May. 14th, 2017

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Mountain Bluet Budding

Happy Mother's Day to any mothers or grandmothers out there.

Productive day! I made whole wheat flour tortillas from scratch, then made them into bean and rice burritos to stash in the freezer for quick meal options later - added broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to beef up the vegetable content. The tortillas, by the way, are so easy to do. I don't generally buy them anyway, but now for sure I'll resist the urge. Fresh is best! Total aside, I read some stupid list online a while back about useless kitchen gadgets - on the list, food processor. La di da, said the list, who needs one of these when you have a Vitamix, thereby alienating people like me who can't afford to buy a damned Vitamix. With the food processor, the dough whipped together in under a minute...

Tangent! Anyway, after the tortillas, I made a batch of dog treats for the shelter dogs. Ground oats, olive oil, low sodium chicken broth. Voila! I'd like to do jerky, but, well. Meat's more expensive than stuff I already have on hand. LOL.

Then I did the dishes. Ugh.

Next, I dragged out the reel mower and mowed the lawn. I almost didn't do this, but figured it would be better to get it over with rather than wait for a truly sunny day. It took just over an hour to do my whole yard, and was quite the workout. I do think the reel mower was the right call for me. Is it a perfectly manicured lawn? No. But to be honest even with all the tools in the world, my yard is going to be the ugliest on the block. I did notice some rot along the lower edge of my siding. :(

I intended to follow all of this up with a walk up the hill to the column. I got halfway there, then decided to turn around. Bit by the lazy bug, I guess. Now I am resting with two cats sprawled on me, one next to me.


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