Apr. 8th, 2017

Turns out

Apr. 8th, 2017 10:14 am
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Sleeping with a ten pound one-eyed cat sitting on your neck isn't terribly healthy for you. Oh, Hank, your penchant for being as close to my face as felinely possible is endearing but painful.

You'd think I'd wake up when he first gets all up in my business, but nope.

IMG_0646 (2)
^But lookit his face. I can't stand it. ♥

Not today's pic of day, just cat spam.

Also cat-related spam: last night as I was putting away the groceries, I turned my back on the still-bagged tomatoes and that was enough time for Roy to chew through the bag and into one of them. So, yeah. He's still not better. I am unimpressed with vet, who, in our last conversation said, "I want to consult with someone in the city, then I'll let you know..." has not communicated with me since. I am wondering if maybe it is parasites. I have begun putting diatomaceous earth in their food in the hopes that helps kill any potential wormies. Roy does seem to be less bony, so there's that.
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Runaway Baby

I guess it's Caturday after all. This guy didn't like the look of me, took off the second I moved for my camera. LOL.

Also met three kids walking two giant American Bulldogs, one male, one female. Male still intact. I commented about neutering and the boy in the group haughtily told me they don't fix their animals, they breed them and the female was pregnant right now, in fact. I had to hold my tongue after that, but I so wanted to say, "Well, when you're tired of using that poor girl for her uterus, I'd take her."

Ugh. It's so hard not to be a(n outwardly) judgmental busybody sometimes, but it's not the kids' fault their parents see dollar signs instead of family companions.


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