Apr. 24th, 2017

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Oregon Junco

I couldn't decide! With birds, of course, you just snap and snap photos while you have them in your sights. I looked at this batch for a solid fifteen minutes trying to pick. This little junco seemed almost to be checking himself out.

IMG_0961 (2)

In something unrelated to birds or photos - a few months ago cream soups were on sale at the store and while I prefer to scratch make soup and casserole bases, sometimes it's nice to have a can handy. Alas, someone had put in a can of tomato soup where the cream of chicken was and I didn't look, I just grabbed. When I got home was when I realized my mistake.

I'm not one for tomato soup anyway, but I eventually decided to use it up by making a sauce for vegetable enchilasagna. Blech. It's so sweet. Way too much sugar. On the plus side, I had leftover soup and used it in black bean sloppy joes and omitted the tiny amount of honey I usually put in.

Long story short: look before you soup.


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