May. 21st, 2017

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Wear and Tear

Walked to the Sunday market today. It's always filled with too many slow-moving people for my taste, but I found numerous things I would love to have - a summer hat, a cat sculpture for my yard, some coasters for a friend - they have sea lions on, she loves the sea lions. All overpriced. I also walked by a mainstay stand that has pies and cookies, along with in-season fruits. They have individual sized pies which always tempt me. They've gone up in price to $7, which is laughable. I can hand make a single serving pie for about $1. What a racket! No, I never actually get the pies. There's something appealing about having something ready made, though.

Tonight's slated for watermelon anyway. It's warm here for us, and I have to go out before it gets warmer. Stupid lawn won't learn to mow itself. Hah.


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