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All Twisted Up

The year of spam is half over, folks! LOL.
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For some reason, I've kept on watching H50. Well, maybe not anymore. Just learned they couldn't come to an agreement with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, so they're out. Dang it, when you watch a show for the pretty and half of the pretty apparently aren't worth paying for one more year and they're at least closer to looking like they belong on Hawaii... Ugh.

Personally, what I wish would have happened: say bye to Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia, pay Kim and Park more. Core four. Try for the glory of S1 as a final season.

Everything should be perfect, but instead.

In unrelated news, I didn't go to work today. Last day to use personal leave before losing it, and we cannot have that. Interesting tidbit: when I come home from a regular day at work, my stomach is pretty bloated. Noticeably. At home? No such bloat. Hmm.
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Count Sheep

Current favorite summer side: potato salad with roasted vegetables replacing half of the potatoes. Yum!
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Two Heads = Better Than One

I am finding myself getting angry at people. Just humans in general. On the way to work, I drive past bucolic countryside, usually seeing a small herd of elk, maybe a deer or two, some eagles. Well, last week, heavy equipment started appearing in one of the largest fields where the elk usually graze. A developer intends to take both fields on either side of the road, plow it all under and put in cheap-ass fourplexes and sixplexes like he has done with every other develop-worthy land behind our offices. Today while in a meeting, the ravine behind our office started being torn down.

I need to move to the Northwest Territories. I've heard Yellowknife is lovely.

"Progress" can't be stopped. I know that. Look at history and the fact that no one ever learns from it, but honestly, what is wrong with leaving a teeny corner of land for the many, many species which were here before us and which aren't systematically destroying the earth the way the "advanced" human species is?

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Removed hot cooking sheet from oven. Transferred hot, bubbling, cheesy dinner to a cutting board. Paused for a second. Cried out in dismay when Abe leaped onto the stove top, foot hitting the hot pan, fumbling his attempt to jump onto the shelf (I can't seem to get it down) set above the oven, slipped, fell, landed his left hind leg and flank onto my hot, bubbling, cheesy dinner and then flew off to lick his wounds.

He now has a tomtato sauce stain on his butt and I am having a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.

Thankfully, he doesn't look like he injured himself too badly. The ridiculous thing. I have got to figure out how to get that shelf off of the wall!
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Small Town Market

There's a nice breeze today and it's about ten degrees cooler. Perfect! Walked my last three dollars down to the market for some fresh strawberries which, if I don't eat them all in one sitting, will probably be tomorrow's subject. I am not a huge fruit person, prefer vegetables, but fresh strawberries instantly transport me to my grandfather's house and his strawberry patch. The smell and the taste equal grandpa to me, always.
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Paddling Along

Warm summer day here. Hot for us, really. I decided to head to the store early so as not to melt, but alas. I am one to cover up with SPF attire, etc, rather than put on sunblock (I hate the feel of it) so I got a bit overheated on the way home again, which is pretty well uphill a good chunk of the way. Again, not so much a bother for me as for people who encounter me. LOL, I stopped to buy cat food and the cashier looked like she wanted to offer one of the dog baths for me to hose down.

I could never, ever make it in the deep south. Or pretty much anywhere that sees 85F+ temps routinely.
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See additional evidence:

Colleague, on phone: What time do you get off?
Me: I think that's kind of personal and none of your business!

Sun Spot

Jun. 22nd, 2017 06:19 pm
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Sun Spot

Since I switched bed frames, my left shoulder has been acting up. I used to have this chronic issue... well, I guess now I know what the cause is! How odd, though, as the mattress remains the same.

ETA: I uploaded the wrong photo, whoops. Have a cat.
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Ladybug on Thistle

I should really go hose the lawn down with weed and feed. I think I won't.
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Mixed Drink

Almond and chocolate cashew milk, mixed. What can I say, some days just get away from me.
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Foggy Morning

What a Monday! It's pretty warm out for us, supposed to be warmer this weekend. I don't mind it, except I sweat like a big ol' sweaty sweater and that part isn't super pleasant.

Red Lily

Jun. 18th, 2017 03:56 pm
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Red Lily

Today was a day of misgauging things. I planned to mow the lawn, but it was misty and damp most of the day. Now it's sunny and warm and the lawn could be mowed, except I have already occupied my time in other ways, namely cooking. I made a batch of dog treats for the shelter dogs (and cats, if I can sneak them in without the ACO noticing - cats don't get treats. or wet food. or scratching posts. don't get me started).

Next, I made sixteen tortillas, thinking I had more chicken and salsa verde filling than would fit in eight. The filling filled five, even bulking it up with roasted vegetables! So, now I am quick soaking beans and making cauliflower rice and I'll be cooking much later than intended. *le sigh* Oh well. It has to be done. I don't think the homemade tortillas will last as long as store bought, what without all of the preservatives. Not sure how they'd do after freezing, probably okay, but I'll freeze them as burritos...
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Mirror Image

Today was definitely a day that choosing one photo was next to impossible. So I loaded all of the others to their own little album. I walked the opposite direction to what I usually do, and it was a great call. There were seven eagles all perched on pilings, juuuuuust out of reach of my camera lens. I so longed for an extreme telephoto as I stood on the bridge and watched them.

And prior to that, ran into an adorable deer family.

Runners up.


Jun. 16th, 2017 06:42 pm
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I know, another deer! I have a type.


Jun. 15th, 2017 06:54 pm
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And here he is. I had someone helping by tempting Tony with treats. He stumbled again, just in the back showing area. He's so weak and so, so sweet. Part of me hopes he's at the shelter long enough to see how he shapes up. I spent a little while cuddling after the photo shoot. Love. I cannot fathom why anyone would mistreat any animal, let alone a total sweetheart like Tony. I'm getting a little teary just thinking about him. Every time I see his sad eyes, I want to bury my face in his neck and hug him.
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View from a room

I wanted to get a picture of a dog I have fallen in love with (yes, another). He's a deaf 9 year old pit bull named Tony who had been severely abused (neglect) prior to being taken into the shelter. It's heartbreaking and infuriating. He is just the most gentle, sweet soul you could imagine. I walked him today and he's so weak that he stumbled and was unable to break his fall. I started bawling.

But the picture didn't happen because poor Tony stands with his head hung. Almost all the time. :(

In other shelter news, of the 41 cats who made it out of the hoarder's vehicle and into the shelter, sixteen survived. :( Several of those have been adopted. Several have had litters of absolutely gorgeous kittens, which are flying out of the door. One reminds me so of Hank that I ALMOST entertained a thought... No, not really.


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