre, that I'm reading an E rated story (or rather not, because the tags frankly reduce my interest rather than pique it) involving sex.

That's a mild example the ones that really make me run away are the ones that don't just leave it at nipple play, but have to use fifteen tags regarding nipples. This, too, is mild. Picture that with the word anal.

Stop it. If something is dubious or non con, tag away. Otherwise, narrow it down so that your tag list isn't longer than your damned story.

Abuse of tags on this post is intentional.


Oct. 4th, 2010 12:45 pm
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Dear Author,

You know, I was willing to overlook the weird and intrusive bold/italic thing (style?) you seem so fond of doing, you know, emphasizing words that do not need emphasis in narrative or dialogue. I was also willing to overlook your love affair with the dash. I don't know anyone who actually says "yo-ou" on a regular basis or pronounce names in singsong such as the dash implies (Ste-ven!), but whatever. Really, I can get by those through some major teeth-gritting, because I enjoy the stories you write in and of themselves.

But I can't really take you seriously when you replace the word hand with appendage. Once, maybe, but repeatedly? "He put his hand on (male) Character X's appendage", you see, could be read in a way I do not believe you intended, as you write gen fic. ;)

Also, vertical and horizontal as adjectives when Character A (of a certain career) is conscious and walking and Character B (of that same certain career) is unconscious on a hospital bed. Please, no, don't do this. EG: "The vertical man looked at his boss." "The horizontal man let out a pitiable moan." What is that I don't even. You use this regularly and it's truly puzzling.

I wish you would actually learn to write better, or, as you would say, bet-terrrr. Someone ought to tell you. Alas, I've already learned that lesson, so it won't be me.


the vertical SBG (with her appendages!)
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It is helpful to know the difference between the following words:

incite and insight

massage and message

prostate and prostrate

played and plaid

ministrations and menstruations(!)

I ... I just ... that last one.

Also, what's with all the "sealing" of eyes? Close is a perfectly good word. If you seal your eyes, I think your eyelids must have some adhesive or something. Like envelopes. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO ENVELOPES WHEN THEY ARE OPENED? Ripppp. Not good.


Sep. 2nd, 2010 03:14 pm
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Posted on a group designed solely for the posting of fic:

can I post stories on this site, I have two stories that are complete, and three that are in process.

Me: Sure, I suppose. I know I personally would rather you didn't, though, if your fiction is written in the same manner as your redundant, improperly punctuated and run-on request.


I know, I know. Am counting blessings for no spelling errors.
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Dear Fanfic Writer,

I'll give you points for trying, but annunciate and enunciate do not have the same meaning. And judging from how you're using bemuse, I think you're also not aware that word isn't a synonym for amuse. Ditto for clamor and clamber, diffuse and defuse, etc.

Just because words look/sound similar doesn't mean they are.




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