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Two Heads = Better Than One

I am finding myself getting angry at people. Just humans in general. On the way to work, I drive past bucolic countryside, usually seeing a small herd of elk, maybe a deer or two, some eagles. Well, last week, heavy equipment started appearing in one of the largest fields where the elk usually graze. A developer intends to take both fields on either side of the road, plow it all under and put in cheap-ass fourplexes and sixplexes like he has done with every other develop-worthy land behind our offices. Today while in a meeting, the ravine behind our office started being torn down.

I need to move to the Northwest Territories. I've heard Yellowknife is lovely.

"Progress" can't be stopped. I know that. Look at history and the fact that no one ever learns from it, but honestly, what is wrong with leaving a teeny corner of land for the many, many species which were here before us and which aren't systematically destroying the earth the way the "advanced" human species is?

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