Mar. 1st, 2017

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I forgot my camera at home today, so it was a scramble and another for the "eh, whatever" pile. Could have kicked myself - there's been a heron standing at the side of the road in the morning lately, neck extended high (reminds me of Lowly Worm from Richard Scarry books...) and I keep meaning to go for him. Of course he was there and more resplendent than ever today. Dang it.

Walked a dog named Maia at lunch. She's a pit/lab mix who was adopted from the shelter, returned years later as owners couldn't care for her, was adopted out after a looooong stint and returned quickly because she's a bit unreliable around other dogs. She used to be highly indifferent to me, but since she returned she's been very pleased to see me. She's also gotten spoiled - today, I wanted to go right, away from the shelter and my office, which is down the road a bit. She all but dragged me to my office so we could go in for some love, attention and treats. Then we left from the back door ... and then circled 'round to the front, where she would not budge from the door. Inside we went. Then left again, and this time she decided she'd try to go in the back again. She really did not want to leave. I feel so bad for her, I think the shelter life is making her depressed. She's a really good girl, smart as a whip. A bit stubborn. LOL. Poor Maia.


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