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Setting Sun

Only three months to go!
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Unfocused Grasshopper

This pretty much summarized me today - unfocused.

In other news, I am ridiculously happy that my little podunk town is finally, finally doing both yard waste/compostable curbside pick up and glass recycling. My bins were sat nicely in front of my house when I got home tonight. Now, of course, I have no real excuse to not do yardwork! LOL.

Empty Nest

Aug. 29th, 2017 06:20 pm
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Empty Nest

Apparently the swallows are done for the season, given that they kicked the nest to the curb.
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Morning Light

New employee started today. So far it would appear as though she has the personality of a turnip, but it's the first day; she could have been stunned into catatonia. What I remember most about my first day was a giant, "WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO?"

Tonight I mixed chocolate cashew milk, almond milk, a little water with turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and 1/4 an avocado, blended it up. Oh, yum! Would have been better with ice, of course, but I don't have any ice.
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Light and Shadow

It's warm out today. I hadn't planned on being out much - I think I've mentioned I get hot very fast, and sweat in a very unpretty way. It's gross and I don't care for it at all. It feels like I alone am dripping sweat when everyone else looks completely unaffected. *shrugs*

Came home and had a very odd craving for grape soda. Who the heck over the age of ten craves grape soda?
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Half and Half

Walked to a local nursery to check out some fruit trees. I still have to figure out when and how to plant, but I wanted to see what they had. I can get a variety of apple, peach, pear, prune and cherries. Just have to figure out what. I doubt peaches would work, thinking cherry and apple. But first, I still have to keep working on ridding they yard of the invasive weeds. :/

On the way back, I stopped to chat with a guy who had two horses I could see and wanted to take a look at. Disturbed him a bit, but he was cool about it. As I started walking back, a truck swerved to the shoulder where I was walking and I thought, "Oh great, what's this?" LOL, it was a friend, who pulled over to say hi and offer a ride. I'm too cynical, maybe because I took a shortcut through a small path down the hill where transients sometimes camp out. In the middle of the path and all alongside: trash. :( I've also been finding a lot of refuse in my driveway. This morning, a plastic grocery bag was in my hydrangea. It's the punk kids who rent a couple of houses directly across from me - people in and out at all hours, sketchy activity. Sigh. It's not improving, and if I could I might actually consider selling and finding another place. But I love my house, and I shouldn't have to move because of lousy neighbors.
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Fixer Upper

I attempted to make a healthier version of Taco Bell's crunch wrap supreme - something I've never actually eaten, not because I object to it morally or anything. I just rarely eat out, let alone fast food. I made it more vegetarian, using taco-seasoned black beans and cauliflower instead of ground beef. Skipped the nacho cheese sauce, toasted and cut the corn tortilla in half, used a whole tomato and spinach instead of iceberg. Also bought low carb flour tortillas*.

It was a disaster. Delicious, but I clearly did not get the proportions correct, as I couldn't get it to wrap and stay wrapped. Rather than adjust, I just went with it. So, not handy and not portable, more like a warm taco salad, but pretty tasty.

Can't win them all, but I will try until I get it right.

Speaking of trying till I get it right: today it was announced that instead of once every three months, I only have to have my cases/work reviewed by internal quality assurance once every six months. Achieved by scoring better than 95% for three quarters in a row. I didn't even know this was a thing, btw, so I wasn't trying. LOL. Everyone else gave me dirty looks.


*I thought I had put the tortillas safely behind cupboard doors. Nope. The cats got them, nommed through two edges of all of them, then abandoned them because - shocker - they weren't to their taste. Grrrr, cats! On that note, I also was lax in latching a cupboard when I left this morning and came home to my cheddar rice cakes obliterated and a bag of catnip completely gone. Apparently child-safety locks are a permanent fixture. Considering an attempt at "re-introducing" Hank, but so far I can't bring myself to lock him up just because almoste everyone else is perturbed by his adorable one-eyed face.
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Ripening Berries

I just don't know what would possess someone to post on her public FB where she has coworkers friended something like this: To a coworker... I just don't want to be afraid anymore. With a meme of a kitten captioned "sniff... you... you big... MEANIE!" following it.

Especially when there is no one at all who has threatened her in any outwardly perceivable way.

She probably meant me, hah. I have taken to making case notes any time I get repeated phone calls from her clients because she won't call them back, timely or at all. It's the only way I've found to make her actually call a client: present her with some accountability. Our company expectation, btw, is that voice mails are returned the same day they are received, unless they are received after hours.

Meanwhile, she trips over herself to volunteer for things that are NOT her job and gets accolades for that, while continuing to not do her own job. You can't make this stuff up.

80s Girls

Aug. 23rd, 2017 06:48 pm
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80s Girls

I don't recall ever having Lemon Meringue's frog or Strawberry's Custard kitty. I'm sure my mom got all of these toys at a deep discount somewhere, somehow, so it's likely we never had the companions for all of them. My brother had Huckleberry. My sister had Apple Dumpling and my other sister had Apricot something. I feel like there were more, too, but I can't recall. Oh! Cherry Cobbler and Butter Cookie. No idea where Strawberry's shoes got to - I'm guessing they got lost in a battle. As we got older (truthfully, here, I held onto the doll stage way longer than I probably should have. My theory is that we lived in the boonies and, well, my primary playmates were my younger siblings), we would take Barbies, these guys, mini Cabbage Patch poseables and basically act out what would nowadays be a Lifetime movie plot. Blood. So much blood and murder and chaos.

We were twisted kids, apparently.
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Hidden Kitten

The plan was to go get a sunset. I haven't done a sunset in a long while, and today has been lovely. Of course, as soon as I got home: the sky turned gray. Phooey.

I wonder if my own cats will calm down a bit once the people this cat belongs to move away. Their cats are cute, but they roam the neighborhood freely and love to rile mine up as well as taunt the other neighbor's dogs.
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(Almost) Total Eclipse

I admit it: I was an eclipse skeptic. It just didn't interest me all that much. Oh, sure, I planned on checking it out. So, I was pretty unprepared when it comes to photography. Still, think (with some tweaking) this turned out all right. Not too bad. Not quite as awesome as the real deal, but not a bad representation, for a naysaying novice.

I can see why people drove to get to the totality zones, but honestly - this was pretty dang cool and without a crowd. I enjoyed it, would recommend the show to anyone. ;) Liked the crescent shaped shadows and definitely noticed the birds went very still while it was happening. We're on our second batch of swallow babies right now and they were silent and the adult birds awol until after the event passed. Interesting!


Cat Pile

Aug. 20th, 2017 06:19 pm
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Cat Pile

I have wasted this entire day. I slept till 11 (!), and haven't done much of anything except print out and frame some photos. Putting them up is another day's adventure. I'm not good at making things even, even with a template to help.

Thought briefly about making some "eclipse" cookies. Meh. Not in the mood to bake. Right now Hank is doing his best to lure me in to play - he likes to sit at my side and raise himself up on his hind legs, then flop over and show his belly. It's really quite cute.


Aug. 19th, 2017 01:38 pm
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This telephone pole is in a prime location for garage sale postings, as seen by the artifact left over. I never really paid much attention to it before.

Just attempted limocello vegan jello shots for a thing tonight. Last time I tried agar-agar was a disaster, so here's hoping. I guess citrus and agar don't go that well together, which might actually help. My last attempt turned very weird. Unpalatable texture. *shudder* But not as *shudder* as thinking too much about how gelatin is made. *SHUDDER*

Also fixed some strawberry cheesecake brownies. Cobbled them together, so hopefully they taste good. They smell amazing.

Trying to select photos for my "gallery wall" - arranging two 4x6 and one 5x7 photos on either side of an existing metal wall hanging. It's hard to coordinate things! At first I was thinking maybe water shots on one side, woods shots on the other. But now maybe I'm thinking woodsy bird shots on one side, watery bird shots on the other? Gah. I do not have an eye for this stuff. I can take pictures every dang day, but what to do with them is beyond me. I did print out that little stellar's jay from the other day - he looks great!

There's a Rockford Files marathon on right now. It's a show that's before my time, but it's kinda refreshing in that 70s kind of way - you'd think it would be less progressive than stuff made today, but honestly? It's not, AND it's not filled with gratuitous violence. Frankly, the storytelling is world's better without tossing in the gore we see all over the place today.


Aug. 18th, 2017 06:26 pm
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Now I have Sunflower by Low in my head. I went through a several-month period of time where I was obsessed with that song eons ago. It sparked a fic idea - an SPN story that wasn't super well-read, but which I still love.

Me, me, me!
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Young Steller's Jay

Had planned on a different photo, but then I headed out and this brash young jay was having a shoutfest with a crow, after apparently dunking himself in a neighbor's full gutters. I got different shots with him showing his crest in the sunlight, etc, but I like the ruffled feathers and cast-off water drops. He's a cute little loudmouth.

No Hunting

Aug. 15th, 2017 07:21 pm
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No Hunting

No hunting, but meanwhile - across the road, we have them bringing in dirt and leveling it for ... construction of apartments. Yep, don't hunt the elk, squeeze 'em out instead. Grrrr.

Interesting fact: I discussed my views on this with my ultra-Republican father this weekend. He agreed with my every point, but bring up conservation and the environment he flips suddenly. It's not uncommon for people to not follow a direct straight-down-the-middle political path, of course, but it makes me wonder how he can sincerely justify voting one way for two issues (guns and fetuses). Ah well, if there's one thing on this planet I will never figure out, it's people.

Interesting fact II: my dad also agrees with me about Walmart, which has virtually killed my hometown's other commerce. He volunteers at a food pantry and says that Walmart gets so much praise for donating their past due or bruised produce, yet he said they've been told the people who pay for it are really the suppliers, not Walmart itself. So, Walmart gets the credit for philanthropy they have little to do with and people eat it up.

Again, I do not begrudge people who shop Walmart. I just cannot bring myself to do it.
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Grape Holly

I am sooooo tired. I slept miserably last night for some reason, tossing from 2:30 on. I have been doing better with sleep, so I don't know what that's about. Almost called in sleepy today to catch another couple of hours, but honestly - it's even harder for me to go to work mid-morning than just ripping the band-aid off and getting in on time.

Pretty sure I will fall asleep on the couch.

Oh, and because I'm sure you're all the type to care about my cats: Hank gives me a serious side-eye every time he considers a snuggle. And it turns out it's not just oranges with faces he is terrified of: anything with a face on a T-shirt is a "do not pass go, do not collect $200!" for him.
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What the heck is with Special K's new commercials declaring that women eat and own it?! Of course women eat. Women are humans. Humans require energy input to produce energy output. This is not something to own, like eating is something we have to defend ourselves for doing. It's basic necessity.

Also, Special K still probably tastes like they shave nickels into it, so I'll stick to owning my eating of vegetables, whole grains, etc.



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