Jan. 29th, 2017

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I keep intending on doing a trail that leads to the top of the highest hill. It's two miles to get to the trail head, then one and a half of steady incline. Yesterday, I walked about five and a half miles, but I must have been carrying myself funny. My left knee has been screaming at me since, so I didn't want to chance injuring it further. Sometimes I stubbornly ignore the pain, but now that I'm getting older and hopefully wiser...

Anyway, I did start out *cough*, but only made it a few blocks before I called myself off. Maybe next weekend!
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Context: someone from Eastern Bloc country stuck in US not by choice is lamenting this fate. Another character tries to offer positives she might like - food, books, film, music, then:

"But most of all the freedom to accept or reject our culture and our politics as you see fit."

Fast forward 34 years and ... not so much, it would seem. :(


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