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Removed hot cooking sheet from oven. Transferred hot, bubbling, cheesy dinner to a cutting board. Paused for a second. Cried out in dismay when Abe leaped onto the stove top, foot hitting the hot pan, fumbling his attempt to jump onto the shelf (I can't seem to get it down) set above the oven, slipped, fell, landed his left hind leg and flank onto my hot, bubbling, cheesy dinner and then flew off to lick his wounds.

He now has a tomtato sauce stain on his butt and I am having a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.

Thankfully, he doesn't look like he injured himself too badly. The ridiculous thing. I have got to figure out how to get that shelf off of the wall!
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Staycation's all I ever wanted

Drove about 40 miles down the coast to the vet today. It was a nice day for a drive, but the vet's office didn't have signage, so I drove right past it. I knew I had, too, because the town is one that takes about ten seconds (if I'm generous) to drive through. I gave myself time, which is good, because I found a winery in the middle of nowhere before I found the vet and suddenly my helpful navigational app had me going the complete opposite direction I needed to go. I swear, I drove by the place five times before someone answered the phone and helped me with a physical description of the building.

I don't mind a "getting lost" adventure, except round about the time stupid Google was driving me out to the winery I smelled a bad smell. A very bad smell. Johnny, bless her heart, pooped in her carrier. Then proceeded to stand in it. *head dashboard*

Jury's still out. I started to get disheartened when the first thing he did was grab eye ointment. Poor Johnny, she is always goop-eyed no matter what I do. On the plus side, the ointment he gave me is what I buy through Amazon to have on hand and is the only stuff that ever works. Vet did hone in on the introduction of sweet Hank, who has kind of decided to be the cat everyone else hates. He's cool with it. I'm not. Vet asked if I could separate them. Which I could try to do, but what kind of life is it for a cat to be stuck in one room? If I could, I'd do upstairs cat/downstairs cats. But even that isn't ideal.

So, for now we're trying some homeopathic drops meant to help with anxiety and we'll see how it goes. Not sure how I feel about the vet doing no tests (barring the poop test, as Johnny had kindly provided a fantastic sample, which came back as clean as poop can be), but I've suspected for a long while this might be behavioral. Stress can manifest itself in very strange ways with any creature. Even though Hank doesn't spend hours and hours tormenting the other cats, his presence alone is apparently upsetting. I guess I could try re-introducing him by stowing him in one of the larger rooms and gradually bring him back into the fold.

*shrugs* I don't feel like any real headway was made.
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This is how lazy I am: it's gorgeous out and my first thought was, "Damn it, now I have no excuse not to do yardwork."

My lawn really needs a mow. I have a reel mower, so I'm not sure how well that's going to work for me on the jungle, but I have to try. I also need to spread the fertilizer/weed killer. The problem I have with that is that it has been Wet this year (I have never seen the ground so saturated), so using the liquid weeder that you attach to a hose and spray down the lawn with seems like such a waste. Maybe I should buy granules and try to spread them by hand. Hmmm.

Being an adult is difficult sometimes! Haha. Time to suck it up. I always do, I simply need a healthy dose of whine before I do so.

It occurred to me as I ate something that caused stabbing pain in my gut just now (most things do these days, alas, though thankfully it's usually a fleeting sensation), my entire clan has been suffering intestinal ailments for months. I am now locking both Johnny and Roy in other rooms at feeding time. I should do all cats in different rooms, to be honest, because I am running out of creative swear words to use at them when I'm trying to dish out the food. This morning, Abe stuck his snout in the can of wet food and went to town before I could grab him and drop him on the floor. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a kitchen door that was cat-proofed! I need MacGyver.

(The real MacGyver, not the 12 year old Lenkov is trying to peddle.)

Currently, we are all in various sun spots throughout the house, lazing. It's Saturday. I hope the scant few who might read this are having a great day. :)

Turns out

Apr. 8th, 2017 10:14 am
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Sleeping with a ten pound one-eyed cat sitting on your neck isn't terribly healthy for you. Oh, Hank, your penchant for being as close to my face as felinely possible is endearing but painful.

You'd think I'd wake up when he first gets all up in my business, but nope.

IMG_0646 (2)
^But lookit his face. I can't stand it. ♥

Not today's pic of day, just cat spam.

Also cat-related spam: last night as I was putting away the groceries, I turned my back on the still-bagged tomatoes and that was enough time for Roy to chew through the bag and into one of them. So, yeah. He's still not better. I am unimpressed with vet, who, in our last conversation said, "I want to consult with someone in the city, then I'll let you know..." has not communicated with me since. I am wondering if maybe it is parasites. I have begun putting diatomaceous earth in their food in the hopes that helps kill any potential wormies. Roy does seem to be less bony, so there's that.

Very Blue

Mar. 28th, 2017 05:54 pm
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Very Blue

Well, I made it nearly three whole months... I was taking a photo of Hank in his favorite place, the kitchen sink. Roy, being Roy, cannot stand attention directed at anyone but him, so he came to stand between me and Hank.

Speaking of in between, my finger got in between Roy and Abe's food dish and got chomped. I don't think I cleaned it well enough, because it is now hot, fat and very sore. :(
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Black Bean Sloppy Joes

Zero motivation to leave house today, so you get a food shot. It's jam packed with items I really shouldn't eat yet, but I am stubborn and silly.

Roy tried twice to eat chocolate, had to dig it out of his stupid little mouth and he chomped me but good as a result. I was going to take him to the revolving door vet on Friday, but then I remembered how little they did for Pickle when she was sick for so long, so I made an appt with another vet for next Saturday. I hope this pica of his is behavioral, not physical. Pickle, too, has increased her chewing, so I spent a good amount of time this weekend trying to de-pica my house.


Feb. 24th, 2017 07:14 pm
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Such a sweet thing!

Not a sweet thing: Roy moved from the food cabinets to the one where I store my dishes and of course knocked out the only mug with any sentimental value that I own - a handpainted piece from Portugal. To say I'm irritated is an understatement.

Low Tide

Feb. 22nd, 2017 06:22 pm
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Low Tide

So. I have cats. So. I have cats that have now begun busting into my kitchen cabinets every chance they get, primarily at night when I'm unconscious. Last night, I had just gotten to sleep when BANG! I was awoken by a racket downstairs. It didn't sound like the usual clatter of spice bottles being tossed onto the floor. I got up. I found Roy had pried his way into the cabinet where I store my flour, sugar, etc. He or one of his cohorts had jumped up to the top shelf, knocked down a tub of fondant I have and a bottle of apple cider vinegar ... which didn't shatter, but the cap did. My house smells like a pickle factory. >.< They also got into a bag of flour I had just purchased, managing to nom a wide hole into the back, helping themselves to the flour. Carbo-loading for more shenanigans.

I have ordered baby locks, hoping that will solve this issue. I'd rather they just not be on the counters at ALL, but that battle's already lost.

Then, at three AM, I hear, "Herppppp, splat!" in my bedroom. Roy found another pom! What the... where are these things coming frommmmmmmm?

It was not a good cat night in my house. I have decided it best for everyone to keep the kitchen door shut when I'm not around, or even when I am, as the first thing Roy did was make a beeline for that cupboard tonight.

Calgon, take me away.


Feb. 10th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Eat the rainbow, puke the rainbow: I thought I had found all of the sparkly poms my normal cats like to play with but Roy has suddenly decided to eat. Nope. Woke up before dawn to the sound of a cat trying to hurl. Up came two poms - red and gold. Tonight I got home, found one partially masticated red pom and a pink one. Just now, Roy started the full-body wretch again and produced a blue one.

I am definitely taking him in. I don't know if stress can cause pica? I suspect it can definitely upset their tummies - the poop situation is slightly better. What a glamorous life.


Dec. 17th, 2016 10:03 am
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I recently ordered a new kind of wet food on Chewy to try for my cats, thinking the price was on par with what I'm currently feeding. Alas, when I got the food, I realized I wasn't careful enough in looking at the prices - I paid comparable prices for half what I usually get. Yikes! I can't afford to sustain that kind of cost (I'd be paying almost as much to feed my cats a month as I do feeding myself!), so I called to start the return process.

They issued me a refund and asked that instead of returning, I donate the food to the animal shelter! I was a bit floored by that.

Unfortunately, for some reason our shelter doesn't feed wet food to cats outside of kittenhood (don't get me started, the director also won't put scratchers in the cat room - I'm sure there's logic there, but neither I nor any of the cat volunteers can figure it out. We lost a cat volunteer because she got scratched too much and bled too easily. Not saying scratchers would have prevented that, but generally they're good things for cats), so I'm not sure they'll take it. I could, of course, just keep it and use it, but I don't want to do that, both for ethical reasons and for the fact if my cats love the food and I can't afford to keep buying it...

In other news, Pickle is finally starting to feel better. She's been out and playing a bit, and now it's her turn to hiss at the new kid who just wants to play when she's not quite ready for the rough and tumble. Her eyes are basically rubbed bald and I continue to have to dose her with ointment or she gets squinty. I never did take her in - she keeps getting almost better just as I want to take her, then relapses when I decide not to. Surprisingly, she seems to perk up the most when I apply apple cider vinegar to the back of her neck.

Hank is currently on me, kneading and purring away. It's a bit much, five cats, but I love this little stinker.

Hopefully everyone has gotten their cards. Perhaps not anyone overseas yet, but they are coming. :)
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The plan was to make these Salted Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Crinkles, because I love a good crinkle and the caramel filling - well.

However, I didn't have any soft caramels. I also didn't have the gumption to walk to the store to pick some up, and I did have sugar, butter and cream and the tenacity to try to make my own after many failed attempts. Seriously, people, caramels shouldn't be so hard to make and yet... I went and bought a candy thermometer years ago for the express purpose and I never managed to make it work. I did this time, and I didn't even use the thermometer, which actually broke a couple of weeks ago when it decided to swan dive onto the floor.

Anyway. I whipped up a batch of soft caramels. They turned out great!
IMG_9081 (2)

But then. )
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Apparently Costco uses MSG (or some derivative) in their pizza. I do love a good slice of Costco cheese pizza and don't recall having this bad of a reaction before, but two slices and I've been migraining for a day and a half. The worst thing is - even knowing the pain, I will probably still want pizza from there now and again. I don't think I'll be dumb enough to do it, but I'll still want it. I have a packet of creamy chicken ramen in my cupboard, on the off chance I will cave and suffer the consequences. See also: Cadbury Creme Eggs (not MSG-related, but still a major trigger).

Ugh. MSG. Such nasty stuff.

In other news, Pickle is still sick and now has decreased appetite plus lethargy. Fairly sure she's feverish. She may or may not have been responsible for poo outside the box - like, way away from the box, totally different floor. I'm hoping to take her in tomorrow, and that they'll actually do more than treat symptoms. :( I'm also wondering if Johnny's sudden fervor about food is a symptom of something. She never used to go bugbleep nuts about food, but now if anything, and I mean anything is left out, she will go after it. I came home today to a big mess on the kitchen floor that looked like runny poo. Turned out she (and probably the others) had found a tube of kitty laxative and chomped through it. Messy and gross. If they were people, they might connect the explosive pooping to their choices...
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Pickle, at vet: Meep.
Me: I know, I'm sorry.

Pickle, in car: Meep. Meeeep.
Me: I know, I'm sorry. I missed you too.

Pickle, at home: Meep. *head butt* *rub forehead* *lean*
Me: Awwww.
Everyone else: HISSSSSS.

Seriously, though, I am feeling awful. When I came home without Pickle, Johnny was so, so joyful. She was chatting and head-rubby and followed me around like she was very happy that I'd finally woken up and ditched the Pickle. I know and have known that Pickle is a catalyst. She's a little scrappy tornado and Johnny does not appreciate her in the least. Johnny, as my favorite...

Ah, one day I will post a post that's not about cats. LOL.
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Last November, Roy had to spend days in the animal hospital with his second bout of constipation-venturing-toward-liver-failure (first was over Christmas the year before.

This November, it was Pickle. I wasn't able to get her in yesterday, as a client walked in ten minutes before my office hours end and caused me to stay late. :( I took off early today instead, and got home to a cone-free Pickle. Little turd, but I can't really blame her. Her eyes must have itched something terrible, as she'd rubbed herself to the point the pink of her lid obscured all of her vision in one eye. :( :( :(

The doc took one look at her and said, "She's mine." Silly me, I thought he was referencing how daggone cute she is. Nope. They're going to treat her there, given this is round two and clearly the ointment does nothing and the antibiotics weren't strong enough. Poor baby meeped the whole way to the vet's office. She's going to be miserable.

But hopefully, she'll get better enough to come home Friday. Vet advised the OTC product I ordered is pretty much snake oil. I think I'll try it on Johnny anyway, and probably Pickle, since I have it. I just won't re-order.
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Went through all of the antibiotics and her eye still looked pinkish around the edge, but she wasn't rubbing excessively. I thought it would right itself. Yesterday, her other eye started squinting. It didn't look too bad and the vet was booked all day, so I coned her, put a warm wet cloth over her eyes and gave her some ointment.

Then the first eye started squinting too. It doesn't look as awful as usual because I've become a Cone of Shame defaulter. When in doubt, cone 'em. I don't want to think it, but maybe she's got herpes? I will take her in tomorrow. I have ordered some OTC stuff that is supposed to be for eye health - will try that out on Johnny as well, who still suffers from chronic goop.

On the feline plus side, no more Worm Butt Hank! I should get out the vacuum again today, keep vacuuming at least every other day for a while in case it is more than just a rogue flea.

Oh, the kitty cat drama. I have to focus on something else, after all.

Also, I made some dulce de leche this weekend. Hello, Christmas gifts! It's amazing. I just made some salted caramel ice cream with it. Yes. Yes, my freezer contains six pints of ice cream. Don't worry - it will last me six weeks, at least. ;)
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It's not even over and there's been a snake in the office, a snake elected TO the highest office, Girl Thing, migraine and now ... tapeworm.

Yep. Hank has tapeworms. I've only ever seen two fleas, both on him, but apparently he ingested one or something, because he is dropping tapeworm segments like whoa. SO gross. I have been spraying the house down and vacuuming a lot, after doing a topical flea treatment (I was only a day or two behind on that, too, grrr). For the tapeworm, I'm to give all of the cats what is, for them, an enormous pill. Well, Roy gets two and Abe is supposed to get one and a half.

Roy and Johnny: Mmm, cheese! Thanks, SBG!

Abe and Pickle: You devious witch, you can't fool us. That's no ordinary cheese and we. will. not. eat. it.

I don't think I got a pill down between the two of them. Pickle even regurgitated after swallowing it. :( Will probably have to go back and get the topical treatment for them, which the vet spared me for the others - it's $20 a pop for that, $6 for the pill. Fairly sure this is all because the rescue did not practice due diligence with Hank and his vaccines and shots, etc. He hasn't had his pill, as he got a regular dewormer, rabies and second set of vaccines today. We'll see how he does. He has not discovered the joy of cheese yet...

I'm also fairly sure this is partly explains the dinnertime rush I have been getting lately. Even Johnny seems desperate to eat and will hop on counter: her usual MO is to wait politely at her spot. Earlier this week, Abe puked and it was like a feeding frenzy. The only evidence of the worms is with Hank, but still, it seems likely the others are infected too.

In other news, Clinton and Obama are both being far, far more gracious about this travesty than the L. Ron Hubbard of Politics would be in reverse. The irony of being asked to be openminded with a closeminded fool is bitter. I continue to hope that he's secretly liberal and will do an about face once sworn in, but I know that's not going to be the case. Never say I'm not a dreamer!
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I had five cats in the house when I ducked into the shower tonight. When I finished cleaning up, only three. None of the windows are open even a crack. I didn't randomly open the doors before I took a shower.

So how did those bleepity bleeping blankhole cats get out of my house?!

Now Roy is being Mr. Big Stuff and wailing about being locked up like this, how dare I? At least Johnny had the courtesy to look sorta bugged out by her windy and wet nighttime adventure.

pro tip

Oct. 9th, 2016 10:50 am
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Never run after a jerk cat with a spray bottle in hand (and in use) at 1:30 AM when you can't see the spots where you missed the cat and hit the floor.

I landed hard enough that I had to lay there for half a minute to get my bearings and have an impressive bruise and scrape on my elbow. On the plus side, it's the same elbow I scraped a few months back when the vacuum fell on me, so the scars will blend together. Hah.

IMG_8941 (2)
^Was giving Hank some one-on-one attention and Abe can't stand for that, so he'd come in and was parading right in front of me trying to get me to focus on him. Hank's eye is soooo blue.

Attempts at play )
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Hank got his leukemia vaccination today. He's a bit sluggish as a result. Things are going as well as can be expected. Johnny and Roy are not warming up to him, but so far are tolerating him until he gets too close. Abe ignores him. Pickle is the only one actively engaging, which doesn't surprise me. Also, the others have been putting her in her place more too - changing dynamic.

What a cutie.

More pics )
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I can't have a dog, so I go get another cat. *head desk* There might be something to that stigma I hate so much, some neurosis. Neuroses?

I actually just went to meet him in the hopes a little shih tzu named Milo would also be there, was prepared to not leave with him, and then his foster mom said, "There have been quite a few applications on this guy, but I didn't get a good vibe from any of them..." and I was toast. I have to give him a shot. Look at his face!


His name is Hank. Or Mike Wazowski. Or Bug. Or... Yeah, I'm not sold. I really think Hank will fit, and it coincidentally ties to my originals, as the captain at Station 51 was Hank Stanley. Of course, Mike would also fit, as there was a character named Mike who was an actual firefighter, not much of an actor and didn't have much to say. This little cat is soooo quiet that I'm finding it disconcerting. Roy talks. Johnny talks. Abe is an enormous talker. Pickle squeaks.

Hank, other than hissing when feeling frightened and purring when I go in there and sit with him, has not uttered a peep. It's endearing, but new. I'm going to have to figure out how he communicates so I know what to look for. He spent the first few months of his life with major sinus issues and, of course, an infection that took his eye. His health is not something to mess with, which is why I'm going to be better about keeping him separate from the others better than I did with The Pick. The rescue said they missed getting him his shots, so that'll make it easier on me to keep him quarantined (they cut the adoption fee in half because of it).

His foster mom totally overfed him, so I also have to work on that belly of his. You can't see it, but it's sooo there. Chubbers!


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