Jul. 15th, 2017

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Today I decided to stop being lazy and start clearing out the atrocity that is my back yard landscaping. I can only manage about two hours before my back says it's time to stop, but in that two hours I got a quarter of the way done. I call that a success. The remaining three quarters will take more time, as I'm just getting to the worst of it. Unfortunately, the yanking will not be a permanent victory. What I've been calling morning glory is actually bindweed - so awful. It is literally creeping closer and closer to my house, and if feels like if I let it, it would eventually absorb my home. Ugh. And I thought the blackberries were bad (they are!). At this point the only reason I hate the blackberries is that they make it painful to clear other stuff out. I didn't get punctured too badly.

I solemnly swear to be better at staying on top of the bindweed, ivy and blackberries. I would like to nuke it all. Maybe burn it.


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