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Mirror Image

Today was definitely a day that choosing one photo was next to impossible. So I loaded all of the others to their own little album. I walked the opposite direction to what I usually do, and it was a great call. There were seven eagles all perched on pilings, juuuuuust out of reach of my camera lens. I so longed for an extreme telephoto as I stood on the bridge and watched them.

And prior to that, ran into an adorable deer family.

Runners up.
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Red-tailed Hawk

^Heard this guy while walking a rambunctious golden lab/shepherd mix, so I feel lucky I got even a halfway decent shot! Cute dog. Attention span of a gnat.

Rough day at work. The person who had someone basically lie about them to the higher-ups couldn't take it anymore and quit. She wanted to persevere, but couldn't. I get that. I know what it's like to be miserable and no one should expect someone to live like that. :(

Rough week at the animal shelter. A woman from the state above us drove down here with 42 cats - one of them deceased. She had a warrant out for her arrest up north, so the police picked her up. 42 cats. In a car. They look so awful it makes me teary thinking of them. A handful have already died, and I'm sure more will be put down. Poor babies. Can you imagine what horrors they have endured?
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Leave it to...

Yes, that's a beaver. Late in the afternoon, my boss suddenly flew out of her office shouting, "Look outside right now!" LOL, so we all did. We're not terribly close to major water source (there's a small marshy creek in the ravine and another about half a mile away) and he looked awfully dry and ill. I am wondering if whatever happened to Mr. Bunny last week had a hand in injuring Mr. Beaver, too - coworker got pretty close, noticed what looked like a bite near it's rear end. :(

Various agencies were called, but it ambled away on its own. Shame, as I think the wildlife center might have helped it.
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Ah, I've had a few surprise entries in the lj_photophile contests lately and never win (a sunset, the baby alpaca, another sunset and an old falling-down house). I never will, of course, and don't really expect to. :)

I have, however, won another one at bakebakebake. Trala!

Moral of the story is I can bake but I can't take a picture. Hehe. Just kidding. I'm still putting away my pennies for a better lens. The really good ones are way out of my budget. Ouch.

I don't know if this one is a win or a lose. I told you all about how neighbor cat Murphy likes my parking spot, right?

Murphy v. Dixie

It's officially a thing we do now.


Dec. 12th, 2010 11:23 am
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A bleepity-bleep squirrel just squeezed through my barely cracked window!

I wonder if it smelled the pecans I just roasted.


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