Jul. 16th, 2017

Queen West

Jul. 16th, 2017 03:16 pm
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Queen West

Nice day for a stroll, though mine was with a purpose; a trip to the local hardware store that did not yield what I'd hoped. I will, sigh, have to go to the big box store instead tomorrow. I much prefer to shop local when I can.

Ran into a colleague and her daughter, who had found three painted rocks. It's apparently a thing, these painted rocks. The only one I've seen is the one I spotted at the very first part of the year. If you find one, you're supposed to then paint your own and leave it somewhere. I think it's fun, though sometimes it makes me wonder if it's good to get kids concentrating on looking down instead of up. *shrug*

When I was little, we used to paint rocks and give them to my mom as gifts. I wonder what she did with all of them.


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