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For some reason, I've kept on watching H50. Well, maybe not anymore. Just learned they couldn't come to an agreement with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, so they're out. Dang it, when you watch a show for the pretty and half of the pretty apparently aren't worth paying for one more year and they're at least closer to looking like they belong on Hawaii... Ugh.

Personally, what I wish would have happened: say bye to Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia, pay Kim and Park more. Core four. Try for the glory of S1 as a final season.

Everything should be perfect, but instead.

In unrelated news, I didn't go to work today. Last day to use personal leave before losing it, and we cannot have that. Interesting tidbit: when I come home from a regular day at work, my stomach is pretty bloated. Noticeably. At home? No such bloat. Hmm.

Date: 2017-07-01 10:45 am (UTC)
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I saw the news about Daniel, but I didn't realize Grace was also leaving. That's too bad.

I've been waiting till each season comes to Netflix, so I'm a season behind. H50 was the show I saved for difficult days, when you just need some pretty. I'll watch the start of next session when I get to it, but as you say, it might not be worth it without Daniel and Grace.


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