May. 7th, 2017

Root System

May. 7th, 2017 02:56 pm
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Root System

It's a nice day. I should really work on the motivation for yardwork, but Sundays just do not inspire me to work. I did hose down the yard with weed and feed, though, so that totally counts. Haha. I also hiked a little. Still a bit muddy due to all the shady spots, but this time I went up the trail instead of down, which made it a bit easier to navigate. Only regret: not getting a shot of a bird the size of my thumb. By the time I finally spotted it, my camera kept latching onto the flora in front of the fauna and when I did get the little thing lined up, it flew away. It was super cute, too!

In other news, I dream of winning the lotto so I can redo the windows and siding on my house. Plus everything else. And, no, I wouldn't complain about the taxes - if I still have plenty to live comfortably, I don't know why I wouldn't pay more out...

Vive la France!


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